Landing Your Union

By June 17, 2020No Comments

On June 20th we have a very rare Solstice and a Solar Eclipse. We have a “double” gateway or a “twin gateway” on this date. This translates as a heightened time for Twin Flames with an open golden twin flame gateway

At this time, many twin flames are going through a powerful upgrade of feminine and masculine and an uplevelling into the next phase of union. Each union is unique and is a spiritual connection first and foremost, but for those of you who are here to be in relationship, this boost of solar solstice light is rocket fuel for bringing your union into manifestation.

What does this man for you? Perhaps a new union ‘landing’ if you have been in separation or moving deeper into union if you are together.

Signs that Your Union is Coming In For Landing

1. Inner Harmony as a consistent note. When you detach from media and news, you feel an inner peace despite everything else going on around you and a sense that things are coming together.

2. You feel a sense unconditional love and acceptance for your twin flame exactly as he or she is and compassion for all he or she is processing.

3. You can now sense the value in your separate paths and that there has been learning apart to help you understand each other more clearly.

3. Throat Upgrade. Your throat has been going through an upgrade and you feel it is important to speak your truth now more than ever. You feel supported in this process and you feel great love radiating through you as you speak your truth.

4. Vivid dreams. You have positive dreams about your twin flame reuniting wtith you in the physical and experience a bliss like state you can’t explain. At the same time, you have disturbing dreams about the collective and feel the collective purge going on around you.

5. Awaking visions. You have daydreams where you and your twin are together in a new and positive way. The number 222 showing up repeatedly and number synchronicities when you experience these fantasies.

6. Energetic Touch. At times you feel the presence of your twin flame in new ways without a sense of need or force, just a sense of pervading gratitude.

7. You are on your mission and have taken action steps to forward your own role in your mission. You are comfortable standing in your light and taking small aligned steps on your mission. You no longer ‘need’ your twin flame to be there with you, although, you have a sense that this may happen.

8. You believe in miracles and you notice them.

9. You set clear boundaries with people that do not reflect your wisdom and light and know this is an act of love and compassion.

10. You welcome in your pod, soul friends, and soul community who uplift and support you as your helpful people.

11. You no longer need to categorize your twin flame and no longer worry if she or he is a a twin flame or a false twin flame or soulmate. You have released the need to ‘understand’ the twin flame process and instead feel it as a journey into self. You trust that all is being revealed to you in divine time as you step into the divine flow of love.