Akashic Records Group Session



Are you ready to clear stuck patterning and ignite healing and transformation in your life? Are there particular relationships and traumatic experiences that you can’t clear through traditional approaches? As a vast soul in a human form, you may be holding onto old patterning, programming, and contracts from previous incarnations, from your ancestral lineages, or the collective that may be overriding your sense of love, harmony, and abundance in this life time.

For many of you, this lifetime is the culmination of your soul’s experience and it is divine time to heal what is preventing you from calling your power back to ignite the love and transformation accessed through your soul akashic records.

In this group akashic records healing session, Kasey will take us into a healing journey into the group dynamic to clear and reset what is holding you back from peace and fulfillment. She will take you through an akashic records healing and realignment to your quantum light body by accessing the highest level of your soul records.

You will be asked to set an intention and we will connect with your Akashic Angels, Masters, and Higher Soul Self to clear and realign your akashics to reflect your highest purpose and to connect you to your mission of love and fulfillment.

Your akashic records are a sacred reservoir of wisdom, information, and healing when you access them at the quantum level. It holds the records of all of your existences including valuable insight into your mission and relationships. This will include, deep general clearing from all lifetimes including past life trauma, soul contracts, karmic vows, and oaths the two longer serve you and interference of what is holding you back.

We will call forward your soul level gifts to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth.

This webinar will include an akashic records opening hypnotherapy session conducted for the group to allow you to experience transformation on a deep cellular level.

Thursday Sept 28 at 1pm- 2:30 pm EST

$44 + HST

*A recording will be provided of the event for all participants.

Akashic Records Quantum Love Ignition and Clearing

Thursday, Sep 28, 2023 01:00 PM