Golden Light Radiance: Getting Golden in 2023



Come receive balance and deep clearing on all levels as we bask in the Golden Light Ascension Energy, the angelic energy that renews you on a soul level.

In this class, Kasey introduces the Golden Light Ascension Light Points and breathe work to activate your golden light body and bring through your Higher Self Presence.

In our practice together, we combine gentle yoga, guided meditation, and Golden Light Ascension Energy (golden light + archangel colors) to clear, balance, and renew your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritually systems. Kasey Goldstraw Gorgenyi invites in your angel healing team to infuse you with the perfect blend of divine light, including golden light ascension energy.

In this practice we:

–Activate the Golden Light Body, or the golden light points for all levels clearing

–Receive a Heart Activation to encourage receiving more deeply and completely

–Tune into Archangel Love and Messages

–Practice breath work, gentle motion, and restorative yoga for fullest integration of our Higher Self, I am Presence


On Zoom

with Kasey Goldstraw Gorgenyi 

Kasey Goldstraw Gorgenyi is an angel intuitive, Certified Yoga Teacher (300 RYT), Reiki Master Teacher, Founder of the Golden Light Ascension Program, Angel Intuitive Clairvoyant who loves to combine angel guidance, energy, gentle motion, and restorative  yoga for a deeply relaxing, soul harmonizing experience. You are a dazzling soul and no one does You better than You. Come expand and renew in the comfort of your own home.