How to Awaken A Sleeping Third Eye

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 The more boundless your vision, the more real you are.
~ Deepak Chopra

Your ajna third eye or inner eye…is your sixth chakra, located between and just above your two eyes. A chakra is an energy center which receives and translates energy from your higher self. When active, your third eye is a source of clairvoyance or psychic seeing. It allows you to perceive subtle energy found in the world of spirit, as well as, the energy found in the aura field that surrounds each person. This can be a wealth of information. As we are multidimensional beings comprised of energy, our energy has much to teach us.


We are all born clairvoyant as babies but we often shut off the ability to see into multi dimensions as we learn to focus on the third dimension. We bring one dimension into focus as we let the others disappear. So, in effect, this a natural skill we simply need to awaken. But how to awaken something that may have been napping for some time?


How to Awaken and Clear your Third Eye…


1. Come to a comfortable seat. Be away from televisions and computers and turn any wireless technology OFF. Dim or shut off the lights, as artificial lighting can be harsh.


2. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to the point between and slightly above your eye brows, called your third eye point. Breathe normally.


3. Call on your Higher Self to connect and align with you.


4. Invite Archangels Raziel and Michael, two archangels who work with clairvoyance, and any angels, or ascended masters, or beings of love and light, who wish to oversee this process.


5. Take slow, even breaths in and out of your nose. Watch your thoughts and emotions but do not resist them. Simply note them and be present with them. You may even say “I am fully present for you here and now.”


6. If available, hold a cleared Lapis Lazuli in your dominant hand and a clear Quartz crystal in your non dominant hand. The deep purple blue of Lapis Luzuli is tremendously healing and stimulating to your third eye and quartz amplifies this energy. Note: If you do not have these crystals, simply sit with your palms open and facing up.


7. You will notice increased sensation in your third eye point. It may even tingle, swirl, or become warm. You may feel the energy flowing from each palm or crystal up and into your your third eye point, and back down from your third eye point into your palms, and, then, from palm to palm horizontally creating a connected triangle of energy. Notice how you perceive the flow of energy. What direction does the triangular circuit flow in? Does it change? Note: There is no wrong or right answer. Simply noticing the direction, allows your vibration to lift.


8. Draw your breath in through your third eye, by visualizing your breath flowing in through this point, and exhale the breath out through your mouth. This is called third eye breathing. If you can’t visualize don’t worry but just trust this is happening. Repeat 8 times, gradually increasing the breath counts to a count of 6 on the inhale and 8 on the exhale. Do not force this process and be gentle always. This allows you to clear blocks between your third eye and throat chakra.


9. Take a few regular breaths and notice any increased sensation,  such as: colours, images, or memories that present themselves without any attempt to judge or control.


10. Inhale through your third eye point and now visualize the exhalation flowing through your ears. Repeat 8 times as before. This allows you to clear blocks from the channel between your third eye and ear chakras. This is a very powerful channel and can also awaken your clairaudience or psychic hearing.


11.  Return to normal breathing and once again notice any increased sensation, colours, or images or memories that present themselves. Your ears may vibrate or ring.


12. Now, inhale through your third eye point and exhale gently through the centre point at the base of your skull or occipital lobe. Repeat 8 times, extending the length of your inhalations and exhalations as before. This point at the base of your skull is the exit point of your third eye, closely connected to your pineal gland, it is often referred to as “the seat of your soul”. It can contain traumatic memories or past life memories which may have been blocking your third eye. So, do NOT force your breath. Be gentle and mindful with yourself.


13.  Allow your breath to return to its normal rhythm. Have a journal nearby and pause to write any important images, memories, or thoughts for later exploration. Simply be present with any memories or images and record them.


14.  Close your eyes and draw your attention back to your third eye. Ask, Are you willing to open and awaken? If it is, you will sense or hear a “yes.” Allow it to open. Welcome its awakening. Allow the energy of love to flow into and bath your third eye, usually seen as pink, green or golden-white light. Allow your third eye to absorb this sensation until it feels “full.”


15.  Notice your third eye…What colour is it? What size it? The sixth chakra often appears as indigo or purple. It may also appear as a small triangle over your forehead with an eye inside. But your third eye itself can be any colour. Does it seem healthy and vibrant? If not ask it what it needs to reach optimal balance and allow it to be further bathed in love and healing light. It may be very thirsty so be patient!!


16. Ask your third eye for a message of love. What does it have to offer or share to you about your life purpose or how to be more clairvoyant? You may receive words, feelings, or visions or just a sense of well being. It will surprise you with its insights and creativity…


17. Journal these messages and any feelings that come up. Then spend time sending
gratitude to your higher self, your third eye, and the beings of love and light who guided you.


18. If your third eye wished to remain closed, be patient and loving. Never force it because that increases any resistance. Ask, How can I help my third eye open and see in the present with confidence and ease? And record any messages it has for you. Sometimes a third eye can get caught up in a fearful subconscious memory. You may find that reminding it you are in the present and not the past is all it needs, by affirming It is safe for my third eye to see clearly in the present moment. And consider working with a spiritual teacher. Trust that it will open up in its own time, until it is wide awake. And no, coffee never helps wake it up 🙂


This chakra is highly sensitive and can become blocked as we are inundated with sensory input through so much of our daily lives. It is important to give it rest, tlc, and take the time to bring it into balance. Frequent headaches and nightmares are a sign that your third eye may be blocked. Energy healing, such as Reiki or Rainbow Energy healing, are a wonderful way to replenish and support all of your chakras. Looking after your pineal gland, which is closely connected to your third eye, by avoiding chloride and taking supplements is also integral to third eye health. Once this third eye is open or awakened it is important to “close” it at times to let it rest. We are not ever meant to be “on” all the time. Diet, meditation, and exercise as well spiritual nourishment help bring all of our chakras into alignment.


Live with Vision!