Honour Your Spirit with Azrael

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Autumn is a wonderful time to honour the cycle of life and the celebration of nature. As the days grow shorter and the veil between dimensions, between life and the after-life, thins. We can sink into our senses and appreciate the depth of soulful autumn.

To know one’s self on this vast and rich journey of life is to be drawn into the divine mysteries that reveal themselves to us as we are willing to receive with an open heart. Autumn is a study of contrasts, as we are at once drawn into the beauty of nature as swift winds carry leaves that paint the sky, like so many brilliant exclamations of joy. These very leaves draw our attention into the unseen, the infinite possibility of what expands beyond our perceived senses, of what stretches between colour and weaves the tapestry of our interconnectedness as well as our unique soul song together.

As we move through All Hallows Eve and approach Winter Solstice, we are offered a period of time to connect to God/Source and receive the loving messages of our angels, guides, and deceased loved ones with greater clarity. In many cultures, this is a time to honor our ancestors and loved ones who have crossed over. As we grow more reflective we instinctively turn inwards. So this is a wonderful time to receive love and inspiration from the often ‘unseen’ world of spirit.

While angels are always reaching out with love and messages of support. Sometimes it can be so lovely and uplifting to have this experience facilitated for you.

Our descent into the barren beauty of winter, of dark branches that reach into snow swept skies, can stir up grief and sorrow if we have lost a loved one or are going through a time of transition. An angel facilitated mediumship reading can bring closure and peace as you receive loving messages relayed through Archangel Azrael. Azrael, the angel of death and transition, is such a balm of love and compassion. He radiates light that uplifts and reminds us that heaven is not a destination but radiates all around us in kind words, in smiles and in our daily exchanges of love both big and small. To be in the presence of Azrael and his white gold halo of light is to be in the presence of purest love and the ceaseless welcome of a true soul friend.

One of Azrael’s functions at present is to return lost wisdom to light workers. A light worker is someone who chooses to spread light and compassion in his or her daily life and to embrace the larger purpose of growing awareness of spirituality, of both God within and without, with courage. To do so, fulfills his/her soul purpose or longing to bring unity, healing, and wisdom forward and to share that with others. Azrael calls this return of wisdom, a ‘wisdom retrieval’.  As we are born, we pass through the veils of amnesia and forget much of the wisdom and mastery connected with our higher self. But at certain times, it is offered to you again. At various times as those veils thin, the veils between realms, and between your own inner knowing, that wisdom is offered back to you. While angels are always present to assist, asking them is to engage them fully. Asking is to direct your intention and attention to receive the most benefit.

If you ask Azrael with a sincere heart and it is for your highest good, he will return wisdom from the highest akashic records, the halls of amenti, as your soul is ready to receive. This is such an enriching and uplifting experience.

Find a quiet space. Call on God/Source and Michael Archangel to clear and protect you and your space.

“Dearest Azrael, Please connect to the halls of amenti, the highest levels of the akashics, on my behalf, return all wisdom I gave away or that was taken for safe keeping and held in this chamber. Please also return any wisdom that was taken without my consent by force or deception. Please bring this wisdom forward now, fully blessed and illumined with light, provided my soul is ready, and it is in full alignment with the highest good of humanity at this time. Please gather wisdom from all locations and times and dimensions to pass through the portal of amenti so I may integrate it now and put it to highest use in divine time on my path of service. Thank-you.”

You may see him or sense him traveling far away and instantly returning with wisdom. Often this wisdom takes the form of ‘scrolls’. Sometimes, you sense they are sea scrolls or scrolls from a particular place and are given information about them. Sometimes you just feel or sense a return of something that was lost. He then places these scrolls in your crown chakra where they flow to each and every chakra allowing you to receive, integrate and absorb this wisdom as it is now restored to you.

Honor your spirit and embrace your highest path.

Love and Namaste,