Swimming through doubt? Lesser Known Twin Flame Signs

Are you having trouble coping with the whole concept of being a twin? Do you believe you are a twin but are also in doubt, confusion, and, at times, dismay?  Has this led to fear and overwhelm? How is it even possible, you wonder, for someone who is your soul match to show up in another body and to both expand and twist your heart to shreds, sometimes within the space of moments? Sometimes the answers aren’t readily available because we are not asking the right questions. Each question has its own vibration and so it may be time to raise the vibration of those questions. But what are the right questions? you ask. Well, the question in a lot of cases isn’t “Am I a twin?” or “Am I wrong about being a twin?” While no one can ever say this is or isn’t your twin as it is an inwards journey of discovery, I do like to remind you that if you think someone may be your twin, rather than spending time questioning and doubting, why not spend time exploring the possibility he or she IS from a place of integrity and compassion?

The twin flame connection is energetic first and foremost and if you are a twin with your twin here on earth, a lot had to happen for you to connect in the same time and place, so you are here for a broader purpose. Yes, to love each other in whatever way you were meant to. But also to be of service on a global scale. For some people, this means full romantic union as a part of it and for other pioneers, it means a new earth mission based union with other romantic partners. So as we evolve on our ascension paths, the types of unions that show up are different than ever before. If you are a pioneer you could feel like you are up against a wall of resistance and confusion. I always like to remind people that confusion is a part of growth, and as you do your self-work, which may include any mix of energy healing, holistic care, and counseling, and allow yourself to receive, resistance melts and the confusion clears.

Some more productive higher vibe questions to ask are: “How do I do my own work to honor myself and my twin connection? How do I align myself to co-create my mission with this twin energy?” So to get you back in the divine flow,  here is a list of some lesser known twin signs I see quite commonly but can be quite affirming. Of course, these signs are not the only indicators of a twin flame union in progress but they may restore your ocean clarity.


