Let Archangel Zadkiel Bring You R and R (Relief and Reflection)

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With an intense August, culminating in a deeply cleansing full moon on Sept 5, we have been percolating in transformative energies. With the first week of September, we find ourselves back to school, back to work, and back to action but your inner self may be resisting. If so, you may be in need of R and R or Relief and Reflection.

Please know, the rest of September offers a chance for that and more: relief, reflection, and balance as we slide into the equinox or equal night, the time when the sun crosses from the northern to the summer hemisphere. We experience astronomical balance, where day and night will be of equal length, no matter where we call home on this beautiful earth. Balance is an essential component of growth, for it allows us to shift into a state of insight which often yields grace. And Archangel Zadkiel steps forward to remind us that compassion is the key to balance always. How? By honouring yourself exactly where you are and by being willing to both give and receive forgiveness to yourself and others. When we embrace change, from this place of compassion, it can bring profound healing and transformation.

Zadkiel reminds me of a front line social worker with a wonderful sense of humour. As such, he works fearlessly and industriously on healing humanity on an emotional and mental level one person at a time. He is an angel of great depth and kindness. He removes those stubborn, deeply held blocks that can prevent you from experiencing clarity or clear vision. He also relieves suffering at the physical level from recurring headaches, migraines or mental trauma. Call on him to relieve your physical headache symptoms, mental fatigue, or confusion. Keeper of both the indigo and amethyst rays, he brings forgiveness, compassion, and mercy to those who find themselves in distress, in crisis, or at a crossroads. And haven’t we all found ourselves there?

How Zadkiel Shows Up

Archangel Zadkiel often appears as a very dark purple orb with a lighter sparkle in your peripheral vision. His beautiful deep purple indigo is like rippling water with light illumined from within. He shines this stunning light into your heart and crown in particular. Picture staring into dark water and discovering purple and inside that purple, a shimmering light. He reminds you that no situation is without hope and to never be afraid to look deeper or to look again without judgment. For it is in the depths of ourselves that we find our greatest beauty and potential. When he is close you feel a wave of compassion and forgiveness that uplifts you and situations you thought previously unmoveable often miraculously transform. Call on him to wrap you in his wings and fill you with compassion from God. In my sessions, I notice that he often stands behind a client and cradles their head lovingly, removing mental blocks and restoring the balance of left and right brain hemispheres (renewing and often rewiring the neurological pathways and the flow between our creative and logical centers). This melts tension, dissolves fear, and can feel truly sublime.


Zadkiel as a New Earth Mentor

For me, Zadiel shows up as a young male with long dark hair and enormous wings and an equally enormous passion for working with young adults, children, and those in the helping professions. He has been assigned the role of looking after new earth energy children, indigos, crystals, and diamond children in particular, as an assistant to AA Metatron. While he previously worked mainly with Indigo children, or children born to be spiritual warriors who held the pillars of truth and integrity by outwardly exposing corruption on a global scale. Many indigo children have completed or are in the process of completing those roles are now transitioning into a more crystal purpose. And adult crystal children of all ages are awakening in this pivotal time of our growth, to take us inwards to heal and balance. And so Zadkiel oversees this process and is presently a crystal child mentor. If you don’t know about crystal children, just know that crystal children have a love of nature, affinity for crystals, are often highly clairvoyant (or are awakening to this gift)  and now have a role in holding frequencies of the purest light. As the soothing frequencies of crystal rays, in particular, translucent rainbow light, become particularly important at this juncture of ascension, or the spiritual awakening of our planet, crystal children remind us that gentle is powerful and that inner peace is always available. The energy of peace held by many is the energy of ascension and the reason many advanced souls have chosen to be born at this point.

If you are reading this, you most likely have an affinity for crystal children. You may be a newly awakened crystal child. You may work with or parent crystal children and hold the crystal rays of light. The energy of crystal children helps you find your inner truth and that is a balm. If you feel yourself in a difficult situation or in confusion, call on Zadkiel, to help you in your transition, to draw on the collective energies of crystal children, and to fill you with his and their collective compassion, which then becomes your own. A way to invoke Zakiel is as follows:

“Dear Archangel Zadkiel, Please bring me relief from (fill in the concern or emotion). Please activate my compassionate heart, and fill me with crystal compassion to help me to find comfort and peace. Please help me feel my own divine and inherent worthiness. And show me that a resolution is near.”

Zadkiel and the Violet Flame Updated

Zadkiel holds the highest version of the violet flame affiliated with ascended master St. Germain. The violet ray is a powerful transmuter of negativity, including guilt, blame, and trauma from this and previous life times. He widely offers a higher version called the lavender diamond flame. It is the energy of the violet flame infused with the pure essence of diamond light. It also powerfully transmutes the lowest vibration emotion, that of shame. One of the most powerful ways to connect to your highest path is to ask Zadkiel to clear all blockages with the lavender diamond flame. Both more gentle and powerful than its precursor the violet flame. It clears everything at a cellular level while infusing you with the beautiful clear diamond ray, one of our newest energies. And Lavender itself is the frequency of peace, so it feels sublime to receive it.

Invoke the Lavender Diamond Flame for Physical, Emotional, and Mental Relief

  1. Find a quiet spot to sit undisturbed.
  2. Light a candle.
  3. Invoke the mighty presence of your creator, Michael Archangel, your guardian angels, ascended masters, and Archangel Zadkiel.
  4. Affirm that this healing is for your best and highest good and that you are fully safe and protected.
  5. Ask Archangel Zadkiel to bring forth the Lavender Diamond Flame.
  6. As you stare into the candle flame you may see its colors shift or feel it activated. Invite its energy into your heart and feel its warmth spread through you both soothing and powerful.
  7. Ask Archangel Zadiel to fill you with the essence of the Lavender Diamond Flame to heal you physically on all levels.
  8. Ask Zadkiel to fill you with the essence of the Lavender Diamond flame to heal you emotionally on all levels.
  9. Ask Zadkiel to fill you with the essence of the Lavender Diamond flame to heal you mentally on all levels.
  10. Ask him to use this light of this flame to clear all karma that no longer serves you in all directions and dimensions of time.
  11. Invite the lavender diamond flame to flow wherever it needs to and savor the experience.
  12. You may wish to sit immersed in a full pillar of this beautiful sparkly light.
  13. Offer gratitude to the creator, to Archangel Zadkiel, and to your angels when you feel the session is complete. Know that you have been transformed on all levels.