How to Survive and Thrive as An Empath

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Are you an empath?

Do you feel everything when you walk into a room? Are you sensitive to people’s emotions and sometimes their physical conditions? Do you find yourself taking them on? Do you sometimes feel like a human sponge and like you need to wring out and reset? Do you feel like you give, give, give, sometimes against your will? Do you wake up tired? Do you put your boundaries aside when someone else needs help?

Then, yep, you are an empath but not only that, you are an empath who is in OVERLOAD.

Join me for my upcoming course with Nina Menrai on Weds Nov 6 , How to Survive and Thrive as an Empath as we share tools and tips of how to not only make it in the short term as an empath but how to benefit in the long term. How to thrive and flourish. Being an empath is so enriching and, in my view, if we are not empathic we are all heading in that direction. So think of it this way, you are a wayshower. Empaths are ahead of their soul groups. often unconscious healers of the collective or have natural healing gifts. And that is so beneficial to become aware of and develop. Regular energy healing, boundary setting, and grounding is essential. So join us for an empowering evening and life changing experience.

12 Ways to Thrive as an Empath

1. Give yourself permission to say NO. This can feel uncomfortable in the moment. But when you feel into the long term of saying YES, if it feels draining, overwhelming, or gives you an uncomfortable feeling in your solar plexus consider saying a firm NO. This gets easier.

2. Give yourself permission to say YES. If it gives you joy, go for it. If it fuels your soul, put it to the front of the line. Say yes to you lights up your energy and makes you stronger.

3. Give yourself permission to CHANGE your mind. Things happen. Because you said yes 5 minutes ago or 5 days ago doesn’t mean that your energy level or that circumstances can’t change. If someone holds you to your word like a vice grip, you may want to consider how much the relationship resonates with you. Life requires flexibility. So if you change your mind you are also role modeling flexibility for others.

4. Fill YOURSELF UP first. Self care is so important. Find your go tos for self care, those ways to quickly unplug and decompress: Turning the Lights off and Spending 4 Minutes Alone. Unplugging the WiFi and journalling your emotions. Listening to Relaxing Music. Sitting in front of a tree. Walking Barefoot. Taking a Yoga or Meditation Class.

5. Practice daily personal energy hygiene. Daily energy clearing, such as Rainbow Energy Healing, Reiki. or Golden Light Ascension Energy, is a helpful way to clear  cording, debris, other people’s energy, and anything you may have picked up and stored.

6. Set healthy boundaries. Review your boundaries with others. If someone doesn’t respect your boundaries it is not necessarily a sign you need to move your boundaries. Healthy boundaries actually give you room to feel safe and comfortable. A friend will respect your boundaries. Sometimes we need to let certain people go when they don’t honour our needs.

7. Give yourself permission to trust yourself and your intuition. Avoid falling into second guessing. Your first response is usually the most bang on or accurate. You are an empath, which means you are already highly intuitive. That is powerful. Knowing it is even more powerful. Trusting it is unstoppable.

8. Regularly clear the energy in your home and work space. Energy can hang around your home or work space, so keep it clear, with energy clearing, aromatherapy, crystals, or sage.

9. Find Joy in each day. If you aren’t connecting with joy you aren’t expanding. Empaths need to feel joy as it calls in high and pure vibrations.

10. Spend time around people who make you feel good about you exactly as you are and laugh with you. Laughter is sooooo therapeutic.

11. Get out in nature. Connecting with nature is grounding and healing. It allows you to breath and release and find gratitude for what is to be alive.

12. Spend at least 20 minutes a day in your spiritual practice. Mindfulness mediation, guided meditation, yoga, or whatever gives you purpose and connectivity to a higher purpose. This can be in the morning or before bed. But connecting to your soul keeps you present and ready to see the beauty of what it is to be a sensitive, advanced soul on planet earth.