Twin Flame Burnout? Tired of Twin-dom? Some Timely Signs to Help

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So you collided with your twin when you weren’t looking and there he or she is. Your hearts connected and, in the process, your eyes opened to a new level of love and possibility. But life happens and the energies of now–this summer 2018 are powerful, potent, and discombobulating as we move through eclipses, planetary retrogrades and a slow build to the sumptuous Lions gate on August 8 (big lovely Leo energy). At first, you were eager to gather information, to do the self-work, but now the information ‘out there’ is overwhelming and it has become a tough slog that, at times, feels like an uphill hike with another human being strapped to your back. Crikey!

And your twin, you have realized, truly is a separate person, with his or her own unique path as well as a shared twin flame path. You are two distinct people with a shared soul signature. What does that mean? Well, in these accelerated times, either you or your twin, depending on how ‘awake’ he or she is could be struggling. And you may feel weighed down or thrown into confusion. You may be craving clarity or a time out from twin-dom itself if your twin is acting out and throwing up boundaries. And to complicate matters, perhaps ‘other players’ (or the people most connected to you and your twin) are interfering in your union path. But there truly is no lasting time out from the twin path once you are on it, however, there are tools to help.

In my energy healing practice, I have been working with an increasing number of second wave twins. The second wave twins, have been awakening in the past few years. They awaken abruptly to their twin connection, at times, and find themselves on a very accelerated path of spiritual growth and empowerment and have an important role to play in ascension–the spiritual growth of our planet and its inhabitants. They are true power houses. Why try to figure out you are a twin in the first place? If you are a twin, you know why. Because this connection unhinges you, opens your soul wide, and when you align prepares you for incredible amounts of love, joy, and bliss. If you are a second wave twin, you are here to be of service and so you will be unsatisfied and reluctant to step away from this connection and so will be drawn back to it like a magnet.

Here is a list of the full list of the most common twin flame signs.

However, if you are a second wave twin, you may be experiencing a few more signs repeatedly.

Please note, both you and your twin union are unique, so these signs can be experienced by non-twins but they are occurring with regularity right now and not experiencing these signs, of course, does not mean you are not a second wave twin right where you are meant to be.

Timely Twin Flame Signs:

1) Intense and Strange Physical Symptoms, such as Heat, Heart Palpitations, and Tingling.  When you meet your twin, your physical temperature goes way up and you find yourself perspiring in a big way. You may feel like you are in a sauna with no escape. In particular, your crown and your hands may tingle very strongly. This may happen on and off for some time. And you may notice this happening in your twin. Or he or she may share this information with you. Your heart beat may race for no apparent reason…

Please know: There is a reason and this happens a lot. You have a physical reaction to being in each other’s presence. Your chakras connect energetically but your heart beat also attempts to synch with your twins and this may feel strange. Your heart may speed up in response to your twin. Your chakras (in particular crown and hand chakras) also awaken and sync. As your shared energy or third energy (the energy that twins create) opens and expands your sensitivity increases and your vibration raises. This can feel down right uncomfortable. You may hear these symptoms referred to as ‘ascension symptoms’ and while they are, they are often connected to twins, as twins signed up for the most accelerated ascension paths. Sometimes just knowing this is a twin flame symptom and remembering to breathe and not panic or react can settle your nervous system right down.

2) Doubt and Confusion: The above physical sensations can throw you into overwhelm. You look around for support but may not find it right away, so you fall into doubt and, at times, begin to doubt your sanity. Perhaps you search the web and get sucked into twin flame stages, especially the ‘runner and chaser’ phase. And the next thing you know, you second guess where you are at, and one of you is running or chasing. I invariably always get the question: “Am I crazy?” And believe it or not, this IS a sign because the twin flame connection opens your telepathy and your psychic channels and that can be incredibly new and daunting. Your pyschic awareness skyrockets and you begin to doubt what you are experiencing.

Please Know: You are not crazy. This connection tests you on all levels because it opens doors to incredible growth on all levels. You are unique and so is your twin path, and so there are guidelines to help but you may well skip those stereotypical stages. Finding helpers who are twin aware who will support your experience and not encourage you to treat it as a co-dependent relationship is key. A mindfulness meditation practice is essential because it helps you focus your mind and clears a lot of the energetic static or debris that isn’t serving you. Connecting to God/Source and Angels, Ascended Master or High Guides in your spiritual or energy healing practice is also so helpful. In particular, calling on Archangel Haniel or your favorite angel or guide to do soul retrieval or calling your power back is an effective way to ground your energy. Clearing your third energy–the energy body created between you and your twin–makes a huge difference.

