What Color Are Your Angel Wings?

By May 11, 2018No Comments

One of the things that never gets boring as an angel intuitive is observing the spectacular light show of people’s auric fields. Most people have no idea how gorgeous the colors of their energy body–the layers of energy that cocoon and encapsulate their physical body–can be, with just a little extra attention and TLC. We are energy, so perhaps it is no surprise that we are surrounded in energy and that energy reveals much about our physical, emotional,  and mental well being?

Did you know that when your aura is clear, each person has a set of wings that sparkle around them and they look just like magnificent angel wings? And over time, you can feel and sense these wings as they flutter and swirl around you? These energy wings extend out of the back of your heart chakra, so if your heart is blocked or closed, they may not be open but curled up in your heart. I have seen the most incredible display of radiant light extending around people once their hearts are open and the love is flowing. Each set of angel ‘wings’ is unique and connects to your soul purpose on the planet. So no two sets of wings are alike.

Your wings expand when your self love chakra, is open and active. Interestingly, they further align you to your soul purpose on the planet. The more you embrace your higher purpose, step into your power, the more you become your higher self and the bigger and more sparkly your wings become. Some people have wings that extend taller than buildings. And depending on your soul vibration, soul group, and ancestry they have different shapes and textures. For example, some people with Celtic ancestry have fairy wings that sparkle with mutit-hued colors and some people have pure white wings. I recently saw someone’s wings filled with the most dazzling display of jewels and crystals during an angel yoga class. She was having so much fun, letting go, and feeling the angel love. So finding whatever lights up your joy body magnifies your wings and you feel more radiant and peaceful.

Clearing your energy field regularly can open up your energy and clear unwanted dullness and debris. Calling on the angels, the hard working extension of God/Source/the Creator, such as Archangel Raphel–the healing angel–is a wonderful way to accomplish this. Energy healing, meditation, and prayer are another way to clear and align your energies.

Call on Archangel Raphael to light up your high heart and open your wings as follows:

Dear God/Source/Creator and Archangel Raphael please clear any heart armor, blocks, or patterns I am holding on to preventing my heart from opening and feeling love. Please touch my high heart and light up my high heart chakra with your emerald green flame, front and back. Please clear my auric field in all directions of time and space and allow my wings to open, so that I may feel and see them in my peripheral vision.

Then inhale and exhale, drawing your arms skyward over head and then lowering, in a half sun salutation. As you do this, you will begin to feel the energy pulsing and swirling between your arms and body. These are your wings coming into being.

Offer your gratitude to AA Raphael and Divine Source, and repeat often.

And do what lights up your heart!

Love and Namaste,