Go Deeper, Rise Higher, and Shine Brighter with Golden Light Ascension Energy

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Are you feeling like you are in the process of finding direction or being called to go bigger on the path you are on?

Happy Golden September. September for me is a month of inspiration. A time to get clear on purpose and mission. And this September is filled with change, possibility, and angels.

And what a sizeable shakeup we have been going through collectively. Shadow has been coming to the surface and while that is uncomfortable in the short to medium term, there is much positivity on the horizon. Angels want to remind you that you are infinitely supported and blanketed by their love.

While it is important to be aware of the collective and collective patterns, they want to remind you to be discerning about where you put your attention because focus lights it up. Energy flows where attention goes, is so true.  And there are a lot of sources of toxicity in the mainstream media right now. And while a toxic purge is necessary for our growth collectively and some discomfort is par the course, you do not need to be constantly overwhelmed. You are unique and you always have an individual path. If you are reading this you may be a light worker. And the angels want you to know that it has never been safer or more important to embrace your role. We each have a unique role and discovering that is important.

How you discover your divine life purpose or go bigger on your purpose seems to a very pivotal theme right now.

What I am seeing is one of two things.

You may have been on an accelerated path for some time and been given a break from the universe these past few months.

Or things might have sped up and accelerated even more and you are grabbing a little down time before the next phase of our collective ascension.

Whether you are in a forced pause or a pausing to catch your breath, it is great time to go deeper and get clearer on your life purpose and mission. In this way, this time is a gift. This time is given to you to use it wisely.

If you are feeling stuck or stalled, it means you are missing guidance and the keys are within, so stay positive and look again, and call in angel guidance. You may be guided to let go of lower vibe relationships for a time and to connect with high level souls who will help inspire you and give you fresh perspective.

If you are catching your breath, call in angel support and spend some quality time going inwards.

So the guidance is essentially the same, you have always had the key. The key is being willing to open your heart to connect to what fills it with joy, inspiration, and expansivity.

That is why you are here.

One of the reasons I love working with angels is that their goal is always to empower you. They may make suggestions about tools, courses, books, and resources to assist you. Energy healing is an amazing tool to get healthy, to get balanced, and to receive your intuition and its messages more clearly.

And for some of you, angels and energy healing are a direct part of your divine life purpose and mission. For all of you, it is a platform of growth and inspiration and for some of you, it is a part of activating your inner healer to embrace your gifts and go bigger on you path. Are your hands tingling on and off? Do you feel angel bumps and a sense of confirmation when reading this?

Universal angel Christiel, the golden angel, reminds you to ask for clarity and confirmation from him and Metatron and to be open to signs, especially in the dream state.

Golden Light Ascension Energy is a modality that was transmitted to me in a series of dreams by Archangel Christiel and Jesus.

It works with archangels, angels, calling through beautiful golden and rainbow frequencies, and your higher self.

It is a modality that heals on all levels by bringing through your golden light body or your ascended self.

It is tremendously aligning for twin flames, golden children, way showers, and anyone in need of balance.

It is helpful for all levels of healing.

It is also helpful to deepen your soul connection and twin flame connection.

It is amazing for self healing and for light up your divine life purpose and mission.

If you are interested in joining this all online program starts October 3, 2020.

Follow your Joy,