Have You Met Your False Twin? What to know…

We are in a pivotal time of ascension. Right now, we are in the height of second wave twin flames meeting and moving into union. Archangel Christiel, the golden angel of ascension is working with twin flames. Twin flames have incarnated on the earth plane at the same time destined to meet and come together. They are important because they are part of the evolution of humanity, the balance of masculine and feminine within and without, giving rise to a new earth template and an evolved human species over time. They are the ultimate transformers, holding and transforming with unconditional love. Each pair holds a core matrix vibration that lights you up. Think of them as love magnifiers or supernovas. If your twin is here, it is essentially meeting you in another body. How you react can range depending if you are in an existing relationship and how you are progressing through our earth school. Are you open to this possibility? Does this prospect delight you or terrify you or both? At some point, when you let the love in, it feels freakin fantastic and you begin to fall deeply in love with love itself. But sometimes we are triggered all over the place and the journey is fraught with turmoil. Eventually, the light, the love, and the pure joy does take over and the bliss is beyond description. Your twin is your soul blue print match and is here to work with you and merge with you for spiritual growth and expansion. If you have met your twin you had a soul recognition or kundalini high heart awakening which took you to new levels of consciousness and expansivity, escorting you through a bliss love phase but then often plummets you back to earth with a thud, when you realize, this person is a separate person with separate but intensely parallel issues, only to go through it all again. To rise, to plummet, and then to rise again, eventually taking you higher and higher. But all of your trauma is dredged up. You often question your sanity as your psychic senses awaken, including telepathy, or the ability to communicate over great distances. So you may have spent time apart or you may commit to doing the healing work together. And after a significant period of self healing, growth, and discovery, you may be drawn back together. Some twins just slide into each other and build from there and the sky is the limit. Sometimes it just clicks with twins and the label of twins never even comes up for them. Sometimes it is what they are here to share and teach. Second wave twins also incorporate mission based twins or twins  here to carry out a particular global mission first and foremost.

But although there are commonalities, every twin pair is different. The nature of the twin connection is to transform limiting beliefs and to expand consciousness. There are also connections which are so close to the twin connection that they even present like the twin flame connection. Crikey. This can be oh so confusing and bring up a lot of upheaval and hidden depths. I often get a lot of questions about what we call the False Twin connection and I have noticed a lot of people encountering false twins in the past few weeks. So a little bit about false twins.

How False Twins Differ From Real Twins

  1. It all goes down hill quickly. So you think you have met your twin. You experience the recognition, the heart racing, the palms sweating, the kundalini bliss love awakening. But then there is a crash. The crash is similar to a bad landing without end, an eternal dark night of the soul. Twins do have dark nights but there is always a return to love and the remembering of why you connected to this person who is unlike any other. With a false twin it turns negative and you begin to feel very bad about yourself and this only improves when the relationship ends.
  2. Physical pain, solar plexus unhappiness and heart constriction. Your body talks to you through physical symptoms. Your solar plexus flips with your false twin and fear comes up upon seeing this person.  With your twin, there is usually a joy response and a feeling of expansivity. Your heart may hurt with pain and even after energy healing, clearing, and soul searching it just doesn’t improve. Emotionally you can feel dread and panic about seeing the person.
  3. Feeling WAY out of control.  With false twins, the twin often mirrors a darkness or an issue we need to resolve and the pull to do this can feel very out of control. This relationship can have an addictive quality and bring up addictions. In some cases, one person may become abusive. Abuse is never ok and occasionally a twin may be significantly damaged through his or her own childhood and lash out. But with a false twin this person mirrors negative issues and magnifies them. Again, this doesn’t improve. If this happens this is a sign. Never endure abuse because you think someone may be your twin. If this person is your twin treating you badly only magnifies the suffering. And if for some reason your twin is struggling, or in overwhelm, better to leave and let her or him get the help they need than to ever tolerate physical or emotional abuse. Sometimes a false twin connection brings up your own secrets or abuse and this can be painful as well.
  4. The end is such a RELIEF. False twin relationships always come to a close. And while the ending is painful, when it is over and done, you feel relief. Near twins are positive soulmate connections and can continue into loving and successful relationships.
  5. An awakening at the conclusion. After the relationship ends you experience an awakening that renews you and uplifts you.  After time, you can see how this relationship allowed you to address something you may have resisted otherwise. While you may categorize it as negative learning, you still gain a very positive result.
  6. Re-Testing. So your false twin may pop up again after everything is settled. This is often the universe’s way of showing you how much you have grown.

