Reflections on Light in 2021

It’s December, we are bringing 2021 to a close in a burst of light and completion that feels divinely orchestrated.

I find myself reflecting on this seismic period of time.

The above pictures were taken in 2018 after I had opened my Wellness Center Tranquility Wellness and Yoga. I opened the studio in Toronto on a dream and a dime with the intention of creating a safe space, a little pocket of calm for people to visit and stay, to feel at home exploring holistic healing and welcoming in their own intuition, soul self, and divine life purpose.

While my outer self presents as tranquil and assured in the images. I recall the overwhelm, the nervous anticipation, and the feeling that I could not possibly be enough to lead a wellness centre, yoga studio, and to offer classes and services for others. This was a huge leap. I was after all still a work in progress. And it was uphill, at times, a multifaceted undertaking. It was a lot of trial, mistakes, successes, love and laugher. I was wrapped up in the busyness of facing new challenges, new learning, and new growth as a result of wearing many hats and creating new community. I was immersed in my work and loving it.

The last workshop I offered was a Self-Love workshop facilitated by two beautiful new light workers with an overflowing group participants. I recall feeling that the space had truly arrived and we were in the divine flow.

Enter the lockdown and restrictions. It was a shock to my system that just when holistic health and wellness seemed to be at its most important, we were mandated shut down by the government for months at a time. Life itself seemed interrupted and halted. But this strange response and the surreal landscape it created, presented many gifts. I let go. I let go of the classes, the workshops, and the sessions in my physical space and moved everything online. This seemed to release the distractions that weren’t serving me and the belief that I had to do it all and be it all.  In the process, I met met new light workers and found new global community that adapted to limitations and restrictions and only grew. And in the process, I could just be me and that was enough.

The message to focus and simply was powerful and I believe many of us have taken that  to heart, creating transformation from the inside out. While there has been upheaval and growing pains, that can feel like constriction and contraction before the expansion, what was hidden from view has continued to rise to the surface. But light always wins and, in fact, has already won.

Breathe that in.

With this awareness, we are stepping into a divine flow that allows us to flourish in new and magical ways, living from the heart. As a result of reflection, I am closing the physical location of Tranquility Wellness and Yoga December 31. While the physical studio will be closed, I want to thank all of you who helped me keep the lights on virtually and glowing brightly for my online services. And the love just keeps expanding. It has been such a gift meeting and collaborating with such incredibly bright and powerful light workers worldwide. And the vista of 2o22 is a pathway paved in light.

I am still here in my new capacity. My services and classes are being offered online and I love connecting to you all on my YouTube page. I look forward to growing, learning, and expanding together. Together we embody light consciousness. L

Let’s welcome in 2022 and the abundance of love that is an integral part of our collective vision.

Join me for my final class in 2021 Winter Solstice Restore with Angel Healing.

Let’s hold the light together.

Here is a list of what I have learned so far as a result of these past couple of years.

9 Tenants of Soul Full Living

Be Respectful.

Be Kind.


Laugh Often.

Fill Your Cup Up Before You Need To.

Get Excited for Other People.

Set the Intention to Be of Service Daily.

Avoid Sources of Fear, Doom and Gloom Mentality.

Know You are Enough Exactly As You Are.


Love and Illumination,