Receive Golden Blessings from Archangel Christiel

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There is so much going on this August…with a partial eclipse and Lions Gate portal opening wide on August 8 (when the star Sirius shines its brightest and closest to earth, aligns with Orion’s belt and triggers a huge influx of galactic light), culminating in a full solar eclipse August 21. This is a powerful time. I’ll say that again, This IS a powerful time. The energies are unprecedented right now, transformation is in the air…you may be aware of a surge of incredible energies pouring in. We no longer sit with our seven major chakras but many of us collectively have 12 to 18 installed to lift up and elevate our light bodies, allowing us to hold higher dimensions of light. If you work with universal source or angelic energy, you may be noticing huge changes in your practice. As higher energies are literally being brought down and installed into our existing chakra column. We are becoming increasingly aware of our spiritual identity as multidimensional beings. Our past lives are being brought up to release or integrate and our spiritual psychic pathways are accelerating and opening. What does this mean? 

We are all on the course of ascension, of becoming our higher selves collectively. This means reunion with our beloved ‘I am Consciousness’, with soul groups, and huge acceleration of our psychic abilities. You may have heard that we are shifting from 3D (the 3rdDimension) to 5D (5th Dimension). Without getting too caught up, just understand that what this means is that we are now on the tail end of undergoing a massive shift. When enough people increase and hold a vibration we shift into new dimension. We evolve and hold a new frequency collectively. So we are no longer vibrating in a 3rd Dimensional vibration but have moved through this ‘older’ template to 4D and now 5D.  The 5th Dimension offers a state of sublime love and higher awareness. It was held in times of harmony and spiritual enlightenment. It allows us to harness concepts and gifts that we put aside after the time of Golden Atlantis, a time when the earth broadly held 5D consciousness. It means embracing divine love and your sacred or highest path. Many lightworkers have been doing the work and holding even higher octaves of high dimensional light. They have been laying down the tracks for this tremendous shift. You can close your eyes but why would you want to? We do always have free will and if you want to hold onto fear and separation that governs 3D consciousness you can. But it will be rocky and sometimes it seems easier said then done. The old template of power over, of dominion of a few over many is coming to a close. As individuals, this has meant deep clearing and going deep in our personal basements to heal and clear our blocks. And sometimes just when we think we are finished, another block presents itself. And those last few stubborn patterns are coming up. So please know that when you feel overwhelmed, angels are here to help. Divine messengers who comfort, guide, heal, and assist us as we become light are here to show us the way, so we can embody our highest light potential. And if it’s all too much, get connected with an Angel Intuitive or an Angelic Energy Healer.

Lions gate aligns us with the energy of our sun and the great central sun and, as such, there is a huge wave of golden light being transmitted to earth. Golden light emerges as the energy that carries us forward on our ascension paths.  A golden chakra, or energy center, the chakra of Golden Atlantis has arrived. It brings light codes of Golden Atlantis, for so many of us who had lifetimes over the 260,000 years of Atlantis. These light codes ripple down like melting golden light into your crown and awaken your heart wide. We remember times of collaboration and affinity with like minded soul group members who we worked with free from ego and division. As you receive these golden light codes your heart expands wide open. You allow yourself to receive the blessings, gifts, and awareness of your unique soul path in these lifetimes. Archangel Christiel is the keeper of the golden portal of Atlantis and holder of the Golden Ray. He is a golden angel, who often appears surrounded in the most brilliant golden flame. He first appeared to me about three years ago and he tells me that we are moving into the reawakening of golden light or golden ascension. You may simply feel his energy as liquid golden light melting into your crown. You may feel it as sparkly luminous white light, similar to that emitted from a sparkler. He often works with Ascended Master Jesus, who delivered golden light to the earth and transformed our awareness. This chakra sits at number 16 in Rainbow Energy Healing, an angel delivered energy healing modality. But he has recently shown me that as we grow collectively our chakras shift down through portal openings in our original chakra column. And this energy is now being placed directly into your crown and heart chakras to accommodate and expand our growing energy bodies and auric fields. So what was once above is indeed moving below as we become light more and more, as we ascend.

Activate your Golden Light Chakra and the Golden Ray with Archangel Christiel and Ascended Master Jesus

  1. Sit quietly with a lit candle.
  2. Call upon your Michael Archangel or your guides to be present. Affirm that you are in a safe and protected space, ready to receive. Do NOT do this driving.
  3. Ask Archangel Christiel to open and activate your golden light chakra.
  4. You may sense or feel a touch to your crown chakra as it becomes golden light. You may sense rippling golden light into your crown. You may feel Ascended Master Jesus working with Christiel throughout this process.
  5. If appropriate he opens your Golden Atlantis Chakra and you begin to absorb light codes and more light into your crown. You feel your crown pulse, hum, and vibrate as it expands bigger and bigger.
  6. He now touches your heart and you may feel divine love, in the form of exquisite pinks and golds flowing into your heart.
  7. He places a golden symbol around your heart chakra, most commonly, the flower of life, an exquisite golden translucent flower to both protect and allow the highest dimensional light to transmit through your heart, inwards and outwards. Pause, to feel the sensation of the purest love flowing into your heart and feel it grow in size and power encapsulated in the beautiful flower of life.
  8. He lights up your palm chakras with golden sparkling energy.
  9. He finally pulls golden light in the form of fine golden threads through your feet, activating a chakra or Golden Energy Portal at the Souls of your feet. This contains the pulsing swirling light and infuses each of your chakras, upgrading each of them. He infuses you with the perfect mix of golden light for you.
  10. Offer gratitude to Christiel and Jesus
  11. Be open to new wisdom and memories of life times in Golden Atlantis. You may experience heightened awareness and dreams of previous lifetimes. 

Enjoy being a golden light holder. And be luminous!