Twin Flame Facts to Know Right Now

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The term twin flame is out there with a vengeance, so if you are confused, don’t let the fact that you are confused, add to your confusion but know that it is quite normal.

Lists are practical and helpful, especially if you are being stretched and challenged on your ascension journey. Because we are continually evolving, here is a list of twin flame facts to know right now to gain clarity and grounding.

  1. Your Twin Flame journey requires flexibility, not rigidity. Two words: Free Will. Whether you are together with your twin flame in relationship or not, the twin flame journey requires you to embrace your spiritual essence on the earth. Your twin flame journey is a dance between two people with one soul consciousness here to explore free will and that means, expect the unexpected at times. Your twin flame will challenge you and you will be triggered deeply, until you let go of the limitations of how, when, and the nature of love itself. Much is written about fixed stages on your twin flame journey, but many twin flames are on an accelerated path, here to create new possibility and an expression of unconditional love. We can also never force an outcome, so if you are feeling stuck, start stretching and limbering up your soul. You chose to come here to experience the blessing of free will and the gift of love as freedom. When you honour love as a gift, it is truly magical when you share it with another because it comes from a place of choice and when unions come together from this place it is incredible.
  2. There is no one formula to union. Your union is unique, so be open to exploring the journey as a healing journey. If someone is offering information that doesn’t resonate or projecting negativity onto you, walk away.
  3. Your twin flame awakening is real. If you were doubting, questioning or second-guessing, this is a confirmation. Breath a sigh of relief if you were holding your breath. The twin flame experience is an awakening of your soul. And that can feel like bliss wrapped in love. It can bring in a flurry of forgotten gifts and heightened awareness. But as an experience, it is meant to be a catalyst to activate your growth, and growth can bring up a lot of stuck, sticky, and unpleasant emotional baggage to clear. So now that you know it is real, it’s time to focus on your inner work.
  4. Your twin flame union is not a relationship but IS a spiritual and energetic experience. You are energy. So is your soul. Your soul is unlimited. So is the twin flame energy. Sometimes, in our eagerness to be of service, we take on so many challenges. As twin flames, you are volunteer souls and volunteers often take on the toughest work. You may have created an ambitious life plan to be of service with the goal of success.  But once here you pass through the veil of amnesia, forget who you are, and it can be tough. So you fall into overwhelm and sometimes one twin may opt-out of the ‘union plan.’  While you come with a general plan, there is always free will. Remember that as the blessing I mentioned in point 1? Ah, free will. LOL If for some reason your twin flame can’t meet you in the form you intended, you CAN release any soul bindings or contracts from a place of love and compassion. When this happens, it is always handled by our higher selves. This happens IF you have done your self-healing work, let go of past timelines, and as you are ready to both forgive and release your twin flame with love, gratitude, and compassion. Your twin flame’s higher self is always available as a guide and at this point, another partner may present him or herself. It is never a disappointment. And at this point, it is possible for the twin flame energy to ‘walk-in’ to the next partner or an existing partner.
  5. Twin Flame Union is about embracing your Divine Life Purpose or Mission. If you are a twin flame, you are here to be of service. As much as you may want the love and intimacy, the actual focus of twin flame connections is mission. Second wave and later twin flames have a shared purpose, they often have a shared or complementary profession or go through a career change after they go through the heart activation. Yes, the love is incredible and holds the vibration of bliss but mission is a gateway for it to continue. If your only focus is love and relationship, you may want a soul mate.
  6. Your Twin Flame Journey is an inner journey. I know you have heard this before and you may be rolling your eyes right now. But if you are, then this really applies to you. Your twin flame brings up everything that was hidden. So you can experience a dark night or many dark nights of the soul in this experience. But s/he will never do your healing work for you. At this point in time, we are going through a period of deep inner work. It’s a time to harmonize your inner aspects and clear blockages. So whatever lights up your soul is essential, including embracing your spiritual practice, meditation, energy healing, and holistic health. If you do not embrace your inner journey you will most likely experience a period of ‘separation’ even if you are in relationship with your twin flame to do the inner work you have been putting off.
  7. You are on an accelerated path. The twin flame path is a fast track to Ascension. So shifts and transformation can happen quickly. So do clear self-doubt, confusion, and be willing to let go of limiting beliefs about relationships. Your pace of growth can mean a lot all at once, so finding your soul pod can be so helpful. So set the intention to call in your soul group or the group who matches your soul vibration. This can make a huge difference.
  8. Courage is a Requirement. This journey requires courage. The courage to take risks, to take new steps, to trust yourself, to step into your soul awareness. As an inner journey, there is almost always a test or a challenge presented to overcome. Sometimes these challenges can trigger past life trauma and fear. Like a mirror, your twin flame will most likely mirror that trauma right back to you. So finding those souls who support and celebrate your steps is so helpful. Clearing blocks to your higher self is key. If you are stuck, it may be that you have missed repeated attempts of encouragement to take action. Do connect with your angels, guides, and mentors who see and encourage you to shine and go bigger on your path.
  9. Your Twin Flame Journey is about Empowerment. Setting healthy boundaries, calling your power back, honoring yourself are all a part of this process. If it honours your soul, it honours your union. If you are compromising yourself, engaging in obsessive behaviour or tolerating abuse, you are not on a twin flame journey. If the person prompting this behaviour is a twin flame, it is actually more important to respect yourself and to treat yourself with compassion because you are direct mirrors and so your twin flame feels this and internalizes how you are treating yourself. Or simply put, treating yourself with respect improves how you both feel even if it doesn’t give you short term results. And if things become very toxic, it may not be a twin flame connection.
  10. You are a Transformer. Twin flames have a shared purpose of transforming limiting beliefs about the nature of love. So, if your union is having issues translating into fulfilling a relationship, your relationship may need to take a different configuration. Many twins being born in the fourth wave are not romantic in nature and while they may connect energetically in love on their missions, they may call in different life partners. So be open to what you are co-creating with your twin flame.
  11. Slowly or All At Once the Labels Let Go.  Do you let go of the labels or do they let go of you? Not sure. But this is ascension. As you progress on this path, the labels at some point become unimportant. Yes, you are on a twin flame journey but at some point that becomes a gateway that is both expansive and inclusive because we are here to hold a vibration that is an invitation. You own inner twin flame light shines and flows within and without. This is love perfectly merged with light. You know that you have learned and grown from all of your experiences and you embrace the love that IS and it really doesn’t have a label. You embrace all of your attempts to love and be loved as part of your soul landscape and you simply are love. Your soul pod or soul group shows up over time and you learn to co-create as one and to embrace our golden earth. And whether you are in a conventional relationship, a new expression of relationship, or moving forward on your own, you are not alone, and you are at peace. And the love you feel simply flows. You live from the heart and that is ascension. Doesn’t that sound like heaven on earth?