Boost Your Clairvoyance: A Golden Ascension Practice



Would you like to enhance, upgrade, and clear your clairvoyance so you can see into the multiverse that surrounds us?

Your clairvoyance or your angel vision, is a gift that adds so much joy, expansivity, and abundance to your divine life purpose. In the this webinar, Kasey Goldstraw Gorgenyi will call in the Archangels of Clairvoyance Raziel, Aurora, Metatron, and Raphael to align, clear, and boost your third eye clairvoyant centre.

This webinar will include:

A Third Eye Heart Clearing and Activation
Clearing of Fear and Blockages Preventing your Clairvoyance Expanding to its full potential
A Golden Light Gentle Yoga Practice working with our golden light points, to clear balance and anchor in your light body and higher selfAngel insight from Raziel, Metatron, Raphael and guidance about how to optimize and work with your third eye
Restorative Yoga for deep relaxation, integration, and self care


April 21 at 1pm EST

$33 Canadian

on Zoom