  1. Moodiness and sensitivity that sky rockets. Touchy. Testy. You need so much alone time and other people notice. Even the most zen souls become temperamental at times when interacting with a twin. Please know, your twin is your mirror not your rescuer. It is an energetic connection that transcends lifetimes, limitations, and doesn’t always fit into our existing model of relationships with ease. It challenges us deeply because twins trigger each other all over the place. When you are feeling shame you look to your twin to hold the vibration of acceptance but instead he or she is mirroring shame or amplifying it. Shame is a powerful vibration. Whoever is holding the strongest and most consistent vibration tends to be what is mirrored. So, ultimately, you need to do the work to consciously shift this vibration within YOU. If you can consciously hold a high vibration your twin will be compelled to do the work to mirror that vibration also. But this takes time and effort and, not giving your power away to your twin, so sometimes, separation is necessary to evolve. But don’t underestimate yourself or your twin on this path of growth because once connections are made at a deep level growth can be lightning quick.
  2. Sitting on different levels (from Kylie McIntee of the Naked Truth) I love this one! When you are with your twin one of you may be compelled to sit on the floor by the other’s feet. This seems weird but feels amazing because one twin is actually grounding the other. One twin tends to reach up and gather energy or be electric and the other is the grounder or the magnetic. This can switch as we evolve and is meant to be more fluid. However, if you are way way up in the clouds, your twin may sit beside you on the ground for no clear reason. It feels so right because you are functioning together to bring through light and hold it. So incredible symmetry flows from this place. This is an exploration of your shared third energy which can be wonderful because your shared energy field is healing to yourselves and others.
  3. Bizarre food cravings, disgust with foods you like, and changes in eating patterns. Very odd tastes in your mouth happen, even though you haven’t consumed anything related to the taste. This is an expression of clairgustance where your psychic taste senses link with your twins and you can taste what the other is eating. You can also feel his or her response to what you are consuming. It’s a sign that your energies may be very merged which can happen in the dream state, in particular. So you may notice this in the morning or after a nap. Calling your own energy back in a loving way and clearing emeshment can be really helpful here. Please don’t rip out healthy energetic cords or cut apart chakras or get overzealously reactive. This doesn’t happen for everyone. But when it does it is very interesting! Be gentle but firm and set a boundary. But know that energy flowing between you is a positive. It is what is meant to happen. If you find too much overlap with your energies consult an energy healer who is twin sensitive to help clear entanglement.
  4. Digestive issues, still another expression of linked clairsentience and overall telepathy. Your solar plexus may flip or flop or hurt in response to what your twin is experiencing. Asking for this to be cleared and not attaching to the sensation if you believe it isn’t yours can help the symptoms subside. Don’t fall into fear and questioning, simply just acknowledge and let it go.
  5. Hot flashes, heart palpitations, and anxiety or an incredibly active pain body. Yet another response to your third energy connection. Often these occur close to your heart awakening or the initial twin flame awakening. Sometimes this happens in phases. The anxiety can be ongoing because your twin requires you to relinquish the illusion of control. How can you control your life when you have just met your closest counterpart? You can’t….so it really becomes about a spiritual journey of moving into a state of divine surrender. Meditation is so very helpful here to allow you to process and release those old template belief systems about control and to bring your inner masculine and feminine into internal balance. Practicing touch and go with your twin, where you meet for short periods of time and then take time apart when you move into overwhelm can be one way to manage this. And when your hearts connect it is exquisite and worth all of the above.
  6. Intense self-judgement and self-sabotage. Sometimes you are in relationship with another when you bump into your twin and are shocked by this meeting. Truly this was a planned meeting from my perspective, but you just forgot it when you arrived in your new born state and took on the veil of amnesia. Sometimes we need to have another marriage or partnership to prepare us and help us do the healing we need to. These feelings and the magnetic pull can bring up, guilt, shame and a whole basket of darker emotions. Your ‘inner judge’ aspect can be highly activated depending on your belief system and can express as self-destructive behaviour.  Nothing good comes from self-punishment, so give yourself a break. Twins are here to break down barriers and hold a vibration of love that is unconditional but it really does begin with you loving you first and foremost. Take the pressure off, you can take as much time as you need to come to terms with your twin connection. And while many twin connections evolve into satisfying in person unions, yours may be unique. Give yourself permission to not be perfect. The fact you met your twin puts you through intense spiritual growth but there are incredible riches available as a result of this growth. The twin flame experience expands your heart and opens your mind to both allow love in and to hold a vibration of the purest love. And you are here to be of service and your twin takes your service work to the highest level over time.
  7. Attraction/Repulsion or Flipping Polarity. The attraction that pulls you together is irresistible but the repulsion feels like crap and sends you into opposite corners. You feel wonderful, then your twin says one tiny thing and it sends you into a state of disgust and intolerance and sometimes you have no idea why. Noticing when you are triggered or in a state of “opposites” or polarity and incorporating EMF or tapping can be soooo helpful here to moving out of a state of polarization and using inner child healing can be so very transformative. Past life healing can be profound once you identify the trigger as twin flames are old souls and healers at a collective level. Doing your own work to move into a state of compassion is key. Don’t give up on this process because it is transformative. Also realizing that your words are powerful with your twin. One kind word can help him or her shift into self love which feels wonderful all around. Your twin feels all of this but may misinterpret the reasons and may even blame you at times. If you know better then do better. Your twin will catch up.
  8. A dark dark night of the soul. This is moodiness taken to a new level. This is a dark night usually tipped off by separation that stretches into a wasteland of pain. There’s no easy way up out of this but it is incredibly transformative. It is about taking meaningful small steps and finding the right support, the support that works with your twin flame connection and not against it. You aren’t wrong. You aren’t alone. But you are a wayshower and knowing this and remembering it can be so very helpful. Recognizing if you are in a soul depression as a result of rejecting or abandoning your twin connection can be very helpful. In truth, whether, in physical union or in separation you are always connected at the higher levels so honoring the twin journey and moving out of denial can help you shift more quickly. Finding other high vibe souls can make a world of difference. Finding a meaningful spiritual practice can make worlds of difference. Once again, your twin may blame you as the catalyst and in a way you are. But once through the experience, he or she will see that they were always working there way towards you. And if you fall into a dark night, ask for help from God/Source and find someone who has been through it. There is no set map but there are always other twin pioneers. Move into that state of surrender and be open to receiving help from the highest. A dark night is telling us what isn’t working. Often it requires removing blinders and clearing blocks. But when we do, the light pours in again and we know we were never alone. 
  9. Addictions. Often one twin has an addiction of some kind. It often stems from childhood but it is also a coping mechanism for the intensity of the feelings the twin flame connection dredges up. Getting professional support for the addiction is pivotal as well as following up with energy healing such as Rainbow Energy Healing.
  10. Texting Blow Ups. Texting is disastrous. I mean it. Try to make your interactions as personal as possible (in person or on the phone is better). Your fingers itch to talk to your twin. And it’s convenient. Often twins can be in two different geographical locations. But seriously it is 50/50 hit or miss. Because twins’ emotions can be heightened, there is so much room for misinterpretation and miscommunication. You really care what you twin thinks and feels. But it is important to be in balance when you reach out. If you want to communicate through text make sure you are not sending out hooks from a state of neediness…often the divine masculine will simply not respond and then…things go down hill. Ask, do I need a response? If you do, don’t text.  If you are taking a risk emotionally that can be great, but don’t do it through text. And if you feel wounded from a lack of a response or an insensitive response, have a conversation heart to heart with your twins higher self. Ask “What state was my twin in?” And tap into your telepathy that sense of knowing and feeling, before you send.
  11. Always being in conversation with your twin. You are always connected and the more you understand this the less it actually makes sense to try to disconnect. My perspective is that you each have your own higher self not one shared higher self. However, your higher selves are very connected. Your twin’s higher is like a guide and wants the best for you and is listening and functions as a part of your highest intuition. Your twin’s higher self encapsulates all of his/her gifts and higher wisdom accumulated over lifetimes. So try talking out a problem with your twin’s higher self and you may notice incredible insights and new understanding. This connection is powerful. There is a powerful bridge of light that flows between you. 
  12. No Dreams. We often talk about how twins experience vivid astral dreams and travel. But it is important to note that a sizeable group of twins do not remember their dreams. Usually, this is because the twin is in overwhelm in his or her day to day life and needs stillness in the sleep state. Or it can also be that the twin has a block about the twin connection. He or she will have deja vu moments over time as they become more receptive. And often the other twin experiences a significant dream recall that can be shared with the twin when the dreamless one is ready.
  13. Energy healing from your twin feels AMAZING. If and only IF you have permission doing an energy session on your twin, such as Rainbow Energy Healing can be profoundly helpful to all of the above issues.
  14. Bliss. They say one person is not another person’s source of bliss and while that is true…twins are light holders of it. Enjoy it sans guilt. It is what you are here for: to hold the vibration of bliss, to become it, and to encourage all others to discover it.

Love and Namaste,