Let Archangel Joy Become Your Barometer

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           We are being called into divine realignment. Can you feel it? As a result, there’s a whole lot of emotion being stirred up in the spiritual community. Right now, you are being asked to consider the truth and how your version fits with the divine truth. It is time to check in with your internal barometer about where you are at on your spiritual journey. Turmoil and uncertainty are in the ethers, brought to the fore by distressing global events…as a result, we are looking for an essential combination reassurance and truth. Angels, the divine messengers of God, the very beings who might have helped are being called into question. Long time spiritual angel teacher and author, Doreen Virtue’s shift into traditional Christianity, has raised a lot of questions for both light workers and angel lovers to consider.


          Doreen Virtue’s shift from a new age angel teacher to devout christian brought about a healing crisis in many of her students, that encouraged soul searching. If you have worked with angels, you are most likely familiar with Doreen’s oracle cards or her many books on the subject. She wrote lovingly about angels and their positive and transformative impact on humanity. She truly helped make angels accessible. Her book Angel Therapy inspired me to ‘come out of the closet’ on my path as a light worker. So, her arrival at the Anglican faith and her choices to remove her name from some of her products (Ascended Master Cards and Angel Tarot Cards) and to only write and teach christian ideology seemed to have created confusion initially. But, in my view, the long term impact will be positive. I have heard from friends and colleagues who had begun to doubt the role of angels, as a result, and were needing to pause to understand how they felt about the spiritual landscape. And while uncertainty can feel unsavory and even unpleasant, it is also a time blossoming with potential. It is full of the possibility of moving through uncertainty and into clarity. And that is powerful. I, myself, felt the need to commune with my creator and to ask for guidance. I admired Doreen for coming forward and speaking her truth about moving deeper into her particular spiritual path with authenticity which is a beautiful way to connect with the divine. Making a change requires incredible courage when you are in the public eye. But at the same time, I was concerned that this would throw a lot of new lightworkers who had just discovered their own angel inspired path, and, perhaps, even a new purpose, into confusion. But sometimes confusion is a fertile place to be. And sometimes it is the perfect place to be.


        The truth is we are in unprecedented times. We are in the process of spiritual evolution or ascension. We are in the process of becoming our higher selves bit by bit. Higher bandwiths of light are flowing to us and the earth and this requires integration. So, it is ok not to know everything and, more, it is essential to assess where you are at on your path and sometimes course correct where needed. Some people are drawn to working directly with God only in a particular faith and some find tremendous comfort and value in working with angels, ascended masters and high guides. Some of us are called to work with angels as angel emissaries, sharing their messages. In my view, angels are created by God for that purpose. When we see a figure and hear a voice we can truly receive a message.  But at their essence, angels are energy, energy from God. What I do know for certain is that there are many paths to God and enlightenment.  As a clairvoyant, I see angels. They are benevolent and eager to be of service to humanity. So when I checked in as this change was unfolding, I closed my eyes and when I opened them, angels were still there. I understood that my role is to hold space and be a lighthouse or nexus, in support, of each peaceful path. My path particular path in the present includes working with angels as aspects and energy from divine source, mother/father creator and to empower others on their healing paths with love and compassion. Connecting with angels in no way detracts from my experience of connecting to our divine energy of source. Quite the opposite.


        Sometimes on our authentic path, our beliefs change. We are always unfolding, like a flowing river, we are eternal and never the same. So being in our truth is integral. So, honor wherever you are at on your journey and this includes honoring your doubts in times of uncertainty. The interesting thing is that it is when we honor our doubts without judgment that we often give them permission to leave, to ebb, and subside and we find ourselves in a place of clarity and insight. And sometimes we emerge with new understanding. And that is wisdom.





        One of the ways to become aligned with your path is to invite in divine joy. Joy is one of the highest emotions and each emotion has a vibration. This sublime state is embodied by Archangel Joy. She infuses humanity with divine joy and uplifts your vibrational state. In this resonance, you can feel the possibility of why you are here. Some of us are joy bringers and so joy is our core emotion. If that’s the case, Joy works closely with you.  I call her an ascension angel because holding on to higher and higher vibrational states are part of what helps us ascend as a planet. Joy is magnetic and, as such, more people holding joy creates a wave of transformation. In truth, we are all meant to feel joy. As we become fulfilled in our lives we reach a joyful state. Joy is a barometer for you on your divine path. For whatever gives you joy is exactly what you are meant to be doing.


          Archangel Joy is a golden angel. Her energy for me is golden-orange liquid light with a pinkish hue mixed in. Picture the tangerine light of a sunset and the feeling it gives you. Her presence is personified in flowing golden waves and bursts of light. When you call on her you may feel her as an inner glow that radiates from the inside out. This energy both strengthens your inner self and infuses you with bliss filled joy.  AA Joy reminds you that when you are in joy you ARE divinely aligned. It is impossible not to be. She offers you a range of joy from quiet soulful joy to outward expansive joy that makes you want to laugh out loud. Please know, that the kind of joy we are talking about is inclusive joy. The joy that is contagious and uplifts others in your environment.

        She asks you to consider, “What brings me joy?”


        So pay attention when joy arises in you as it is most definitely a sign you are where you are meant to be. She will also lead you to soul group members who fuel your joy and this can help you attract a divine partnership or make a change that serves your highest, most joyful path. Sometimes we need to feel a range of emotions on our healing paths, so while we may not always be in joy, AA Joy will help you find your way there. She will help you know that you ARE worthy of joy. Joy reminds you that this feeling is your inherent state and is not elusive or fleeting. She asks that you allow joy to be your barometer. And to call on her whenever you need guidance about how to move closer to joy. Authenticity is pivotal to living with joy. As you cannot feel joy if you are not willing to love yourself and honor your truth. So, joy as a vibration encourages truth. When you are in joy you cannot lament the past or hover in a negative emotional state. Joy gives you wings of momentum and this expands your heart chakra wide open. And this invites in the divine energy of NOW imbued with infinite possibility.


       When you find yourself stuck in confusion or uncertainty invoke Joy:



       “AA Joy please send me your golden waves of joy to uplift me in this moment and to know that I will not always be in this state. Help me to feel and know I am worthy of divine joy, so I can invite it into my life quickly and effortlessly. Please surround me with people and situations that will help me experience divine joy and help me to share it as an inclusive state. And So It Is.”

   Live with Authenticity and Joy!