Find Your Way with Archangel Faith

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Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into.
― Mahatma Gandhi

Feeling lost? Archangel Faith is here to help you with your journey, wherever you are at.

If you are human, most likely, you have felt that sense of losing your footing, of falling into overwhelm and, at times, losing your way. And Faith is an Archangel to move us more deeply into our hearts and into the divine heart, into soulful faith. To feel the unconditional love that is the balm to renew, to uplift, and to inspire. And that can mean shifting us into the higher stream that allows that path we were searching for, to come to us.

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Angel Faith often appears as the palest green mixed with shimmering white. Her words are soft and often come as whispers and her energy has an exquisite flowing waterfall quality. And each word holds the vibration of gentle nurturing love. You may simply feel her as a wonderful warmth spreading in your heart center, radiating from you. In those moments when you feel separate and alone, Angel Faith is the voice of reassurance. “You are loved. You are worthy of kindness and compassion.” She reminds you that while life can hold challenges and hurts, it also holds sweetness and comfort available to you in any moment. After grief, Faith gives you permission to begin again and to find that sacred space within the corridors of your heart.

Angels are all around us in growing numbers at this point in our ascension path, the path of becoming our higher selves. We are accelerating as a planet collectively on the path of enlightenment at an unprecedented rate. And Faith is an angel here to help us ascend, whether that means having the courage to discover your divine life purpose or to take a step forward on your path or to renew your faith after a disappointment. Her vibration takes you deeply into inner faith, and while gentle, it is profoundly inspiring. Whenever you need her, she invites you to lean into her, to let her wrap her wings around you, to feel into her faith, and as you do to know that as you do her faith becomes yours.

Archangel Faith can help you connect to courage to go inwards and discover your own soul spark, to connect to the divine within you, the part of you that is eternal. As you realize you are a drop of the ocean, you also know that you are the whole ocean entire. And this knowing, helps you awaken those inner senses, your intuition. This can give you the courage to embrace your divine life purpose and that spark can help you make an enormous shift. She often works as a counter-part with Michael Archangel, the angel of Courage and Protection, to help you move from auto-pilot being carried by the unseen currents of life or to purposeful living. So she compliments his masterful courage with her vibration of faith and it is a powerful synergy, a perfect balance of divine masculine and feminine.

Together, they ask you to trust your own divine life purpose and to know that what you intend manifests more and more quickly as we ascend collectively. They ask you to recognize ascension is not nearly as complicated as you may think. It arrives bit by bit in the rhythms and routine of your daily life. It is present in each choice you make and in each word you speak. It is the wisdom of your soul unfolding into your daily life. And your daily life holds the key to your ascension path. You may choose to hold faith in any given moment and as you do, you connect to your inner light and become a beacon.

As we continue to ascend on our path, Angels ascend also. Yes, they are divine beings of God. But as we grow and evolve the angels connected with earth continue to transform along with us, undergoing new assignments, as their specific qualities and vibrations are required on a greater scale. As a former guardian angel, Faith has spent much time with humans observing, encouraging, and connecting with empathy. And now called on to move more fully into an Archangel role she fulfills her role on a broader bandwith and vibration for humanity at large.

While each angel holds faith, her vibration connects you inwards to soulful faith. To arrive at the understanding that ascension unfolds from within. To discover your own completeness. And as you connect to Faith she illumines your own unique soul blueprint, so you can feel the beauty and purpose of your own luminous self, and all of your gifts. And this helps you connect to your guides and angels. Your own angel team here to work with you. It helps you catch your breath, align with your joy, and know that there is no hurry, no race. You realize that with Faith you cannot get lost, because she is always with you to guide you back on course. Indeed, faith becomes a divine dance that inspires you to express your joy and creativity.


64553312_sFaith’s Message of  Inspiration:

“Allow me to take you inwards and to connect with your soulful faith. Lay your weariness at my feet and trust that all is unfolding. When you connect to faith you feel warmed from the inside out, you feel that love begin as a spark and grow and spread in all directions. You feel possibility in each moment. Know that you are needed. You are supported. You are complete. And you are included in the Creator’s divine plan. When you call on me, I will show you the way. I may surprise you because I will take you into your own soul, your own soul map, and show you that you above all others it is You who know your truth. Indeed, you came to earth with full awareness. Allow me to remove the veil of illusion for you, so that you can know your highest calling. You already know your way. For ascension is the path of love, of kindness, and compassion reflected from the fulfillment of your innermost yearning. As you allow me to hold you in love, your faith is renewed.”

Call on Faith Whenever You Fall into Doubt or Despair:

“Faith please fill me with soulful faith to help me with (whatever your concern is). Illuminate my inner faith. Help me to find love and peace in all ways. Help me to trust in and make decisions from my inner knowing. Give me signs of confirmation and encouragement when I make decisions from that inner knowing. Thank-you. Amen.”

Call on Faith and Michael to Help You Discover Your Divine Life Purpose:

1. Find a quiet space to sit, and light a candle.

2. Call on Archangel Michael for protection and affirm you are in a safe space. You may notice his heat and intensity moving through you and you may sense or notice his dark royal blue color. You feel safe and protected.

3. Next, invite in Archangel Faith. You may feel her presence as soft and gentle balmy breeze. You may see or sense soft green flowing into your heart center, taking you deeper. You feel a gentle glowing love pulsing through you.

4. Ask Faith and Michael to give you a message about your divine life purpose. You may reach your hands up above your crown center to your Life Purpose Chakra located just above your crown chakra.

5. Faith and Michael move this energy down into your heart and to infuse you with their beautiful combination of faith and courage as they do.

6. Ask them to remove the veil of illusion if it is in alignment with your divine purpose, so you can begin to remember what you planned for your soul before you arrived on earth.

7. Feel into the experience. You may see images, hear words inside your mind, or have a sense of knowing. You may feel an outpouring of the most glowing radiant love.

8. Take your journal and spend 15 minutes writing whatever positive words come into your mind. You may have the sense that your hand is being guided as you write.

9. Offer your gratitude to Faith and Michael.

Be filled with faith!