Unlock Your Healing Key: Golden Immune Rocket Booster



Are your ready to light up your immune system and revitalize your well being on every level?

Do you dread cold and flu season and that side into Winter in the Northern Hemisphere? Do you need a boost of energy and vitality?

Join us for our Golden Light + Gentle Movement + Guided Meditation + Restorative Yoga. This fun and energizing practice will incorporate our golden light ascension self healing practice, angel inspiration, and deep relaxation so you can soak up the golden light deeply at cellular level.  We will focus on thymus and immune system care. Archangel Metatron, Raphael and the healing angels will be  present to give you an immuno rocket booster infusion.

We will complete with a deep hypnotherapy where Archangel Metatron will unlock your golden healing key~lighting up your healing pathways and your healing purpose.

The end result is you on a whole new level.

with Kasey Goldstraw Gorgenyi and Andrea Moyah Trucilla