Is Your Heart in Your Hands? Put Your Heart in Raphael and Mary’s Hands!!

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Archangel Raphael, the healing angel, is the angel to call on for physical level healing. But he along with his twin flame, Archangel Mary, are eminent heart healers. One of the things they want to share is that your hands have powerful chakras that are connected with your hands. In fact, it can be said that your heart extends to and resides in your hands.

When you use your hands frequently in your work or in your day to day life as we all do, it is important to clear your palm chakras. If we take in negative energy through our palms, it flows up into our hearts and can create blockages at the heart level. Our hand chakras connect to our clairsentience or psychic feeling and can become clogged. When that happens our extra sensory feeling also becomes stuck and we can mis read people and situations. Furthermore, we need to be able to receive energy flowing through our hearts out through our hands.

When we are in stress or in on going social situations, which can happen around the holidays, you may be touching and hugging more than usual. You may be called on to be ‘on’ socially a lot more. If this is the case, clearing your palm chakras is so helpful to stay healthy and in balance.

Rainbow Energy Healing or Angelic Reiki is a wonderful way to call on God/Source to keep your palm chakras clear. Self-healing and self-care, the angels remind you, is so important.

Call on Raphael and Mary to clear your palm chakras.

  1. Find a quiet space to sit.
  2. Call on God/Source/Creator to place you in a pillar of white light.
  3. Call on AA Raphael and Mary to clear your palm chakras.
  4. Raphael lights up your palm chakras with emerald green flame.
  5. As you inhale visualize drawing green healing light through your palms up your arms and into your heart and back out into your hands on the exhalation. I like to visualize that my hands are breathing. This creates a powerful circuit of clearing and healing light.
  6. Mother Mary lights up your high heart chakra with the pink ray of unconditional love.
  7. As you inhale, visualize this pink flame flowing down into your heart and as you exhale visualize it flowing out through your arms and hands.
  8. Next, bring your palms together in prayer at your heart chakra and feel the beautiful exchange of greens and pinks swirling together, creating perfect harmony.
  9. Feel your palms clear and expand as your heart chakra fills each layer of your auric field up with absolutely no effort.
  10. Sit in a state of unconditional love.

Feel the love of your newly cleared heart hands for the holidays!

Love and joy to you and yours over the holidays!