Relieve Anxiety with the Elemental, Fairy, and Dragon Realms

Are you drawn to the irresistible magic of the fairy and elemental realms? Have you....

About Kasey Goldstraw Gorgenyi

A few years ago, after a stressful day followed by a night of tossing and turning, I awoke to be bathed in the most exquisite rippling waves of light—they instantly transported me to a peaceful place of calm. These waves were a gift from Archangel Cassiel, the angel of Tranquility.

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  • Relieve Anxiety with the Elemental, Fairy, and Dragon Realms


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Welcome in Love Every Day!

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Happy Post Valentine’s Day! As I write this it is February 15, 2024 and I hope you had a wonderful St. Valentine's Day. It is a wonderful day to celebrate love within and without and all the ways it is present. But truly love is always present, it is in the air and, in fact, it is everywhere. Did you know that your purpose is love? If you are feeling blocked in love or disappointed, check in with how you give love. Giving love freely is the key to receiving love deeply. But sometimes we sink into feeling lack of…

Reboot Your Divine Life Purpose 2023

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Are you feeling the delectable, incendiary pull to make changes big and small on your life path and to live on purpose as we emerge in 2023? If so, you are right on track. You may have been through an awakening or a re-awakening recently and are feeling tuned in to your inner knowingness that now IS the time. Everything may be whispering and then screaming that you are here to live your dreams. You may have already made a change--perhaps, moved or left your job and are now ready for some direction and fine tuning. We all have doubt,…

Take Time To Be A Butterfly

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Summer Love is here and so is the energy of Love as Freedom. You have most likely directly experienced  that these are transformative times we are in and the more we try to hang onto the past the more we get hung up in it. There is nothing more uplifting than tuning into your inner butterfly to help with you process and find your way in transformative times. Freedom is one of the highest frequencies and it invites your soul family to grow and expend with you. Taking YOU time is so important with all the intensity swirling around on…