Are You In Twin Confusion? 20 Signs to Help You Emerge From the Twin Fog

2018 is here and so are the golden ascension twins…and you may be one.

First: Have you met your twin soul?

Yes, no, or maybe?

Would you have checked ‘yes’ one point and now you find you are are in doubt and confusion? Does your answer depend on the day? If so, don’t despair as doubt and confusion are often a part of the twin flame journey.

Let me ask you this: have you met that person who sticks in your mind after your first meeting no matter what? Did it start off as magnetic connection, like you were being pulled together by an unseen force? Was there a period of incredible bliss that felt like you were a balloon, lighter than air? And has it been on again or off again or just on with increasing intensity? In your time apart, does the memory of that person create a relentless echo?  Does it feel overwhelming to be together while impossible not to be? Does your twin seem to trigger you hugely and bring up your hidden depths? Does it feel like you are conveyor belt to heaven one moment and hell the next?

If you have met your twin, you will most likely have experienced some of the above. But at the very least, the twin connection is powerful and while it can take you to a bliss-filled harmonic place, it can often put you through a proverbial emotional meat (tofu) grinder. But what is a twin connection really? A super excellent soul mate? Um….no.

Soul mates are closely compatible souls, here to help you grow and learn. We have about 16 here among us during an incarnation. Earth itself is a school, a place we come to learn and develop in the context of the unique offerings of our beautiful planet. At this pivotal time, many of us have been called to help with ascension. Soul mates can be fulfilling friends and love partners or spouses. But your twin is your exact energetic match and encountering each other can be___________(pick one: shocking, exhilarating, unsettling, joyful, terrifying, reassuring, divine).

The twin flame experience raises so many questions, and even more questions within questions, so if you unsure of what the heck is going on, you are in the right place. In fact, twin flame confusion is often a stage itself.

When you meet your twin, something extraordinary and kinetic happens. That’s because you are meeting your exact soul resonance or match in another body. And that experience and how it unfolds is unique for each twin pair. And even, within each twin pair itself, there can be a range of reactions and experiences. This can be disorienting. The one incontrovertible truth is there is no pre-existing map for how to be a twin. If you are a twin on earth, you knew that. You are the map, so you are a pioneer, creating a new definition of a timeless connection. And you knew it would be fraught with challenges but you may not have anticipated just how  many. You are a unique expression of the divine, so your twin connection and union will be too. And even within each twin pair itself, there can be a range of reactions and experiences. Twindom really begins to create its own language over time.

So, how to describe a twin connection? First, in my view, it is a very real connection. But how it shows up is not cookie cutter, one size fits all. In my angel energy therapy practice. I have seen many different expressions of this. Whether the first meeting blows your socks off or it creeps up on you over time, is no indicator. It is an undeniably unique connection and a really important one.  Twins have an important role to play in the ascension or spiritual evolution of our planet. They are tranformational lightholders by their very nature.  Once you meet in person whether it is one time or a hundred times, it stays with you. Period. And some people experience the same results long distance. My view is that if you have met your twin in 3D or in our existing earthly reality then you are meant to come together in union. But that twin union can take different forms. The unconscious role of twins is to bring through new blueprints for unconditional love and healing. So, that means that the nature of relationships themselves are evolving as a result. A twin union means all kinds of good things on many levels. It also means a lot of work and a soul journey that will stretch you beyond your comfort zone and reshape you anew.

It is important to grasp that that twin connection, is an energetic connection first and foremost. In the highest realms, you and your twin are one soul. A layer down you are two higher selves who are always connected. So you really are a heavenly connection, one soul in two bodies.

But first and foremost IS there a way to know? Because it is true that there are other close soul connections. Here is a list of common signs to help you work through twin confusion:

