Dragon Emergence: Confidence Empowered


Dragons are De-Ascension Pioneers and help you emBODY and manifest your ascension light codes ON our Sacred Earth.


Dragon Confidence Empowered


Have you been stuck coming in and out of survival mode in the past year and a half? Are you ready to go bigger and shine but hesitating along on the way?


The dragons want to emPOWER you on your path with CONFIDENCE. Sometimes we confuse courage with confidence–courage is the outward expression but often CONFIDENCE the inner radiance that sparks our courage is missing.

Join Andrea Moyah and Kasey Goldstraw Gorgenyi for our upcoming webinar DRAGON CONFIDENCE.  Cosmic dragons are present and here to be of service.  The dragons have a particular affinity for confidence–as a state of inner BALANCE –and they are here to plug and in a power up your confidence center. Both your solar plexus and earth star chakra are generators and many people experience a disconnect because they are not fully plugged in. Dragons are here to help.  

Dragons are De-Ascension Pioneers and help you emBODY and manifest your ascension light codes ON our Sacred Earth.

In this webinar we will:

–Call in Solar Dragons to Plug IN in your CONFIDENCE centers (DRAGON earth star and DRAGON SOLAR plexus chakras)

–Power up your solar plexus by clearing ancestral blocks to charge the free flow of your PERSONAL POWER reservoir

–Tap you into your monadic or collective angel, dragon, and ascended master team so you can feel their support

–Align the flow of HEART and WILL so that you can embrace your abundance light codes

–Call in the COSMIC DRAGONS from Polaris, Adromenda, Sirius, Pleides, Arcturus, and Lyra to merge your higher self with you earth self so you can FUEL your divine life purpose

–Use energy healing, sound healing, light language, and channelled dragon wisdom to clear dis-ease in your multidimensional elf and connect you more fully to your dragon wisdom 

–Complete with a sacred ceremony clearing mind control, time line distortions that fuel lack, fear, and SUBmission protocols 


*A recording will be provided.

Kasey is the creator of Golden Light Ascension, an Angelic Channel, Yoga Teacher, Soul Embodiment Activator and Coach, and Dragon Emergence Facilitator. Join her for an online angel healing course or session.


Andrea Moyah Trucilla is a  Sacred Mission Activator, Indigenous Seer, Mystic, Visionary, Spiritual Development Coach & Midwife for The Ascended New Earth. Join her for her epic Mystic, Reclamation, or new coaching program.