We Are Special Together.

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4878556_sAlways remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

~ Margaret Mead


You are special.


Yes YOU. Yes you are. Ok. Maybe I can’t twist your arm until you admit it or tickle a confession of you. But, seriously, admit it. I know deep down under all of those layers of resistance and denial, there is an inner knowingness, a spark that, however tiny, flickers and grows as you read this.


I was messaging with two good friends online–both bright and caring souls–in the process of setting up their own businesses. They had recently been taking major steps to bring their visions into the world. I congratulated Jane, who has a busy job and teenagers, on how she was doing an amazing job prioritizing.


“I don’t think I’m anything special,” Jane typed in response. I blinked, surprised. “It’s not like I do either,” Sue, who had just launched a gorgeous new website, seconded. I stared with disbelief at their words on my screen and then sighed so loudly it ended in a wail.


Then I typed, “Well, I am something special and I know it. And here’s something else I know. You are too!”


And I meant it.


Before you scowl and give yourself frown lines bordering on furrows, let me explain.


This is a different kind of special.


Not the I am better than you special. That special stems from a place of ego, of comparing. This creates the feeling of more-than or less-than, and that throws you out of balance and it all goes down hill from there. Instead, it is the, I am special and SO are YOU special.


How is that possible?


We are both unique expressions of the divine, part of the same source, equally gifted. We both have a life’s purpose. Some of us have tapped into those gifts through a combination of hard work, synchronicity, and verve and are in a more forward state of manifesting. But that in no way squeezes anyone out from finding their own personal vision. Conversely, when express your unique value, you encourage each person to find his or her divine spark, and to own it.


Making a transition and “coming out of the closet” can sometimes be fraught with anxiety. Sometimes we take a step forward, only to take a few panicked leaps back. I call it the inimical dance of the ego. The Yes I Can–No I Can’t Dance. As a Light Worker with my own business, I am the first to admit that I still spend periods of time hovering in this state.


In the case of my two friends, both ARE special and talented. But both are in the process of expressing their unique gifts, which can be challenging in the best sense. Both were confusing knowing and expressing your inherent worth with projecting ego into the world. And we so often confuse being in a state of power-with, with being egotistical.


But when we claim our power, we step into the flow and inspire others to do the same. This is Inclusive Specialness. INclusive. This is you finding yourself and not being afraid to share it. And that is as special as it gets. Because what the world deserves more of is: You and Me, together.


 How to Reset Your “Self Worth Meter” When It is Running On “E”:


  1. Spend your time around people who make you feel good. This is important. If someone talks down to you or only talks about themselves. It’s time to move on. It doesn’t mean they don’t call you on any self-destructive behaviours. But find friends who support what gives you joy.

  2. Watch your words. Say only nice things about yourself to others and to yourself. Self-slander is a ticket to low self-esteem. If you fight with this one or don’t agree, then really watch your words. You can even enlist the help of your feel good friends to keep you on task.

  3. Find time In Between. Find YOU time, down time, time for self-care. It’s in these moments that we restart our guidance systems, that we find the part of ourselves we might have buried under doubt or derision. Unscheduled time without an agenda is the place to rediscover you and fan the flames of inspiration.

May you stand in your power and embrace your unique expression on this Earth! And Sue and Jane, if you are reading this, know that you inspire me with each step.