Stressed? Meet the Tranquility Angel

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When my husband Peter and I signed the lease on our new wellness and yoga center, I knew angels would lead the way. I was so elated that I would finally get the opportunity to invite in angels to infuse their light into a location. I saw that they would create a haven– a portal or a waterfall of divine light that people could return to again and again and that in the process they would surround people in their unique tapestry of light, the mirror that would inspire and uplift them. And they would become more aware that they were always in the presence of angels and this would remind them of their angel own natures.  And the beauty of it was that it would have very little to do with me.

But then I realized I was stepping into the unknown, way out of my comfort zone, and as a mom to a fabulous 14 year old, I began to panic. The location had called to me but the building itself needed lots of renovations. How would I come up with the time to get everything done? I was already busy. To be a balanced mom and run a new center created from scratch seemed daunting. How would I make the best decisions?

So, I took a breath. And thought, first things first. What should I call this new space. And then I heard a wonderful, whispery familiar voice say,  “Tranquility.”  Tranquility comes from Archangel Cassiel the tranquility angel and tranquility is exactly what I needed. And, of course, the solution was contained in the word. As it was to invite in tranquility and give the how up to the universe.

I first met Archangel Cassiel after I taught a new yoga class, my first angel healing yoga class a few years ago. It was a class combining angels, yoga, and rainbow energy. It was a new concept that had come to me on a wave of inspiration. But I had no idea what I was doing. While people showed up and it seemed to go well overall, I found I was incredibly self-critical after. In fact, my inner critic woke me up in the middle of the night urging that I hadn’t done my best and I could have done things better if I had done them differently. I began to wonder, had I honored the angels I so love to work with? Had I overstepped by trying something new? That state at 3 o’clock in the morning when your mind churns the day over and over, may be familiar to you as well? I was over-tired and had a full day the next day, so in a moment of desperation, I prayed.

“Heavenly Source and Angels, PLEASE give me a sign of support and encouragement that I am on the right path. Please let me know my yoga class honored God and was of service to the people who attended. Thank-you!”

I, then, began to drift off to sleep, but to my surprise, I noticed the most exquisite watery light descending from the ceiling. It was an incredible interwoven mix of pink, green, and gold. Unlike anything I had seen, it undulated like waves but it rippled and descended upon me and through me, like an incredible silky net. It was liquid love. I was enveloped in a magical fusion of calm and comfort. I watched and experienced this energy. It was feminine and so lovely as it wove through the room. I was transfixed and profoundly calm at the same time. It was my first encounter with Archangel Cassiel, one of the ascension angels. Very mermaid like, she holds energy of the divine feminine, the feminine as powerful and serene.

What I understood was:

  1. Whenever you take a risk on your path and your path is aligned with the path of service, angels do everything to support and encourage you. For me, this support often shows up palpably after the event has taken place when I am receptive to receiving. Angels will often provide you with a gift or a generous pat on the back and, for me, it is often a gift of energy.
  2. We are all here to take leaps of faith and when you take those leaps you are, at times, given wings.
  3. Angels never judge and when you ask for help they will respond. But if we are up-tight,  stressed, and emotionally shut down we may miss the angel help.
  4. Tranquility is not only pleasant but is the most optimal state to be in, so don’t be afraid to call it in!

Archangel Cassiel is the angel to call on when you are way outside of your comfort zone, in anxiety, doubt or your inner critic is in overdrive and calm is no where to be found. To doubt is human, so rather than beat yourself up, send your request for help up to divine source. Transition can bring up so much. Transition is a great opportunity. And angels have the most incredible compassion for us on our human journey. But they often bolster us up when we need the support and vision to keep going. Archangel Cassiel also is a twin flame to Christiel, the Christ Light angel, who holds the highest vibration of Christ Light. Her watery feminine energy shows up as colorful nets of light or aqua nets that clear and soothe. They change to be the color and form the most stunning visual patterns. And don’t worry if you don’t see her energy because you will feel it. Because we contain so much water in our bodies this energy can light up our cells from the inside out. And the result is a theta state that is supremely tranquil. And her light will swirl with Christiel’s golden light to produce the most exquisite golden waves of light or tranquility waves. To experience this synergy is to fall into the smoothness of the divine, to be cocooned gossamer sunlight threads, and emerge renewed on the crest of a golden wave.

Don’t hesitate to call on her by name when you are faced with a deadline, a wall of stress, or surmounting self-criticism. She will infuse you with tranquility that is an incredible mixture of joy, peace, and bliss to invite in your highest outcome.

“God, Divine Source, and Archangel Cassiel, please lift away my burdens, self-criticism, and stress. I am feeling so out of my comfort zone with (fill in the situation). Give me comfort, support, and tranquility in these times of change. Help me not to get stuck in the past but instead help me to feel supported and surrounded in loving care and inspiration as I move forward into the new. Please bring me signs, people, and angels to help me know all is well. Amen.”

Back to all of the decisions…so as my heart began to race and I began to realize all the decisions I had to make, I remembered that Cassiel was with me and so was tranquility. And that the purest angel infused tranquility was the energy I needed to help me create the space I was meant to. The universe had connected me with two incredible earth angels, a talented building contractor and a generous yoga studio owner for advice. There was so much I didn’t know. There was so much to learn. Sometimes I would make mistakes. Sometimes I would change my mind. But it was all ok.

I had angels all around me. And so do you.

With love and tranquility,