Shine Your Light in September with Sarasvati and Mary of Bethany

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Shine Your Light in September

Welcome to the first week of September and a month of new growth and soul filled development. I just love September, as it invites in the energy of golden abundance and fertility. It is a also a time of returned focus. Often after a summer of vacation and rest, there is the collective vibration of returning to school and work and becoming productive with a purpose. So it is a time of increased creativity and manifestation. When we align on our highest paths collectively, it is powerful. And we can sense the energies of 2020 flowing to us with joy.

Join us at Tranquility for classes and sessions of inspiration and empowerment. Goddess Inspiration is back in the studio as inspiring teacher Nina Menrai draws from the yogic tradition to share the grace and inspiration of Saravati, the Hindu Goddess of Creativity, in Illuminate the Goddess. If you are beginning or in the midst of a creative project, her unique energy will uplift you and encourage you to manifest your most expansive vision. I have often felt Saraswati lightly touch my third eye when I need a renewal of creativity and I find her sweetness encourages me to continue on when inspiration seems to have disappeared.

Another divine being who is shining her light powerfully right now is Mary of Bethany. Mary of Bethany began showing up in Golden Light Ascension Energy sessions over a year ago, often stepping directly out of Jesus and working along side of him. She calls herself the inner divine feminine expression of Jesus. She will often place a hand on a clients left shoulder  She shines her powerful and radiant white golden light healing a client’s divine feminine lineage.  She says she is here to empower the divine feminine of twin flame pairings to step into their power and to become the embodiment of purest light. To experience her presence it to be filled with the most wonderful melting white golden light and to feel yourself floating in a pool of peace and tranquility.

Mary of Bethany will infuse you with inner strength and the faith to be present. She is about flowing in the state of power with, bringing though the balance and harmony of the golden age. She is not about demonstrating or controlling power as represented by the old template energy of power over, which is presently being transmuted. Instead, she holds the balanced state of feminine flowing both inwards and outwards with her counterpart in perfect harmony. This is the divine feminine lit up by and supported by the masculine. She often brings though a twin flame chakra with Jesus that looks like beautiful golden white yin/yang symbol and will then place it in your heart. This brings your inner masculine and feminine into balance and begins to light up your golden light body. From this state, you will receive insights on changes to make to become your ascended, harmonious self, aligned with the divine creator. She helps you step onto the path of becoming your highest expression, that of purest love.

Love and Tranquility,