Welcome in Love Every Day!

Happy Post Valentine’s Day!

As I write this it is February 15, 2024 and I hope you had a wonderful St. Valentine’s Day.

It is a wonderful day to celebrate love within and without and all the ways it is present. But truly love is always present, it is in the air and, in fact, it is everywhere. Did you know that your purpose is love?

If you are feeling blocked in love or disappointed, check in with how you give love. Giving love freely is the key to receiving love deeply.

But sometimes we sink into feeling lack of love or ‘less than’ and accidentally close our hearts in the process.

And if you are feeling left out of love, then it is time to step onto your path of love, by giving love without expectation. If you had a wonderful St. Valentine’s Day, then build on the glow and keep expanding love and if the day didn’t quite deliver then IS time for you deliver, don’t hesitate, don’t delay, give that message of love freely and boldy.

When you give a message of love, Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love and his twin flame Hope, help deliver it with the wings of freedom and a powerful transmission of light. This lights up the authentic love and releases and clears any cords of neediness or control which limit the bandwidth and the higher love within the message.

“Archangel Chamuel Light Up and Deliver My Message of Love on the Wings of Freedom. Help it to be delivered with your pink white flame of higher love and help me open my heart to receive love”

Clearing your Etheric Heart Cord, or the cord of purest love that connects you and your loved one(s) is also a powerful way to give and receive transcendent love. This is love that truly transcends block and limitation. This connection is so healing and helps you manifest higher love.

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Wishing You Transcendent Love,