20 Signs to Help You Out of Twin Confusion

  1. Soul Recognition. Whaaat? Who the heck is this? This recognition is triggered when you meet face to face most typically. Either eye contact or the sound of her/his voice takes you deep and you have a sense of deja vu or knowing. Unlike what a lot of people say, this first meeting is not always joy and rainbows guaranteed as this depends on how receptive you and your twin are to meeting each other. If you are unprepared (already married or unavailable) it can be a shock and can be somewhat disconcerting. And depending on your state of self-love, you may not feel ready to be face to face with the other half of you in a different body, often as a different gender. Interestingly being happy and not looking for your twin often makes you magnetic to them. So if you are searching for a romantic partner in frustration, you will not move yourself closer to meeting a twin. If your twin has his/her guard up and is very boundrifed, this experience may leave you quite unsettled and unsure. It can feel a little like playing poker. But after a few meetings, this connection spills to the surface and really takes a hold of you. Eventually, if it is a true twin meeting, resistance is futile and the Bliss-Love phase kicks in. And no one really wants to resist that.
  2. Bliss-Love phase…this can occur at the first meeting or over time. Your twin’s heart sparks with yours and there is an energetic explosion of sorts (picture an incredible light show) which triggers your heart flame, your kundalini, and your third energy. Your third energy is the energy ‘shared’ between you. Clairvoyants can actually see this energy and you will feel it as a stretching between your hearts and encircling you. It is usually stronger after you have met in person and can fade over time. Your kundalini rises and opens chakras and your energy merges. This feels absolutely wonderful like joy wrapped in bliss (and yes, rainbows)  and you feel like you are flying. In truth, you are expanding energetically exponentially, your chakras are communicating, new chakras are being created, and your soul is remembering heaven and what it is like to be in merge your other half. And if that sounds like a lot, it is! Your higher self descends and connects into you. This is often referred to as the bubble love phase. Whatever you call it, it is a-mazing. Please note: contrary to what is often written, this does not always happen in the first meeting as is often stated as a pre-requisite for a twin awakening. If your twin’s heart is blocked it can happen at a later point or in increments. This phase can be quite short (and last for a few days or a few months, until you or your twin puts the breaks on). But it does happen.
  3. Spontaneous Past Life Recall…upon meeting or sometime thereafter, you remember previous lifetimes (perhaps together or apart). Again, this can happen suddenly or in layers depending on your own resistance or denial. But once set in motion, it tends to bring about transformation from the inside out. This can feel a little like a tsunami for a sleeper twin. This sounds nebulous I know and it is, and you don’t have to have met your twin to have an awakening or remember past lives. But when you are with your twin you do feel different, like you are seeing things from a broader more expansive perspective.
  4. Eye contact and touch are magnetic...and seismic. This one is simple but quite true. It catches you off guard because it is unlike any other touch. And it never really changes. Touching can feel like an electrical jolt (in a good way).
  5. A telepathic connection. So your twin is almost always in your thoughts to some capacity. This can feel quite obsessive and you are a well-balanced person, right? Yeah, your twin stretches that. When your twin answers your unspoken questions to your face? That IS a sign.
  6. Heart Palpitations…and sweaty palms.
  7. Sudden Weight Loss or Gain…this often occurs in the bliss-love phase when you are buoyant and filled with joyous energy and your appetite is impacted. Often, you are full of energy, so your appetitie is reduced or you may find yourself craving new foods.
  8. Body swapping…and thoughts and symptoms that are not your own. This sounds much scarier than it is. Your empathy expands and you can often feel what your twin is feeling. And at sudden points, you can find your self peering out from another person’s body and realize you are in your twin’s body. Or vice versa. This doesn’t always happen but you might be surprised at how many people experience this. It can range from seeing a different set of hands superimposed over yours to feeling like you are in a different body all together. If this is bothersome, it is good to receive energy clearing from a twin-aware professional and to learn how to set boundaries with your twin.
  9. You Work in the Same Profession…and you have a burst of creativity and inspiration when you connect. If you spend time talking about your profession or talking shop, you get incredible insights and inspiration. You notice that you are productive together in your field. It is all you can do not to create together.
  10. You initially Live in Different Countries or Have Different Ethnicities or Cultures. The universe likes to set twins far apart so that they can merge different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences together.
  11. Emotional Highs and Lows. When you get along it is divine but when you don’t it is literally the opposite of divine. Your twin tends to challenge everything about you. Suddenly, your attention is drawn to everything in your life you have swept under the rug and isn’t working. Any childhood trauma resurfaces. This can seem like a rude awakening but it does trigger a journey of inner awakening.
  12. An Inner Journey. So meeting your twin is like looking in a mirror, kind of. And sometimes that feels great and sometimes it feels horrendous. In the process, your own wounding is dredged up. After the bubble love phase, all of your skeletons fall out of the closet and sometimes threaten to bury you. Past traumas or wounding come up in a pronounced way. You may seek out traditional therapists who try to pigeon hole what you are going through and give you the label of being co-dependent. Also, traditional psychics may tell you your twin is ‘bad’ for you because of the amount of emotional turmoil you are going through. They may simply be reading your present experience without understanding the broader context. But on a positive, you are drawn onto a path of self-healing. And over time, you are drawn to twin flame healers and teachers with an awareness of twin energetics. And overtime, when you stablize you begin to share what you know with others.
  13. A Period(s) of Intense Doubt or Cynicism (aka Twin Confusion). You are human. And as humans, we often believe what we experience with our 5 senses. But those senses are increasingly limited. If you share your experiences with friends and family who are not in the same place, or simply can’t contextualize your experience, you go through a period of doubt and may ‘run’ from or ‘chase’ your twin. This brings up fear in both you and your twin. And your twin becomes triggered which may result in a repeating cycle or a period of separation, depending on how you each respond. And this can last for some time, years and lifetimes, even. It is very common to reject this incredible connection at times because the implications for life after death, the existence of a soul, past lives and ascension may stretch our boundaries and re-define the very nature of our existence.
  14. Twin Affirming Parallels and Signs Galore. This is where the universe works to draw you together. Synchronicities abound. You see his name on a license plate over and over. His/her picture pops up on your computer. You hear a song about love and then he/she calls. You see swans and other twin symbols, such as, the infinity sign. Repeating number sequences appear when you are about to meet, such as 1111. You share key dates, like birthday numbers or anniversary dates. There are parallels in your both your lives when you look closely, such as going through certain situations, like a family illness or events. If you are from different regions, you have often been drawn to visiting the same locations. This subject is really its own blog, so be open to how the universe is speaking to you about your twin.
  15. Incredible Dream or Meditative States. Moving out of body, astral traveling with your twin, connecting with spiritual guides and masters in the dream state. Strange and wonderful stages of consciousness can emerge from this connection and take it further.
  16. The Desire to Move, move to a new house, or open a business. Connecting with your twin brings sudden change and inspiration. Sometimes you need to be closer geographically and sometimes you know you need to be in a different location. We call this a ‘grid assignment’ in twin lingo. This means you and your twin are drawn to move to a specific location for energetic reasons.
  17. Your Existing Relationships End. As your energetic resonance shifts, you vibrate at a higher level. This means that you are no longer a match for many of the people in your life, as like attracts like. Rest assured, this means new higher vibrational relationships are en route. But there is a period of letting go of relationships. And this can feel lonely and a bit disheartening at first.
  18. You Have the Strong Desire to Be of Service…the twin awakening connects you to a deeper spirituality and awareness. You know that you are here to be of service and you find that you are ready to do so with your twin as a co-creator. You are drawn to words like mission, ascension, and your views shift and transform as though they have wings.
  19. You are a Twin Magnet…once you meet your twin, you notice that other twins seem to be drawn to you. This is because they have been drawn to your vibration. Twins hold the purest vibration of unconditional love and that creates mass awakening in other twins or advanced souls. You also find that you speak ‘Twin.’ So, you can help other twins decipher what the heck they are going through.
  20. Feeling of Being Home. I call this the home frequency. When you are together, you have the sense that your search has ended. You feel at home in your own skin and at home wherever you are. Home is no longer just a place, it’s a feeling. And it is something and someone you always return to.

