My Archangel Gabriel Encounter

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Angels help us find the extraordinary in the ordinary and to see with new eyes and an open heart. While angels often appear as beautiful glowing winged messengers, in books, in dreams, or prayer, they also show up in a variety of different forms, including human form. Oftentimes, angels show up when needed out of no where and to perform simple or complex actions to help a person in need. These actions can be miraculous or quite ordinary but almost always have miraculous impact. Sometimes, they also inspire humans to perform simple acts of kindness and service that take on significance to the person, often a stranger, on the receiving end. These acts while often simple can be the act so needed to uplift and inspire another person. These actions, often resonate so deeply with the person in need, that it brings them to a deeper connection to our creator while at the same time reminding us that we each have the power to be an angel to another.  I recently had a wonderful Archangel Gabriel experience.

I found myself a few days ago, running late for a meeting at my studio Tranquility Wellness and Yoga. I had really been looking forward to this meeting. In Toronto, it had been very cold, snowy, and icy. My car was parked along the street but the ice had begun to melt and it had sunk into a bank of ice and was quite stuck, I realized a little bit too late. I sat in the car pressing the gas, feeling the tires spin helplessly. My heart sank as I realized that I was not only going to be late but I might not make it at all. I stared out of the car windows at the snowy, frigid street and I felt a wave of isolation. Why now? I asked. In that second, a big white truck pulled up in front of me. A ginger haired young man got out of his truck and tapped on my window asking if he could help free my car. I answered that I was quite stuck but would love some help. This young man worked diligently to help me free my car for the next 15 minutes, refusing to take no for an answer when I suggested we give up and call it a day. He finally managed to push it free from its icy pit. As I pulled forward into the street, my heart surging with gratitude, I thanked the good samaritan and he smiled a big magnanimous smile. I noticed then how brightly red hair shone in the snowy landscape. He reminded me of someone. Not of someone, I realized, but of an angel I am quite familiar with in my work. As I pulled forward, I looked back in the rear view mirror and caught a shimmering light all around him and for brief seconds what appeared to be a pair of wings and I heard the word “Gabriel.”

Now as an angel intuitive, I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised at this lovely gift of a human angel or an angel taking human form. But I have to admit I was extremely surprised and delighted. Gabriel is the angel of communication and like many angels can show up as male or female. Gabriel, is a favorite angel, as he shows up to work with so many of my clients, to help them speak their truth, access their creativity, or begin new projects. Gabriel can be very protective and whether male or female has the most brilliant red hair as a common feature. My heart filled up with love as I maneuvered the car along the street, transformed by my experience. During that day, I saw everything with a new lens and brighter perception. And while I try to be kind and generous, I made a note to be an angel to someone else that day.

Angels are here among us, more than ever, on our accelerated ascension path. They are egoless expressions of the divine. This experience reminded me to remind you that they show up in a variety of forms. To invite in the presence of angels it to invite in miracles. They remind me to ask if you are open to receiving the angels, the miracles, and the divine possibility of your soul expanding into love in each and every moment? For indeed,  as we evolve as a species on this beautiful plant, we not only move closer to angels, as our connection with God/Source grows, we move closer to our infinite angel nature and we move closer to becoming angels ourselves. Have you either been on the receiving end of an angel encounter or have you been inspired to step out of your comfort zone to assist a stranger?

Love and Namaste,