Getting Your Shield Just Right.

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The body itself is a screen to shield and partially reveal the light that’s blazing inside your presence.~ Rumi


14981754_sThese days, I meet a lot of people who are sensitive–sensitive to other people, their ¬†environments–and often in a state of overload. One client, Zoe, is very sensitive and empathic. She works as a sales manger in a busy store where she has to deal with a lot of negative energy on a regular basis. Even though, she was doing the right things to rid herself of the negativity–taking detox baths, meditating, exercising, going for energy work–she was still feeling run down. The problem is while she was working really hard to “clear “herself, she was missing an important step, “shielding” herself.

When I think of shielding, it conjures up an image of a medieval knight totally sheathed from head to toe in metal armor. And while we don’t need to walk around in metal suits any longer (thank goodness!), protecting or shielding your energy field is so helpful.

We launch ourselves out in the world, interacting with people in various states of emotionality. We share physical space, riding the subway or standing in line for a movie, squeezing past someone at the grocery store. We are social creatures, talking, touching, exchanging energy all day long–especially if you are a parent, caregiver, or work with the public. Shielding is a way to bring a sense of containment to your energetic body, to keep you on track, and in tune with your own well being.

We do not begin and end with your physical body. We all have auras, our streaming life force, that pulsates and expands beyond our physical being. The more psychically sensitive you are, the more you are aware of this net of energy. And the more it impacts your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Have you ever noticed how a smile from a stranger can lift your spirits and improve your mood? But conversely, someone lashing out in anger or impatience can leave you feeling drained? If you are like Zoe, and sponge up people’s stuff–energetic debris–but ¬†have already spent the time detoxing, you want to stay that way.

Energetic shielding is a great way to protect your energy system. Some people give off more negative energy than others (usually unintentionally) and in the process can drain you of your vital energy. The people who do this regularly are often called “psychic vampires.” They are the people you feel consistently drained around. We all have at least one person we avoid–perhaps with good reason. But if you can’t avoid a negative person or situation, shielding is a necessary tool.

There are many different shielding techniques but I find that simple is best. As humans, we sometimes make things more complicated than they need to be. And it really is as easy as taking a moment in the morning (and in any stressful situation) and visualizing yourself surrounded in a bubble of light. You can experiment with the colors depending on your situation.

Renowned light worker, author and angel therapist, Doreen Virtue suggests the following colors:

Purple for spiritual and energy protection. Amethyst, Sugalite

Royal blue for physical protection. Lapis Lazuli

Emerald green for healing. Malachite, Emerald

Light pink while conducting healing work or while counseling someone. Rose Quartz

White for general shielding. Clear Quartz, Apophilite

I like to do what I call the Crystal Shielding Meditation, a spin on this simple visualization which involves using your favorite crystal. (And it is also an really easy way to slip in a short meditation.) See the list above for crystal suggestions. It’s also great if you have trouble with visualizing images or colors.

1. Take a crystal the color of the shield you would like. If you aren’t sure, pick a crystal you feel drawn to.

2. Clear this crystal, by spraying it with Rose Hydrosol or soaking in a salt bath over night. Note: This is an important step as crystals, like us, absorb negative energy and need to be cleared before use.

3. Set the intention. Ask that the crystal add its color and vibration to your aura, until it is completely full and protected.

4. Take long regular breaths.

5. Close your eyes and imagine being surrounded in a perfect bubble the color of the crystal you are holding.

6. Open your eyes when you feel your shield is in place. Repeat as needed. And don’t be afraid to experiment with the colors and crystals. You will find your favorites.

It is important to note, that sometimes we can overdo this shielding. A friend of mine, Betty, a sensitive, light worker found shielding essential at blocking out the negativity in her busy work environment. When I first met Betty, she was new to shielding, but over time her shield had become so elaborate and involved. When she came to visit me recently, she looked like she was surrounded in metal, like the knight I described earlier. This made her normally beautiful aura look dull and withdrawn. Her energy was low. The problem was, while she was protecting herself against negativity, she wasn’t allowing the positive energy to flow in. She was using too much energy to deflect everything, like a teflon pan! After she realized this, she literally lightened her shield, experimenting with different colors to allow the good energy to flow in. And this made an immediate difference in her energy level and the appearance of her vibrant aura.

I encourage you to play with the process and to reach out to your teachers for guidance. We are not meant to be walled off from one another, but at the same time, it is essential to maintain and protect your energy field so you can continue to grow, learn, and enjoy our dynamic
human experience.


Happy Shielding!