While no single sign is sure proof in and of itself, and you may experience a myriad of other signs, the Bliss-Love Phase and creation of the third energy (that wonderful stretchy heart energy) is the most consistent.
If you can checked yes to all of these, you are most likely a twin who has met a twin.

But what does union mean in reality? There are many variations of how twin union can manifest in our present reality. So there really isn’t a one size fits all for how twins show up or how they are meant to be together. That means it can be a challenge for your twin union to translate into a relationship but when it does it is well worth it. The twin journey almost always requires a lot of healing and growth and that can be intense. Full union can include everything romantic love, living together, and sharing a life and all that entails. But some twins work together only. So be open to how your union unfolds.

Another sign of a twin awakening is you really can not cut cords to this person. You can work on yourself and shift your focus and fuel your own soul. But. The ultimate sign of a twin is the fact that you are drawn back together over time. Once your hearts are activated, your twin is always connected to you through your heart bond. So you can separate from a twin but…you are always connected at high level. So eventually after time and progress, you reconnect.

And crisis is often part of the twin experience. What do you do in crisis?  Archangel Christiel, the golden ascension angel, who is working with awakening twins at present, reminds you not to hesitate to ask for his assistance or to put out an Angel SOS. This involves surrendering to God or source with an open heart. Invoking Christiel and his golden ray is one way to feel lighter:

“Archangel Christiel, please wrap your golden wings around me ease my present distress and confusion. I am feeling overhwelmed and uncertain about my twin. Please illuminate my heart chakra with golden christ light and transmute all heaviness, negativity, and past karma. Please bring through my twin flame blueprint and give me clarity on my twin situation. Help me to know my twin and give me clear signs that he/she and I are meant to come together in union and how that will manifest in divine time. Give me clarification on my twin mission and help me to know my next steps so I can move forward in service. ”

You may feel or sense Christiel’s metling golden wings wrap around you and you will have the sense of becoming lighter. This is tremendously reassuring. He then returns you to earth and helps you ground and connect in your new awareness.

Christiel also reminds you to be discerning about the internet and getting caught up in negativity and out dated labels. If you are looking to attend a session or class, feel into it first. If you feel a sense of joy and anticipation, that is a sign to go ahead. And if it feels heavy and uninviting, take a pass. Rest assured, if you find yourself on a twin flame path, you are not alone. Many twins are awakening at present and as that happens, the awakened twins create an affinity for other twins. The end result,  it becomes easier to connect to your twin and to find love and support. And you become a beacon, in turn for an increasing community of advanced souls. You become co-creators of a new earth as it unfolds with infinite possibility and grace.

I am excited to offer an upcoming course on twin flames: Activate Your Twin Flame Union, Sunday January 28, as well as Twin Soul Connection sessions in Toronto, Ontario.

With Love and Grace,