Life Is Better When You Step Out of the Box

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8171036_sIf you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you. Louise Hay


It doesn’t matter if you crawl out, climb out, or a door flies open and you burst out. Stop for moment. Just admit: It’s time to come out of the box.


Have you felt it? Other people’s limiting beliefs and the way they impose them? If you are like me, highly empathic, you feel it all the time. The comparing, the assessing, the containing. Those four walls people try to build around others and at times, You. And if you are creative or sensitive and not born in a cookie cutter mold, this can happen a lot.


Growing up, I was well aware of this but really had no idea what to do. “You are just not good at… Math, Spelling, Soccer.” (You fill in the blank) used to bug me. And then one day a light bulb burst over my head. I realized that it revealed more about them and their state of mind. Because boxing someone else in is mutually confining. If you create a divider, or an impass it means you also do it to yourself. And that is self-limitation at its core


For many years, I would capitulate. I recognized this struggle in others and wanted to help. I knew it was a fear reaction based on their own sense of precariousness, their own lack of direction or self-worth. Life isn’t always a cake walk and a testing experience or two can leave you reeling and in need of control.

And how best to control a situation? Yep. Start building boxes. But the problem is this leaves you in a warehouse full of boxes. And that’s a sad picture.


So why can’t you just break the trapped person out? Sometimes those cardboard walls are thick and people can’t or don’t want to hear you pointing out the door, the exit. Some people get comfortable and start to like their boxes. And fix them up a bit. And they are trapped indefinitely. I grew to understand, that thing you just can’t do, no matter what, is box yourself in. The difference is key. Because when someone limits you that’s on them, but if you believe those limits then it’s on you. And suddenly those limits become true.  And you are stuck inside a box. And that is way too cozy for comfort, fast becoming claustraphobic and now YOU need help freeing yourself.


What do you do, short of finding a box cutter conveniently stashed in your pocket when you find yourself stuck in a limitation? Well, awareness is Power. And that can help you shut down the person working so hard to shut you in. And that is a gift to everyone. Being aware that you don’t have to agree, when people tell you what you are or aren’t,  is pivotal.


So, when people speak negatively, be firm. You don’t have to be rude but there is no reason in the world to give in. It’s harder if the person is someone you respect or admire. And it can seem harmless at times. For example, when a coworker says, “You sure are a little slow this morning aren’t you?” It’s an invitation for you to box yourself in. While this seems innocuous enough, it is a starting point for the wrong energy to escalate. The next thing you know, the joke continues from, “You just aren’t the brightest in the morning to, you just aren’t bright.” And before you know it other coworkers adopt this mentality and your dim wittedness is a joke around the water cooler. (Yes, these coworkers sound a little nasty in this example. But let’s just go with it.)


Instead of saying “Yes.” You can say, “I am tired but I am ready to go.” Or  “I was born smart.” And those words are a deflection, a verbal shield. And you are still free as a bird.


But there are words and then there is the energy behind the words. Putting up an energetic shield is a wonderful way to counter the negative thoughts. As a Lightworker, I work with angels. Michael Archangel is the master of protection. Ask him to surround you in purple blue. This bounces back negative energy, sending it right back with a positive spin. Angels are always ready and willing to help. Archangel Metatron also uses purple grid like energy to protect which is wonderful with negative thought forms. Because when people are hurting they are often lacking the awareness to be gentle with others. But not letting people spread their negativity is a kindness to all involved.


A healthy routine or way to detox is invaluable. Yoga, running, meditation, energy work, are all important for your balance. And when you are well balanced you pick up on these cues from others. And the boxes can be left for Ikea.


So don’t give in. Stand your ground and enjoy the view: The freedom of being you without limitation. Know that when you do, you encourage each person to step out of the box and stay out. And that is a beautiful sight.


Let’s Break Down those Boxes,