Invite in Comfort and Relief in Times of Transition with Archangel Azrael

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One day the most beautiful angel stepped through my front door. Literally.  I had been contemplating how to help a friend whose mom was in her final days of cancer. I had asked for guidance without really expecting a reply let alone an angel materializing to deliver it.

It was a shock to say the least because as he stepped through the closed door effortlessly, he appeared as clearly defined as a living person. But he was so much more than any person or angel I had ever seen. Let me explain, I do see angels with my clairvoyance or third eye often as an angel intuitive and it is a lovely and ethereal sight. So I didn’t pass out from the astonishment. But I did pause in my tracks and I may have held my breath. Because it felt like I could just reach out and touch this magnificent being. He was right in front of me.

So, yes, this angel was gorgeous and radiating the most incandescent light. He had longish golden white hair and a wreath of flowers encircling his crown. Then he smiled the warmest and most beatific smile I had ever seen. He was like Brad Pitt crossed with Aragorn but even better, a male flower child-man complete with wings that sparkled like sun-lit diamonds. He was informal and friendly and that smile parachuted and opened directly into my heart. His smile held the vibration of the purest shimmering love. It’s sublime warmth danced through me. He, then, spoke and told me to tell my friend his mom was well cared for and would be welcomed into heaven, and then he held up a lily of the valley.

I found my voice and had to ask, “Who are you??”

And he said simply, “I am Azrael.”

This sent another voltage of shock through me. For although, I absolutely love all angels. There was one angel I had really never wanted to connect with and that was, you guessed it, Azrael. I knew from my angel studies that Azrael was the angel who helped people cross into the afterlife. People I knew and trusted went on and on describing how wonderful he was. But while I would listen to their stories, my heart was unmoved. I could never warm to the idea of an angel who did that as his job. Didn’t that make him an angel of death? Furthermore, when my own mom had passed of cancer a handful of years prior to this, I firmly wanted nothing to do with Azrael. As I sat by my mom’s bedside and she took her final breaths,  I could feel this angel waiting to escort her but I could not overcome my anger and bitterness. I wasn’t ready for her to go and I certainly wasn’t ready to acknowledge an angel whose role it was to help her leave the earth and me behind. So I ignored Azrael and wouldn’t see him. And angels always respect your free will. And I turned my clairvoyance off for some time as a result.

And while I healed from my grief in the months and years that followed, I invited in angels. All angels but Azrael.

And on this day, five years later, when the loveliest of angels stood before me, I could finally look at Azrael and it was impossible not to respond to him. Because his love was dazzling in a way that transforms everything in its path and creates new vistas. And his smile filled my heart beyond capacity. I understood that it was a blessing to be welcomed by Azrael because the smile he was giving me now was the smile he would greet my friend’s mom with. And, even more, it was also the smile my mom would have seen in her final moments on earth. Then, Azrael stepped forward and offered me the flower. I was overwhelmed in gratitude. Because I understood that she would have been met by warmth and celebration. And to feel it was such a comfort.

I shared the message with my friend, that Azrael had appeared and that his mom’s path would be lined by flowers. But angels have the incredible gift of working on so many levels, so I knew that the message was also for me. In fact, it was a message given to me in the only way I might have received it. He had appeared in the perfect moment, in a moment when I was willing to receive this message of love because I was attempting to help someone else. I was truly honored by the benevolent good will of angels in their efforts to give healing messages and in their willingness to persist and never give up.  On that day, I also understood that Azrael is a messenger, not of death itself, but of love and healing in times of transition. And that is the ultimate role of service to humanity: assisting others in the final transition into one of a sublime state. And Azrael was both the brilliant and unassuming being for the job. His platinum white light had the ability to heal the most resistant hearts in the deepest sorrow.

tus flower

The memory of that smile has never left me.

Now I call on Azrael frequently, in times of uncertainty. Or I invoke him when extra comfort is needed for family and friends in times of transition. He lightens heavy hearts and helps the grieving process. He also helps generally when you need comfort and reassurance about making a change whether in a career or relationship. He loves to work with counselors, therapists, and those who provide comfort and care to others. His energy is a beautiful white/gold/platinum that radiates in all directions. It spills into your life and creates a beautiful luminous ripple. I also see flowers as a symbol when Azrael appears.

November 1 is Dias De Los Muertos in Latin America and All Saints Day in the Christian tradition follows close behind. It is a time when the veil between earth and the heavenly planes is very thin. And, traditionally, across many cultures, it is a time to honor and remember our deceased loved ones. Lighting candles with a sense of honoring and celebrating the souls of your beloved loved ones is a beautiful way to connect. I find this to be an enriching tradition, for it allows you to bring closure and healing to old wounds and to bridge the gap between heaven and earth. Just because your loved one has passed from the earth does not mean they are gone for your hearts. Furthermore, they are often watching over you in a loving capacity as guides or mentors. You may feel their loving presences during this time of year. You may recall past memories of your time with them clearly. Or they may appear in your mind’s eye in your quiet moments. November is a wonderful time to call on Archangel Azrael if there is a loved one you wish to remember. His role is to assist your loved one in making the transition to the heavenly realms and also to assist you in finding peace in this process. Some people choose to have an angel guided mediumship reading. An angel guided mediumship reading is focused on love and healing. If your heart in need of healing or of offering or receiving forgiveness, Azrael is the perfect being of non-judgmental love to ask for assistance. Calling on him before sleep to infuse you with his healing ray will guide you into a peaceful rest. Though, truly, you can call on him anytime you need warmth, comfort, and a friendly presence.

For calling on Azrael is to be held in the arms of a cherished friend and to be transformed by the gentle benevolence of our creator in the process.

Ceremony for Remembering and Honoring Your Loved One with Archangel Azrael

  1. Call in the presence of God, of Michael, and Archangel Azrael.
  2. Affirm that you are in a safe space.
  3. Light a candle and place a picture of your loved one before you. Place flowers in front of your loved one’s picture.
  4. Ask Azrael fill your heart with his radiant love and surround your loved one in his love and support.
  5. Ask him to clear and lift any sorrow or regret that still exists between you and your loved one, to clear all lingering cords of sorrow, regret, or resentment. Ask him to send forgiveness and compassion to the past and to fill you both with comfort.
  6. Ask him to guide and nurture your loved one in the afterlife, that they might feel his blessings.
  7. Next, ask him for a message of love from you your loved one. Be open to this message. You may feel it as pulsing warmth,  you may hear a word, have an inner knowing, or see an image.
  8. Ask your loved one to visit you in the most positive way in the dream state in the upcoming days.
  9. Ask Azrael to lift any remaining heaviness from your heart. As you do, he places his hands on the back of your heart and you are filled with swirling divine white light.
  10. Ask any questions of Azrael and be open to how his answers come to you. Have a journal close by.
  11. When your ceremony feels complete, offer your gratitude to Azrael, Michael, and your divine source.

May you find peace and comfort each day with Azrael!