Sleeper Twins Awaken! Are you ready for Soul Relief?

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If you follow twin flames and twin flame teachers, you may have heard them announce that sleeper twins are awakening at various points over the past few years. I have generally avoided this.

Until Now.

As we move through the turbulence of 2021 what it yields is powerful transformation. And you may have been witnessing this first hand as a mass global awakening as many souls have gone through sudden shifts and shocks. You may have felt shaken as all of your broken pieces floated to the surface with the intensity of light pouring in and you may have felt that incredible sweet slow burn of love tattooing your soul and pulling you higher and taking you deeper.

You may have been guided to slow down, speed up, and make big and small changes to take new direction on your life purpose.

If so you are right on track.

For some, your twin flame may have met you here and and made changes to join you on your mission more deeply. If you are in this group you are moving into a deeper union and anchoring in love. If this is is feeling like work, know that we are moving towards greater harmony and ease in the next few months.

For others, you may have noticed your twin flame shutting down and sinking into a dark night of the soul or an even deeper, danker dark night of the soul.

If this was the case, you may have surrendered control and moved into self acceptance and embraced your own path and soul mission.

But now a particular group of twin flames. The group that we sometimes refer to as the ‘sleeper’ twin flames. The twin flames who have most persistently and repeatedly shut down the connection and their own awakening, who have steadfastly kept their eyes closed and held onto denial and resisted change at every step are AWAKENING.

Why now? you may ask if you are connected to sleeper twin from a place of sheer exhaustion.

And the response from the universe is: Why not now? The momentum is building. The magnetic pull of love is winning the day and the DIScomfort of maintaining the status quo is dissolving in the promise of SOUL RELIEF which means SOUL REUNION.

You can reference astrology or group dynamics triggering this massive growth. There are many explanations and pick what resonates. But the light is simply too bright and it IS happening. There is a quickening and slowing down, an ascension and a descension, we are both shedding limitation and stepping into new expansivity.

Astrologically we are moving through a new moon in Aries and prepping for super moon season staring in May. Right now you may feel any or all of Mars squaring Neptune rating up the intensity and love centered Venus conjuncts powerful Eris and sextiles Jupiter for inner and outer transformation in love.

If you twin flame is a ‘sleeper twin’ they may have periods of coming close and opening one eye only to shut down the connection and dive in a long dark night of the soul. But whatever variation of twin awakening has been on the menu, now is the time they are called to step into the light.

What does that mean?

Recall that your journey is unique and so is your soul connection journey, so there is never one response to awakening and as souls we are really here to embrace love as freedom, so that involves letting go of all of your baggage, need to control, and limiting beliefs.

So before you jump into your car and rush to their location or roll your eyes and lock all your doors. Here are some suggestions to bring balance and harmony between you and your soul connection and and to optimize the experience.

Guidelines to Help an Awakening Sleeper Twin

  1. Stay on Track. The expression, You Do You, is overdone for a reason. But you honouring yourself and empowering your individual life path is a formula for everything good. It’s never at odd with your union path. So don’t change the formula now. If your twin is awakening, it’s because you have not been chasing, stewing, or losing yourself in the process. So stay grounded and let go of drama. Clear your triggers daily and embrace all of the beautiful threads of what is working.
  2. Open Your Heart Wider.  If you roll your eyes and tell me you have been doing so much self work already, then guess what? you still need to keep doing it. But now clear every part in you that is fearful, resistant, sceptical, cynical, critical and uncertain about feeling love for YOU and for EVERYONE around you. See love, feel love, and love exactly all of the people around you. This puts you in the flow.
  3. Find Gratitude. Gratitude is magic. It invites in miracles, transformation, and soul expansion. Gratitude is the key to living and loving with an open heart. If you can’t find gratitude, you may be in a dark night and that’s ok. Clear entrainment with your twin flame and find that strand of gratitude however small. Gratitude is your ticket to joy.
  4. Call Your Power Back. What does this mean? It means give yourself some credit for being an advanced soul and set a clear intention to stop giving your power away to teachers, to the internet, or to anyone who promises to fix you or do the work for you or tells you there are set stages or an equation for twin flame union. In particular, let go of the ‘runner chaser’ phase as a necessity. Your soul has everything it needs, including a blueprint to your union path. Call in your power to be a unique expression of the divine and you empower the uniqueness of your path and your union path. Call Your Power Back from old versions of you, call it back from you twin and that means letting go of the need to have your twin give you their power as well.
  5. Be truthful with Yourself. What is your truth in this moment? What does your soul want? Are you angry? Are you sad? Acknowledge your feelings. It is ok not to be happy or grateful in every moment. It is ok to feel disappointment or anger. Being honest creates a baseline, so you can feel and transform. Denial is the result of lies and this is a place that can trap you indefinitely.
  6. Be Compassionate to Your Twin. If your twin has been in a dark night, been shut down, blocked you, ghosted you, and fallen off the map, they have their reasons. They may be your twin but they also have an individual path and pupose and I guarantee that if you switched roles you might very well be in the same place. Nothing happens without compassion, not union that’s for sure.
  7. Let go of the Need to Control. Let go of fixation, of the need to force outcomes, or have your twin flame show up in any way to satisfy your ego. Letting go of control invites in so much more than you imagined.
  8. Know that the Universe is Your Mirror. The universe gives you what you believe you deserve. It matches your frequency. If you believe you are on the path to love and you surrender the need to control, guess what? That will be delivered. If you believe that you will perpetually be chasing a person who doesn’t return your affection. Ditto. But you are the transformer. You are the co-creator of your path and that is powerful.
  9. Believe You are Worthy. Feeling unworthy is one of the biggest blocks to union. Bask in, soak in, worthiness. Nothing you have done, said, or thought cancels that out. Your twin flame loves you and forgives you on a soul level, so forgive yourself for the misfires, the errors of judgement, and mistakes. Know that everything is a learning experience. But give that generosity to your twin as well.
  10. Ask Good Questions of Your Soul. Like, What changes do I need to make to love myself? How can I release limiting beliefs about union? Where do I need to grow to invite in more of my soul?
  11. Be Open to the Answers. Your higher self talks to you gently. Listen to that loving voice as that is the voice of your intuition. Be open to suggetions, to encouragement. Be open to more of your soul. Sometimes answers take a while. Patience is a part of growth. Your intuition rarely gives you set time lines, like you will be in union in six weeks. Your voice of intuition gives you suggestions and options and doesn’t limit you. Listen to your guides and your angels, as they are the voice of source intuition flowing to you.


Love and Harmony,