What is a Soul Group?

As a body everyone is single, as a soul never.

 Hermann Hesse

In my work, I am often asked “What is a soul group?”



I love this question because it starts a conversation about the bigger picture. And depending on who you ask, the answer can vary. In my experience, it can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. On the surface the answer is as basic as: A soul group is a group of souls who are drawn together in a lifetime for a purpose. The purpose of a particular group differs, as well of the number of people in it. Visually, I liken a person’s soul groups to that of growth rings inside a tree trunk. While configurations can differ, they typically start off small and grow in size and can go on and on. Some are active and some are not. As my belief system draws from reincarnation, I believe we have one eternal soul that is born repeatedly in different lifetimes spent on earth (and elsewhere) to learn and develop spiritually. As such, the older your soul, the more soul groups you may have…


Three Common Soul Groups:


  1. Original Soul Group Cluster…These are your ‘originals.’ This group is small, usually around 8-20 people or so. These members are part of the cosmic fabric of who you are. Often referred to as your primary soul mates, they are a pivotal part of your journey over many lifetimes. When you cross paths with them, you have a strong reaction. You notice them and they notice you. These can be spouses, lovers, best friends, or family members. These are people you want to be with, just because. Or the people you have to be with because you are related. Often, the love you feel is deep, goes beyond words. These relationships can be long term, continuing steadily or they can be on and off for your lifetime. But there is a bond that lasts. You can be apart for years but then pick up right where you left off. But deep can also be intense and it doesn’t mean these relationships don’t have potential pitfalls. Because you have met over and over, you can have baggage to release and big issues to resolve. And if you have a falling out, it usually stings.

  1. Life Purpose or Working Soul Groups…You join forces with these souls—is it thought, that you arrange this ahead of time—to align with and achieve a purpose. As such, you hold compatible life purposes and once you come together you will be inspired to work together or apart together. Meeting these folks is usually tremendously helpful and you feel a creative synergy that can also assist you in making changes in a new, needed direction. You inspire each other and creatively feed each other’s soul. These relationships can take the form of colleagues and friendships but can often develop beyond that. If you also hold compatible soul purposes (a life purpose held over many lifetimes),  you form a spiritual soul group and the potential for tremendous healing and the acceleration and development of humanity is significant.

  1. Karmic Soul Group…Karma is such a loaded word and depending on your world view, it can have different connotations. But if we agree that we are here to learn and grow, then we can agree that karma is worth considering. The general theme found within this group is one of letting go of the past. And who doesn’t want to lighten their load? Karma can influence all relationship dynamics, so it can include members of your original soul group or a working soul group.  These are people who you have bumped into many times, to clear a pattern that exists between you. So, you have a a passionate response to them. Sometimes positive and sometimes…not so positive. When you meet someone in your karmic soul group, there is usually deep emotional digging to do. It is not about punishment or payback. But, instead, it’s an opportunity to release, forgive, and heal. That solution can be as simple as offering forgiveness in a challenging situation. And when the healing happens in this lifetime, the impact is powerful as it also is felt in all lifetimes where you encountered this individual. But more, ALL your soul group members benefit and feel it on a level. These people can pop into your life and pop out just as quickly when the healing happens and the karma is complete and the cycle ended. Or if the karma sticks, they can also stick around for a lifetime, as a perpetual thorn in your side or a reminder of what you need to change. And guess what? If you don’t make healthy changes, they will most likely be back…

How do you recognize soul group members?


Trust your intuition. Your feelings are a powerful barometer. You may experience déjà vu and a strong sense of having met before. You may feel drawn to that person or repelled by that person for no obvious reason. Often when you stand in proximity to the person, your auric field grid (a layer of your aura that looks like a grid) connects and you experience tingling, and a pleasant sensation through your energy field that parlays into physical body. You may encounter each other repeatedly and unexpectedly as though the universe is bringing you tother. You may experience dreams and telepathy, a kind of communication that goes beyond words…


Why is connecting to your soul group helpful?


Finding soul group members can be extremely beneficial for developing meaningful relationships and for developing your life purpose. They can inspire us and challenge us to expand our limits and to see the world with new eyes. And that is invaluable, as we are all here to grow spiritually. Being human is hard work filled with both profound joy and deep sorrow. And finding someone who “gets you,” and is, essentially, a part of you, is vital. A soul group is a support system that can empower each soul within its framework to expand beyond his/her individual potential. When a soul group is aligned for a higher purpose, anything is possible. It raises the vibration, energizes those who are in the vicinity, and can transform events. When spiritual soul groups connect and harmonize there is opportunity for healing on a global scale. And that is a conversation worth having.


But there is no one soul that fits all. So as each soul is unique, each manifestation of our soul connection is also uniquely formed. Soul group members offer you the gift to share your experience and remind you that, in essence, we are all connected and all part of the same divine consciousness as we live, love, and grow in each moment.


Live soulfully!