Your Twin Flame Shared Akashics Hall

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Sometimes the twin flame journey takes us deeper than we expected, into challenges, into wounding. When we emerge, we feel like we have been through a rite of passage of epic proportions. At these points, it is not time to give up to disillusionment, but, rather, it is time to give in to surrender to the dance of twin flame union.

Surrendering does not mean abandoning your twin flame journey because, truly, a twin flame journey is a journey into YOU, into your depths, your inner aspects, to balance, to heal, and to emerge in harmony with your creator and your spirituality. Surrendering takes courage. Sometimes the courage to ask for help and always the willingness to process and heal.

As a twin flame, you are what I refer to as an advanced soul, meaning you are a vast being and have had many past lives.  There are many approaches to healing and do take what resonates. And your healing, ultimately, always helps your twin flame healing if it honours  your soul. But on whatever healing path you chose, do work with professionals who are aware of the twin flame journey and that it really is working with one soul in two bodies

On my journey as an angel intuitive, I have worked with many sets of twin flames in my energy healing practice. Because you began before this lifetime it is helpful to put your healing in context and to take a look at the vastness of your soul’s journey. A powerful way to heal is to access your past lives and heal ways they are presenting blocks in this life time.

Your Akashics Hall is a hologram, a library and sanctuary, a healing space, that contains the records of your soul. It includes lifetimes of joy and fulfillment. It has a healing chamber and many more magical spaces to remember the rich tapestry of who you are. It has different levels of access and allows you to receive the healing benefits of your lifetimes.

As an angel intuitive, I call on angels and channel them in my work because they are egoless and always work with you from a place of compassion for your highest outcome. Archangels Raziel and Metatron are two incredible angels who oversee your access levels and ensure that your interaction is healing and for your highest good.

Did you know that you have a shared Akashics Hall, a sacred space that contains the records of your life times with your twin flame? I recently discovered this incredible healing space a couple of years ago in my energy healing practice with twin flames and began working with it greater depth in the last year.

This shared space contains all of the lifetimes you encountered your twin. It contains wisdom and records, your contracts, vows, oaths, as well as your gifts and contributions in those life times. This place is powerful to connect with because it is a bridge between your individual akashic halls and allows both you and your twin flame access to heal. It is a sanctuary for both of you and it is monitored by Raziel and Metatron to ensure that all access provided, all wisdom and sacred knowledge is provided to you in divine alignment. It is also a protected space and spending time here allows you to connect to your twin flame higher self to higher self, which is invaluable. It is filled with riches and gifts and, so, it is an empowering space.

It also holds a healing chamber and allows you both to access healing energies, light codes, sacred geometry and gifts that you are ready to receive and benefit from in this life time.

Because it is a shared space, once open, you may access it and your twin may access it from an entry way from your individual akashic and if your twin flame is unconscious of this space your twin flame’s higher self is always available to work with you.

It is not invasive as it is different than you trying to access his individual records hall and so, what unfolds is always in alignment with the best and highest good. It always honours your soul journey. You will find fresh perspective and be reminded of the incredible light being you are and all you have experienced previously has brought you to this point in time.

If you are curious to experience the many benefits of this magical sacred space, join me for my upcoming Webinar Healing Past Lives in Your Twin Flame Shared Akashics Hall where we will both open this space for you and your twin flame and do healing that is impacting you moving forward in this life. I am also available for Twin Flame Activation and Healing Sessions and Past Life Regression sessions.

Love and Compassion,