Invoke Archangel Haniel as follows: “Thank-you God/Source Universe and Archangel Haniel for calling my power back from all dimensions of time and space. I reclaim any energy or soul aspects that I gave away or were taken from me.” Now visualize all of those pieces of your ‘soul’ being cleared in golden light and then returning to you. Archangel Haniel will re-form all of your chakras, and you will feel clearer and more grounded.

3) Relationship Triangles: It is rare for two twins to meet entirely free and unencumbered (and by that I mean single!) And, in fact, you may see triangles all over the place as a ‘sign’ of your union. Usually, you meet when you are least looking for it because that is when you are most magnetic. And, so often one or both of you are in a committed love relationship or marriage. This is awkward and challenging to resolve. In reality, I find that spirit is not nearly as judgemental as we are. That being said, honesty, integrity, and compassion are all aspects of spiritual growth and so how we deal with relationships and existing partners is part of the experience. I do find that many people in our lives “signed on” to be a part of the twin experience. Twins are here to expand and redefine the nature of love. Twins hold the vibration of unconditional love, which takes people deep into the nature of self-acceptance and self-love. So redefining the nature of partnership may be a part of that purpose. Please note, that not all twin unions are romantic, and some find other alternatives, such as working together, while maintaining fulfilling soulmate love relationships. So it can be a win-win outcome. The more open you are to what your union can and will look like, the better the outcome for all involved. And if you just happened to meet and marry your twin. Awesome!

Please Know: Twin Flames are advanced souls here to be of service. Connecting to your twin flame purpose and highest path helps you get clear on what you and your twin are meant to do. For a free meditation to clear your energy and connect to your higher purpose and highest outcome, got to

4) Big Change aka Upheaval: As second wave twins, you find yourself on an accelerated path of growth. If you embrace it, you find yourself drawn to the possibility of a new profession or a higher level version of what you were doing. You are drawn to being of service and most usually you and your twin have similar career paths. But first, you have to let go of what isn’t working. So as your vibration raises, existing relationships may come to an end. You may be drawn to moving house (as each set of twins has a grid assignment or location where they are meant to anchor in light). And if you resist, the universe may align to give you some gentle or not some gentle pushes in the right direction.

Please Know: While this may seem dramatic, twins are catalysts who bring about transformation and healing. They create a ripple effect wherever they go. This is more than change, it is transformation. And often, some folks would prefer the status quo. Some people may respond negatively on the surface, as twins often serve to mirror what needs to be healed. Often people can be resistive to change and may vent toxic stuff in your direction. But we are all here on this earth at this point to be a part of ascension. We are all her to graduate together and that does indeed require change in many cases. Twins are forerunners or way showers on this path, and that can take a toll. Reviewing your akashic records and soul contracts and gently updating contracts and clearing interference in a twin flame activation and healing session can refuel and realign you with your highest outcome.

5) Exhaustion: With so much happening energetically, you need time to integrate, to receive, and release, and do it all over again. You are lighthouses, or holders of light and light codes of unconditional love. Each twin pair holds unique light codes and so they are all important. But this completely overhauls your four body system–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual– and if you try to “push” through this, it can lead to crisis. So taking rest, spending time in nature, giving yourself permission to process is essential.

Please Know: Being discerning is so important, as people are drawn to twins and their beautiful third energy. Always check in with your guidance and intuition about whether to engage in any group or activity. Invite in connections with higher level twins or twin teachers who are way showers. You will know who they are because connecting with them always feels uplifting. While we are in accelerated times energetically, it is an illusion to think you have to hurry. Honor yourself in all ways and as you do, you honor your union. Taking time to do what gives you joy uplifts you and your union. And joy is a sign you are right where you are meant to be.

The above signs are sign posts. Please take what resonates and release the rest. Embrace your twin path by respecting yourself first and foremost. Never try to fit into a box or a cookie cutter definition. You are unique and so will your journey be. You are a unique expression of the divine and there is no one like you or your union.

Love and namaste,