Let’s Offer Gratitude to Our Guardian Angels

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What a profound time of transition this is as we move into March 2018! For me, it is personally a time of change as I work towards opening a new wellness center sometime in April. What a milestone it will be to offer a healing space to the community of advanced souls I am privileged to connect with. During any time of transition, I am reminded how important it is to be in the energy of gratitude, for it truly allows us to receive all of the love, divine inspiration, and assistance available to us at any moment. Furthermore,  when we hold the vibration of gratitude it is impossible to lower vibrations of fear, doubt, or uncertainty.

When we make changes, whether it is a move to new home or career, creating a website or business, we often crave security, comfort, and stability in this process. Change can be wonderful and indeed, the angels remind me that change is inevitable as we are all on a path of metamorphosis, of becoming. As we transform, our energy bodies expand, shift and evolve in parallel. In particular, our root chakra undergoes significant changes and that can make us feel ungrounded. This can trigger a whole range of emotions and dredge up issues from childhood or past lives. So it is so helpful to call in the angel support to keep us connected and in the present moment.

In my practice, I spend a lot of time working with archangels and that is beyond wonderful. They are giant magnificent towers of light and color. However, I am reminded that one of the most incredible groups of light-beings to both call on for support and offer gratitude to is our guardian angels. We each have a unique team of light beings, ascended masters, and angels who work with us to keep us safe, to guide us, help us, and nurture us on our paths. We each have at least 1 Guardian Angel assigned to us at birth but now in times, as we move onto our ascension paths we have up to 3 or more. We also have several ascended masters who offer us divine protection and these reflect our lineage and spiritual practices. We have so much support, I literally see people surrounded in teams of angels and light beings, giant entourages. And the more you consciously embrace the higher realms the more beings show up. But back to Guardian Angels. Often the unsung heroes, Guardian Angels are ever present to help us with daily tasks, emotional support, and physical protection. They are truly caretakers of humans on a soul level. They are there to catch us when we fall, console us in grief and disappointment and orchestrate events behind the scenes wherever possible. And while there are always there for us, calling on them consciously and asking for assistance fully empowers them to step in for us, for they always respect our free will and our innate learning trajectory. Because they are heavenly beings but also most connected to us on the earth plane, we can often feel them tangibly. Connecting to your guardian angel(s) feels warm and wonderful. In times of turmoil, you may feel loving arms and wings around you as your guardian angel gives you a hug of support.

While angels are egoless, they can have different personalities. Some can be quite direct and no-nonsense, while others are soft and gentle. Often our guardian angel is selected because he or she is the perfect match for us. When we have many roles to play, they can have different functions. For example, I  have a guardian angel who looks after my home and encourages me while I complete mundane tasks like housework, picture Mary Poppins with sparkly wings. Angels are always happy to share their names with you and are never insulted if you don’t get it perfectly right. So they always encourage you to ask their names. If you ask your guardian angel his or her name, you may not ‘hear’ it but it may come to you as a message in another way. For example, you may see it written on a page, you may hear it in a song, or hear the name in your dream, or just know it. And over time you will begin to feel your particular guardian angels more and more.

Archangels are powerful protectors. And, while all Archangels offer protection, Archangel Michael and Faith (twin flame angels) are wonderful to call on to protect us through a period of transition for a powerful combination of courage and faith. They will light you up with a swirl of blue/golden light that will dissolve your fear and inspire you to keep moving forward.

One of the best ways to increase your sense of safety and well being is to offer your gratitude to your guardian angel, angels, Michael/Faith and any ascended beings you connect with as follows:

“Dear Micheal, Faith and Beloved Guardian Angels:  Thank-you for keeping me safe through this time of change. I know growth is positive but please give me signs of encouragement and reassurance that I am safe in all ways. Please protect my loved ones and I as I take steps on my path to (fill in the blank). Please clear my root chakra and fill it with vitality so I am energized as I move forward. Help me to ground and connect to the present with ease. Please surround me in the comfort, even as I move out of my comfort zone. Give me the courage to continue on my path in full alignment with divine source. Amen”


Gratitude is loved wrapped acknowledgment. It acknowledges the essence of an action, event, or feeling that has already occurred and reaches into all directions of time and space to welcome more. Because it comes from a place of inclusivity, it holds the vibration of abundance. It opens the heart of both the giver and receiver, and, dissolves heart walls, and,  in this way, ensures that we are not blocking ourselves to receiving blessings, abundance, and joy. If we are fearful of change we disconnect our energies from God/Source and collapse them. This blocks the very energies we most need. The angels show me that finding gratitude in a challenging situation creates a positive magnetic field, like an exquisite flower that blossoms and grows. As it expands, it boosts your vibration and can help you gain momentum to shift turmoil to peace. Starting your morning with a meditation on gratitude is a wonderful way to invite in more. Offering gratitude to your guardian angels opens a channel of light and makes it easier for them to shower you with blessings and inspiration. Taking the time to express your gratitude to your earth angels or the humans in your life who love and support you is like giving them an energetic gift. A gift of gratitude from your heart to theirs.

With Love and Gratitude,