Reboot Your Divine Life Purpose 2023

Are you feeling the delectable, incendiary pull to make changes big and small on your life path and to live on purpose as we emerge in 2023? If so, you are right on track.

You may have been through an awakening or a re-awakening recently and are feeling tuned in to your inner knowingness that now IS the time. Everything may be whispering and then screaming that you are here to live your dreams. You may have already made a change–perhaps, moved or left your job and are now ready for some direction and fine tuning. We all have doubt, get stalled, and stuck at times but with all the planets direct there is momentum supporting you make it easier to take aligned action and harder to resist honouring your soul.

The angels are the best at clearing, uplifting, and inspiring us to take positive action and you have so many around you. A few that are pivotal with life purpose direction: Archangel Jeremial, the life purpose archangel, works with inspiring purples and replenishing greens to help take a breathe, with a life review to date, and tune into your heart, remember who you are, and, then, take inspired action steps.  Archangel Michael is present to help you feel safe and protected and Raphael, the healing angel, moves his emerald green-gold ray to shift you into abundance on all levels. This process can feel really amazing. So call them in and be open to those divine nudges Even the smallest step from this aligned space can have tremendous impact.

We all have a divine life purpose and soul contract with Lady Gaia or a reason and theme why we are here (often more than 1), but we ‘forget’ as we step through the veils of amnesia and experience the incredible but at times overwhelming experience of being here on the earth.

If you would like to Reboot Your Life Purpose, join me for a Divine Life Purpose Activation Session online or my Upcoming Restore with Angel Healing Yoga for renewal, clarity, and angel love and encouragement.

And here is a Checklist to work with in the meantime:

  1. Clear away the old.
  2. Tune into Love.
  3. Remember Who You Are.
  4. Activate the New.
  5. Ask, How does this decision move me closer to love, abundance, and fulfillment?

Love and Divine Purpose,