A false twin can be a karmic soulmate here to resolve issues that you need to heal to progress in your union. So they can actually have a duel role and if that is the case you will most likely encounter them. They may look similar to your actual twin or have a similar quality or two, so may trigger the same initial emotional response. Some people have a few of these. In my experience, you can meet a false twin before meeting your actual twin to prepare you and help heal issues. Or you can meet your false twin after you meet your twin, often in separation, again to help you work through issues preventing union or issues that you may need to resolve to embrace your twin flame and soul mission. So connecting with a false twin can yield incredible potential and induce a dark night of the soul experience. And dark nights of the soul are often a pivotal source of growth. Although I know we all prefer a happy night of the soul! LOL

What To Do If You Have Met Your False Twin

  1. Take a break. If you think you have met a false twin, take a break, gather yourself, assess the kind of issues your false twin is triggering and get the help you need. If this is your twin, your growth will bring them back and it will feel wonderful. Patience is rewarded here.
  2. Seek out the right support. Whether you seek out counseling, twin flame guidance and healing, other high level twin support, don’t move into isolation which can lead to depression. Be selective about the helpers you choose because the wrong advice can be detrimental. Do not share with everyone and do not spend hours on the internet. Find someone with twin flame experience that resonates and feels supportive.
  3. Have compassion for your self first and foremost. Don’t fall into self criticism or shame. We are human. We make mistakes. The twin flame path is relatively new and it is so enriching and rewarding but can be an intense roller coaster ride. False twins are close to your twin in some respects, so it is natural to be confused. It is natural to question. It is ok not to have all the answers.
  4. Do self clearing and energy healing. Twins are advanced and sensitive souls. Regular energy clearing is essential. But twins energetic systems are different. So you need to clear your third energy regularly. Here is a link to a Daily Twin Flame Energy Healing: https://tranquilitywellnessandyoga.com/free-healing-audios/
  5. Look on the positive. Know that if you have met your false twin it is often a sign your twin is near and it yields helpful clues about your twin flame and your healing journey.
  6. Find Your Twin Flame Mission. Find what gives you joy. Joy always leads you to your highest path with connects with your twin flame path. Shift your attention to being of service for others because all twins are meant to be of service. And if your twin flame is here, she or he will meet you there because she or he is called to be on this path with you.
  7. Know that all healing paths are a path to your twin flame and unity. Exhale relief. All healing paths are a path to your twin and the bliss that is your birthright. Some may take longer, some may lead you down before the lead you up, but they do all get you there.

How To Avoid Your False Twin

What I see is that our false twins are activated or drawn to us when we miss certain markers that our soul planned for us and we shift slightly off course. And on other occasions, our souls may have planned out the false twin meet as part of the experience when we know we have taken on a lot of emotional baggage as part of our soul contract. All twins are transformers and so agree to take on certain issues to heal on behalf of the collective and your false twin has agreed to help with this.

So following a spiritual practice such as mindfulness meditation and doing your own self healing work, avoiding unhealthy behaviours or moving into a soul depression state, stemming from rejection of or denial of your twin union, can all be helpful.

But the best way to avoid your false twin is not to be afraid of meeting your false twin, which I know, is a bit of contradiction. Learning how to call on support of your angels and other high level twin flames is so important. In my experience, though, it is more common to have met your twin and to fall into questioning that he or she is a false twin when things get challenging. So please remember that the twin experience is often challenging and creates questioning and confusion as result. It’s not a cake walk in most cases. Difficulty is not in itself a sign of a false twin. When in doubt it is most likely a twin unless it firmly meets the above criteria.

Call on Archangel Christiel for help assessing your twin flame connection as follows.

“Archangel Christiel please help me with my twin flame connection. Please give me 3 clear signs that this person (state the name) is my twin flame in the next 3 days.”

Then be open to receive the signs from Christiel. Seeing this person’s name or twin flame images, such as swans, and other positive occurrences are often signs that all is well and you are on track with your twin flame. Be open to how Christiel communicates with you.

Booking a twin flame activation and healing session can also be a way to clear away blocks to connecting more deeply to your twin’s identity.

Wishing you joy on your twin journey!