Want to Get Twin Flame Right? Here’s Why You Never Will….

It all begins with two epic words: twin flame.  These words less than defining a connection, pull you into something that defies gravity, breaks open your limitations, and at times, even challenges your sanity. It is at its core a spiritual journey that takes you into your core and expands your soul.

At a certain point you may give up on labels and you may even set aside the label twin flame. Because like all words, it is our way to attempt to explain, but in this case it is an attempt to explain a transcendent experience that at a certain point contains it.

There is more and more written, discussed, rehashed to the point that it is almost derivative. So take what resonates and if this doesn’t, feel free to move on. And the label itself may become a shackle where you feel other people imposing their limitations on you.

So, insert spiritual journey for twin flame journey and you are on the right track.

Your twin flame connection is real, as real as you. But it is also yours. Your path. You, and your twin flame connection are unique. A unique blue print. So, as much as we want rules and a how to guide, consider that this is the connection that breaks all rules, that redefines love, so that you can step into the enormity of unconditional love and feel right at home.

So take a breath and let the expectations go and wish your inner perfectionist bon voyage if you haven’t all ready. The earth plane is a school that teaches through experience and as an advanced soul you wanted to be of service and literally offered your services. But once here the intangible pull of free will is so interesting, rich, and complex that you and your beloved have been tested and those tests and this experience of being an advanced soul, a spiritual being in an earthly body, takes practice.

There is no right way to get there, there is just your way.

Give yourself a break, and admit, while you have made mistakes, you have also made incredible choices that have become leaps of faith into love. You have grown and at each step you have achieved a new level of mastery.

Your twin flame blueprint is unique. And your higher self truly has the answers. But sometimes that connection can get lost in the translation of higher dimensional love into our earthly existence. It can show up in layers slowly, or suddenly. But once you become conscious of your divine life purpose and mission, so much help shows up. So don’t be afraid to call in your angel team to help you connect with your higher self. Angels are all about empowerment, which means empowering you, and then stepping back and letting you have at it.

This process has peaks and valleys until it smooths out into a tapestry of bliss. Sometimes that may feel wonderful and sometimes you may feel like you are teetering on the edge of your sanity.

If you have read my work before, I do love to make lists because they trigger us to get clear and to make more and labels are helpful until we transcend them.

So here is a list of five practices that will help you get the most of your twin flame experience and to stay Twin Flame Sane.

I love the word practice because as I mentioned before being perfect is a way to get stuck, stuck up, and hung up on creating an unattainable fantasy that you can never fulfill and actually takes you further away from yourself, your twin flame, and your union and your soul. These practices are also a way to connect to you to your spiritual practice which is ultimately the key to unlocking your twin flame experience.

5 Practices to Help You Stay Twin Flame Sane and Invite in Soul Stability

  1. Practice Love as Neutrality. Love just is. It doesn’t need anything. It is a calm and peaceful state. This is where you feel love as a state, your zero point, and just let it flow. It creates equilibrium and balance. This not transactional love. It is not coveting love, needing love, or giving love to get it back. This practice is powerful because it opens the gateway to unconditional love. I find loving kindness meditation and and focusing on the base of the heart can create this state. Just sitting in the field of love that is your heart connected to the cosmic heart is wonderful. There are many ways to find this state, but often, it finds you. When in this state it feels like bliss in balance with you.
  2. Practice Self Forgiveness. One of the biggest blocks to twin flame union is blame. If you can hold blame for someone else, it is also in you. Blame is toxic period. So forget about your twin for now and them being your mirror now. Yes they are your mirror but why not start with you? So instead, go deep into forgiving yourself regularly and often for missteps and everything else.  Self Forgiveness takes you into self acceptance which is magic and everyone you know feels this, especially your twin. Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness, is simple and incredibly effective. But again chose the practice that most resonates with you.
  3. Practice Allowing. If your twin flame knocked on your door right now, would you let them in or would something else prevent you? Fear, uncertainty, unworthiness, protectiveness held in your unconscious are something emotional barriers that may get in the way. But they are knocking on the door of your soul continually. So practice allowing love in to you in all the ways it presents itself. Clear your emotional body and you clear those barriers. Allowing creates flow and flow creates momentum. Short amounts of self healing with your modality of choice is so helpful here.
  4. Practice Being Now. Are you stuck in the past? Our twin flame triggers us to the point that sometimes we freeze in the past and stay there. Release the past, heal the trigger, and let yourself be in the present. Let go of old versions of you and your twin flame. Truth is a bridge to being present. Denial stems from distortion or mistruth. So be truthful about your feelings and find people who support truthful communication.
  5. Practice Loving Your Incompleteness. If you are whole and complete, that’s awesome. But if you aren’t…love all of those bits, crevices, and flaws and you will discover that the whole you is already in you. Stop comparing period. That is magnetic and transcendent. This helps you release those shackles that may have served you once but have been keeping you small. You are here to rise, to descend, and to feel the love of your Younion within and without. And you are a little piece of heaven on earth.

Enjoy your heaven on earth!