Get Mother Mary Strong

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Happy May Flowers! Spring is a wonderful time to reset your intention and connect to creativity and abundance. Invoking the divine goddess is one way to ignite your creative spark and find inspiration for new projects. As the beauty of nature awakens all around us, we call on the beautiful goddess, our sacred divine feminine within to manifest.  Traditionally in energy work the left side of the body is feminine and the right side masculine and healing is often the culmination of healing our relationship to divine mother and father. This can mean healing our relationship to our formative earth mother and father, and then balancing this connection as it expresses within us.

As this occurs, we understand how each person embodies the divine Mother Goddess and Father God uniquely. Over time we bring our inner masculine and feminine aspects into balance. This divine feminine lives in both men and women and we need both a healthy inner feminine and masculine synergy as we continue to evolve. Bringing masculine and feminine aspects into balance is integral as we are each a blend of masculine and feminine. And there is a divine dance of masculine and feminine within each and every chakra, as well as, between chakras and outwardly between people. Twin flames are here to both discover that connection within and hold that vibration without. Second wave twins have the purpose to find this inwards/outwards synergy and maintain it as a vibration which heals the collective. Sometimes we think about the masculine as active or outwards and the feminine as receptive or inwards.  But it is important to note that it takes great strength and courage to be receptive as well as active. In Rainbow Energy Healing sessions, it never fails to inspire me at how strong the divine feminine is.

The goddess can be a power house in her own right. So many goddesses in world traditions embody strength, courage, as well as, creativity and divine flow. As we each have a unique connection to the divine, we find that we are drawn to different goddesses to uplift us on our divine life purpose. Some goddesses are fiery transformers, others embody sweetness. Some connect us to particular aspects or activate specific gifts within us. They all serve the purpose of bringing us into wholeness on our journey. Mother Mary is one goddess who embodies an incredible range of gentle nurturing and powerful strength and protection. She holds the exquisite vibration of unconditional love. As a clairvoyant, I see her energies as a mix of soft pinks and bold and protective turquoises. So you can call on her for the softest heart healing or to protect your energy field. If you ask her she will step up for you as a representative of the divine mother and look after you. She is a tremendous heart healer. If you are in a state of sorrow or missing that divine mother in your life and experiencing a sense of loss, she is a perfect to call on for love and support.

“Mother Mary, please fill my heart up with unconditional love. Help me to feel, see, hear, and know your support and love in all ways. Please transform any blocks in place within my heart, including heart walls and armour, preventing me from feeling love as it flows to me right now from all sources. Please help me to feel the divine grace all around me. And so it is.” You may visualize your heart as a cup filling up to overflowing with an exquisite pink elixir of love. This is truly heart expanding. 

Quan Yin, the Buddhist Goddesss of Compassion is another powerful yet nurturing presence. When invoked in classes, she often shows up riding a pink dragon. She reminds us that compassion is a truly transformative state. Compassion never requires the taking on of suffering but is a balanced and radiant state of love and courage. In yoga classes she will light up our high hearts and wrap our inner children in love and protection. If asked, she will place a beautiful lotus flower in whatever chakra needs an infusion of love and balance. She reminds us that self care involves nurturing the child within.

Mothers Day is a beautiful day to honour the goddess in your life, whether this is an external mother figure or daughter in your life or simply honouring a person who has offered you mothering support, as well as, honouring the Mother/Daughter aspects within you. The goddess reminds us that each moment is an opportunity to love the creative expression of our own femininity and to step into the flow of love as it merges with the divine masculine within. 

At Tranquility, we are honoring and empowering the divine feminine this month with a workshop Illuminate the Goddess to connect with Goddess inspiration and beauty with energy healer and teacher Nina Menrai-Gowd. Nina Menrai is an inspirational teacher and offers a truly enriching experience during this evening. Chris Cuciurean, Rainbow Energy Healing founder and spiritual teacher, is here offering his own beautiful blend of Rainbow Energy healing to bring your divine masculine and feminine into alignment. and join us for a special Mother’s Day Restore with Angel Healing with loads of Quan Yin and Mother Mary.

Looking forward to seining you in divine and Tranquil time!