The Angels Have Your Back

By April 29, 2021No Comments

Haven’t you had enough of playing it small? Of hiding out, downplaying, or dismissing who you are? Aren’t you sick of getting close and then ducking under the covers? The angels are all around you and ready to be of service to you.

You may have been thrown for a loop this past year. You may have endured, “lock downs” and social distancing and isolation and a big churning bag of other peoples stuff. But. There is an incredible opportunity in front of you. You are still here stronger than ever and you are ready to step through the gateway of transformation.

As a way shower, it means to be out ahead of the group, of your soul group, your family and to sometimes forge a trail where none existed. This can feel like a tough slog at times. You may need breaks to fill yourself up and to give yourself tender loving care. It requires going inwards and connecting to your higher self and the voice of your intuition. And in this whole process of growth, you have made some key realizations.

  1. Communication is important. Your voice is powerful. You are meant to use it. You can not connect with your soul community if you don’t share your perspective, you experience, and your truth. So keep clearing your communication centre and sometimes expressing can clear your communication brilliantly.
  2. Truth is why we are here. Truth creates a baseline of stability in any relationship. If you can’t be truthful then you are embracing lies and distortion. Truth is powerful. It tends to shock others in your life into self examination and it gives them an opportunity to discover their truth. And so much flows from this place.
  3. Hiding doesn’t get you anywhere. It keeps you trapped. While change can be scary, you are here to take risks. You put these challenges in place for yourself. It feels really good to stop hiding and start shining. You were born from this. And if the flying splits seems implausible, you may just have an inner acrobat ready to soar.
  4. You are ready right now to take a step on your path. 
  5. That thing that terrifies you is the step.
  6. Asking for help is huge. If you want to create momentum but you are stuck and not getting clarity, ask the angels for help. But angels need to be asked. They respect your free will. Ask for a smaller mini step. Ask for a helpful person. Michael Archangel is perfect to help yo light up your courage. And when you ask, he shows up!
  7. Lists are really helpful. Now write a list of all the reasons why you can’t follow your dreams. These are blocks that you have been given to HELP you. As you work through these blocks, you gain more momentum and are presented with miraculous solutions.
  8. Don’t make it personal. Take any thing you wrote that starts “I am too…” Or “I am not enough..” and cross them out. This is the voice of your inner critic. Wish your inner critic bon voyage with persistence, conviction, and plenty of love.
  9. Surround yourself in positive community. If you can’t go to your community, reach out and join one online. Take an online class. Avoid nay-sayers, perpetual complainers, confronters, and people that like to contain you in a rut. These are psychic vampires and they thrive on your good intentions. Just keep on moving on. S
  10. Celebrate Your Successes. With each step you take on your divine life purpose, your angels cheer, celebrate, and they want you to feel the same. This also creates a new positive feedback pattern which is so motivating.
  11. Whenever you get down and you feel sad, depressed, doubtful, or trapped in helplessness  know that is reminder of the fact that you are here to experience the polar opposite. This is your emotional core make-up. Be gentle with yourself. Then move into mindfulness, note the feeling, observe it, and then clear it. Boost your frequency higher. Energy Healing, Mindfulness Meditation, Prayer, Grounding all work. Find your go to and use it with persistence.
  12. Empower someone else. When you take the focus of of you and instead support a friend, a colleague, this boosts your frequency way up and offers you the gift of fresh perspective and inspiration.

You have realized that your spirt can not be locked down, shut down and your voice is powerful. Michael Archangel and the Archangels of Empowerment are here to support you, to give you those messages, and nudges, and even gentle pushes to embrace your purpose.

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Love and Empowerment,