Welcome in the Colors of Your Angel Clairvoyance

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Color is a power which directly influences the soul. Wassily Kandinsky

I am presently preparing for a family trip to the wet west coast. In Toronto, we have been blessed with a balmy fall season, woven with an abundance of color. Wherever you are, I  hope you are taking the time to savour the exquisite melting oranges, burnished golds, and bold reds of autumn. Color is filled with healing vibration. Spend time noticing color with a sense of gratitude and have the sense of opening your third eye as you do. As you notice a particular color, hold a soft gaze and soon you will have the sense of connecting to the color and seeing into it. Then, shift your eyes from the color to another object in nature, such as a tree, and notice the energy surrounding it. You may begin to see an energetic field or aura around it. Simply notice: and take in shape, definition, color, and any movement within or around the tree.  You can extend this approach to people. When you look at a person, witness them with a soft gaze and you will find that this has the added advantage of broadening your perspective. You will begin to see into their subtle body and you may see colors surrounding them. This has the added advantage of shifting your perspective and allowing you to see someone or a situation with ‘new eyes’ or new perspective. When you see things from a broader perspective, it invites in new depth and compassion and that is the stuff of transformation. And this is the perfect time of year to invite in color, healing, and higher perspective.I am excited to be offering a new course on clairvoyance with Archangel Raziel in the upcoming weeks.

Being clairvoyant, seeing angels and auras is a truly life-enriching experience that has the potential to bless the lives of others. I am excited to be offering a new course on clairvoyance with Archangel Raziel in the upcoming weeks.

Discover the Keys to Your Clairvoyance with Archangel Raziel.

In the angel world, Archangel Raziel is THE angel of higher perspective, clairvoyance, and a divine messenger. His credentials are extensive. He holds the keys of esoteric wisdom and mysteries. He is the keeper of the Hall of Akashics with Metatron. And he holds the most exquisite energy—that of the rainbow ray. So he is a magnificent angel to connect with. He often appears as a wise sage with a long white beard and twinkly blue eyes, like the ultimate Merlin. His wings can be both white and an incredible rainbow hue. Sometimes he shows up as a rainbow itself. If you have received or studied Reiki or Rainbow Energy Healing, you have felt his vibration. He tends to function as an overseer or supervisor with the archangels. He is truly a teacher of teachers. And he holds the keys to all esoteric knowledge and, in my experience, sits the closest to our creator. But don’t be intimidated by his wisdom, as he is incredibly warm and reassuring to connect with. He also conveys a lovely sense of humour. So don’t hesitate to call on him for information or encouragement. And when he wants to work with you, he can be gently persistent in a way you just can’t ignore! If you want a confirmation or a sign from Raziel, just ask for a sign and be open to seeing a rainbow. Another way to connect with him, is to hold a clear quartz crystal and look inside with a soft gaze. You may rewarded with a clairvoyant rainbow itself.

And when you see a rainbow from Raziel, whether it is in the sky, reflected in a mirror, dancing in the light a crystal, a still painted image, an energetic rainbow seen in your peripheral vision, or even just the word rainbow written on a piece of paper, spend time appreciating it. Know that you as you do, blessings will follow, as you are spending time with Raziel, God’s divine messenger. And that is divine time itself.