New Twin Flame Signs, Bring in the Bliss!

How are you on your journey? 2020 is moving in and moving us at an accelerated pace, as a result I am seeing new developments in my twin flame sessions. As promised here is a list of new twin flame signs I am encountering in 2020. Metatron was a huge part of communicating these. So if you wish for more clarification, connect with him more deeply, or join me in a Twin Flame and Healing Activation.

As a note, remember your union path is unique. If you don’t notice these signs, it doesn’t mean you haven’t encountered your twin flame. And as we grow and expand these experiences will expand into our collective. As the goal of twin flames on a soul level is to bring through new light, wisdom, and love and make it available to all of those whose hearts are ready and open to receive.

Twin Flame Signs

5 Matching Core Values

On a soul level you and your twin flame came here with the same mission or complimentary versions of it. But you also came here with the same 5 core values. By values, I mean the things you MOST want on a personal level that you would be unfulfilled without. For example, you may want to have children, to live in nature, to be a vegan, to live truthfully, and to practice your spirituality. The interesting thing is you and your twin flame are a match with your 5 core values. Sometimes these values become clear over a period of trial, error, and self discovery. Sometimes you can meet your twin and then become clear over time. But the more clear you become, the more you twin flame will be drawn to you.

Archangel Metatron shows me these values as corresponding to 5 points in your individual heart chakras. Once you become clear on these and your twin does as well these points meet and connect and bring through a deep communion at a heart level. It also makes you a little like a homing beacon to your significant other.

‘Click In’ Chakras

Twin flames have a very pronounced third energy or shared auric field. They are always bringing through new shared chakras, and mini chakras as they move through union. As they co-create, they restore their golden light body, bringing into place new blue prints for humanity.

I have recently been seeing new rib point chakras which create a ‘click in’ either side to side or front to front between twin flames which create a deeper unification of the third energy or shared energy between twins, which is profoundly healing. This feels wonderful to twins once these mini chakras are clear and allows for a clearer connection of the magnetic/electric energy fields of twins. This allows the 2 to unite as 1 transformative energy when in sync. Bliss anyone?

Transference or Insta Downloads

This is the best way to learn! This occurs when you and your twin exchange information, downloads, wisdom, and gifts instantly, technology free. Simply by being connected. This exchange occurs under the Law of Grace and only occurs if it is in divine alignment and mutual, meaning it is never one sided. This also happens for people who are connected to you on a soul level–you soul group–where it is in divine balance and harmony. You can never force or over ride these perameters. This is quite magical and if feels incredible, so enjoy when it happens to you!

Awareness of Your Path of Service

While second wave twins and beyond have always chosen to be here to be of service. This becomes much clearer and more activated within you and you realize that you are here to expand and shine your light. You become aware that you are indeed here to be of service in your profession or in a new profession altogether. You receive clearer guidance to take action steps on your path, whether you are ‘with’ your twin in 3D or not. Everything begins to flow from this place of awareness.

A Temporary System Reset

If you are going through any one of these signs, often we can go into a bit of an overload, so Metatron steps in to help manage your energy systems. There is a sense of being ‘reset’. You may experience relationships coming to an end, contracts coming to a close, and a period of time to go inwards and commune directly with creator and with your counterpart to receive your guidance directly. This period of time can be called entering the void of activation and it occurs just before you level up. This is different than a dark night of the soul as it is incredibly peaceful. This can seem scary at first but it is truly an enriching time to grow and expand.

New Awareness of Sound

You become aware of a voice activation that happens when twin flames come together and their heart song opens and expands. This is an incredible clairaudience awakening that allows you to hear into other twin flames that are in union. You may be drawn to particular frequencies and over time, you may discover vibrations of sound that mirror your twin flame soul resonate.

This truly brings through the vibration of bliss.

While these are signs from twin flames in union that I have worked with. Archangel Metatron says that any of these signs can be used to connect to your twin’s higher self and to act like a homing beacon. They can help heal separation consciousness and forward your union to the next level. They can also help you draw in your closest soul partner, if your twin flame is unavailable.

Love and Bliss,