Let Archangel Metatron Launch You into 2017

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“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.” –Hafiz

Does it feel like 2017 just showed on your doorstep abruptly without warning? You were feeling those holiday vibes, enjoying the prospects of what might be around the corner, when you were catapulted into a new year? And while this is a time of infinite possibility, for some, January has been turbulent mix of intense highs and plummeting energetic lows. This can leave you feeling like you are steeped in an array of powerful but intense energy, as though caught between two slip streams or currents of energy. You can sense the potential of the higher stream but you can’t quite settle into gear. So, it feels as though you are swinging up and then sinking down. Those highs and lows can throw you into overwhelm until you just want off the rollercoaster! If some of what I described is you, know that you are not alone. Archangel Metatron is tremendous at helping you shift into a higher vibration. Archangel Metatron has been front and center with launching us into 2017. He is the angel teaching us about our transformation on our ascension path. The path of becoming your higher self. And so he has the remarkable ability to turn turmoil into transformation. And that means you can reach that sublime state AND catch your breath AND enjoy the ride.

40555334_mlMetatron is often referred to as the cosmic angel because he brings through such an incredible bandwidth of powerful energy. His energetic presence is huge and similar to that of an amplifier. His signature colors are bold and incredible shades of purples, silver hued greens, combined with swirling, pulsating pinks. Watermelon tourmaline, flourite and amethyst are crystals that connect well to his aura. Although, in truth, I haven’t found a color or shade of energy he doesn’t connect with. He is the formative angel of ascension, overseeing the evolution of earth and the awakening of humanity as a collective. He is also one of the main angels to bring us Rainbow Energy Healing, an energy that is allowing us to expand spiritually and that can be a ticket to ascension.

Metatron works with teachers, caregivers, parents and children alike. But even though he is a towering angel (truly mammoth!), he has a kind and encouraging presence. Connecting with him feels wonderful and joyous. Children and adults love him because he awakens the child in you. Like most Archangels, he interacts with your own psychic pathways or ‘clair centers’ to communicate perfectly with you. He has the ability, in particular, to take complex subjects and explain them to you. So, don’t be intimidated or afraid to call on him.

For me, he has the extraordinary ability to communicate through pictures in a way that is unique. He places a picture in your third eye but that picture contains information that you simply “download” instantly. You receive a telepathic understanding. And it is the most effortless and efficient form of communication. The images are often colors in the shapes of sacred geometric shapes. So be open to unsual pictures as they could be messages from Metatron. He has shared that that our clairvoyance is presently receiving powerful upgrades. He is working to open your clairvoyance and connect it to your claircognizance, so you are able to ‘know what you see’. So, the way you receive information is being restructured. This can occur in a meditation or simply when you are in a state of active rest. And this can also include the sleep state. So keep a dream journal on hand.

Recently I discovered, he is incredible at helping us heal and balance our relationships, by encouraging us to connect higher self to higher self.

Metatron’s Healing Merkaba for Relationship Repair:

  1. Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths in a calm space.
  2. Call on Metatron to create a beautiful, sarcred merkaba (a six pointed star) for you. Feel your higher self move inside this star. What does it look like from the inside? Notice any sensations of movement or feeling. It should feel pleasant and peaceful. I tend to see beautiful purples and silvers. But your merkaba will be uniquely yours. The merkaba is both incredibly protective and expansive. It acts as a shield and invites in only the highest, purest frequencies of light and color.
  3. Invite the higher self of a person whose relationship you would like to work on to connect with you in the merkaba. He or she may either appear to you inside the merkaba if he/she is a close soul connection or a twin flame. Or s/he may appear in her own merkaba in front of you. You may notice him very close to you or far away. And this may reflect the closeness and state of your present relationship.
  4. Simply notice how this connection feels without changing anything. Observe and feel, holding compassion for yourself and the other person. Do not send energy or attempt to move closer. Just witness the flow of energy between you. You may feel a connection between your energy bodies or chakras. This may be subtle at first.
  5. Ask Metatron to heal your connection and relationship with this person on all levels, energetically and emotionally. Remember that this connection is higher self to higher self. So this will be a positive exchange, as higher selves only want the best and highest for each other, even if the existing relationship has been troubled. Metatron begins by repairing your chakras and your chakra connections with this person. He heals and upgrades your energy system and synchronizes your energies. He, then, clears and heals any emotional or mental baggage between you both.
  6. Notice your heart chakra connection, in particular. It may feel like a current of energy flowing from your heart to the other person’s heart. And notice how this shifts and changes. Simply be open to the exchange of energy. You may notice that the person has moved closer to you.
  7. You may begin to feel lighter and clearer as your heart opens and expands, pulsating the purest love. Your compassion expands and extends to all those you know and beyond. You may feel an increase in physical sensation and well being, such as, tingling or vibrating as the energy becomes higher and purer.
  8. Express your gratitude to Metatron and any assisting light beings, as well as, the person you were connecting to within the merkaba. You may call on Metaron’s Merkaba to protect you or elevate your vibration at any time and repeat the relationship portion of the exercise as often as you like. You may notice a positive shift in your relationship with this person over time.

Metatron recently shared a message of optimism, asking me to remind you not to descend into self-criticism and definitely not to give up. Turbulent times are an opportunity to slip into the higher stream and hold the light, making it that much easier for those around us to join us. And the role each person plays individually is so important. He recently showed me that the impact that one awakened person can have on humanity as a whole is profound. So much more powerful than most people ever imagine. And the fact that you are reading this means you are an advanced soul here for a purpose and that you can imagine this impact. It is the impact you are having. If you could see yourself as the angels do, you would see yourself as a beautiful, luminous light being. So keep an open mind and heart when turbulence sets in and trust that Metatron is at hand. Wherever you are at on your journey, know Metatron is here to help uplift and inspire you to soar on your path.