Remember Who You Are

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Only Connect~EM Forster

11411260_sThings are going from bad to worse.

I am in the hub of a group of people, feeling overwhelmed, pressed in by their demands on all sides. I am trying to release my nine year old son from summer camp. He has a sore throat and a fever. But there is a mix up. The counselor tells me they need a special form to let him go. But they are all out. And worse, they don’t know where I can get one. Then, a string of people interrupt, imploring me to help with their problems. “I can’t find my dog, help me now,” a woman insists. “I’m in a hurry!” a man shoves past me in line, as I struggle to speak with the counselor. I am besieged by the growing crowd and my turmoil escalates to full blown panic. It’s only a dream but it feels very real.

Just then, a woman in a white hat glides towards me. She effortlessly weaves through the people. Lightly touching my shoulder with a cool hand, she says serenely, “Remember who You are.” It is as though a switch has been flipped. I am flooded with peace and a sense of knowing. As she drifts away, I observe that I am connected to each disgruntled person by an energetic thread. Then, as if on cue, the threads snap, as though snipped by invisible scissors. I sigh in relief. And the group disperses instantly.

I emerge from the dream with a lingering stillness. Remember who You are. The dream woman’s words are a gift. A mantra of wisdom, they remind me that who we are at any given point shapes everything. But, at a deeper level, who we are is the point of everything. We are spiritual beings on a journey of self-discovery here on the earth plane. We can tune into our higher selves—our divinely connected inner teacher— to illuminate this path. But, first, we need to remember we have a Higher Self in the first place.

How Do We Connect With Our Higher Selves?

If the woman in the white hat doesn’t put in an appearance, don’t worry. It is just a matter of breathing. Your breath is freedom itself, your life force. Spiritual practices, such as yoga and meditation aim to liberate the soul on the wings of your breath. And while a spiritual practice is a profound way to connect, don’t make the mistake of thinking your Higher Self has a time minimum. It is ready for action. When you take a moment to breathe, it allows you to hear that voice of wisdom, to detach and find perspective. When we can do this, we claim our power. This is power-with, not power-over. Power-with allows us to flow and be present for those very people we want most to help. If you are a parent, caregiver, or Light Worker, your Higher Self is calmly waiting to be of service to you and yours.

So, on those days when you find yourself running late, engulfed by the needs of others, and you can smell a crisis about to erupt like an unwanted miasma, give yourself permission to detach, tune in, and breathe. I like to think of it as a mental “time out”.

Connecting to Your Higher Self In A Hurry:

1.Take a deep inhalation and exhalation. And then another.
2. Request, “Higher Self, please allow me to receive your divine wisdom now. May I be surrounded, protected and guided by your divine light throughout the day.”
3. Be open to receive. You may see, hear, feel, or just know what to do. You may be prompted to take action. You may be guided to turn the other cheek. The signs may be subtle or they may be glaringly loud.
4. Trust. You will feel calmer and grounded. More like you. And this may be all that is needed. You may find that crisis is easily resolved or that it never appears in the first place.

But some days the voice our Inner Teacher seems to be on mute. How do we find our way out of the dizzying maze of our ego reacting to the ego of others?

In the dream, I noticed that I was connected to the group of people by threads, pulled in different directions. And this is no different in reality. We are energetic beings comprised of swirling atoms, swathed in our subtle body or energetic field. We are constantly making connections. Some of them are loving and positive. Some of them, not so much. They can take the form of invisible psychic threads or cords. Some are thin and wispy. Others that we have been carrying longer are thick. They have varying shapes and textures. If you are clairvoyant you may have seen them. But we have all felt them.

We have all endured the uncomfortable tug of someone who wants your attention now. This is often experienced as a nagging feeling around the back of the neck, chest or solar plexus (often where these cords attach). You may notice a recurring physical unease when you meet a negative person. That person may be unknowingly draining you through a psychic cord. When you remember who You are—a being of light existing on many levels–you also remember that you have the ability to protect yourself energetically.

One way to look after your own energy first and foremost, and to be present in any situation, is to regularly release or cut these energetic cords.

Cord Releasing:

A powerful way to free yourself from a stressful situation, or a stressed-out person, is to ask that all negative psychic cords be released.

1. Ask to be surrounded by God, your Angels or your Higher Power. I work with Angels in my Reiki practice. Michael Archangel is the warrior of Angels, so I call on him.
2. Request: “Please completely severe, disintegrate, and heal any psychic cords of attachment not serving my highest good and the highest good of all involved.”
3. You may see an image of cords appearing and then being severed. I get a visual of Michael wielding a sword of light, taking care of business. But you may also see them snapping away and disintegrating. You may not see anything at all, but you will feel a sense of calm. Trust that this action affects everyone for the better. And in doing so you are helping everyone involved.
4. Express your gratitude to God, Angels or any Guides you have called on for assistance.

This can be done as a longer meditation, when you are in quiet or “on demand” in a manner of seconds, when you are in the thick of things. You can get very fast. For me, the cords snap away and it is as if everyone involved literally breathes a collective sigh of relief.

Then you can ask Michael to place a shield around you to protect you from cords reforming. Purple is considered to be powerful and protective.

For more on psychic cords and shielding, check out the meditations on from Doreen Virtue, Angel Therapist, celebrated author, and Light Worker.

When you remember who You are, you let your Higher Self in and encourage others to do the same. When you choose to abide with your highest wisdom, you bring the flow and the beauty of the divine to every situation, to every person. And you open the door to infinite love and joy. You transform yourself and the world in a single breath.

What are waiting for? Let your Higher Self in.

With Love and Gratitude,