Empath In SOS? 10 Ways to Ground

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As an empath you feel life deeply and you have so much to offer. Your sensitivity truly is a gift to the world. You pick on the truth in a situation, you can feel the emotional pulse of a relationship. You have a radiant aura and your compassion is so needed.

But sometimes life can put us through the ringer. Sometimes things snowball, and we can find ourselves in overload, maybe having taking on too much too quickly. Or maybe you are just having ‘one of those days’ where the universe seems to hand you your hat and you feel compelled to ride it out. If you find yourself in overload or panic, grounding is so essential because it can help you recooperate and find your way back to balance.


10 Quickie Ways to Ground If You are in SOS 

  1. REMOVE YOURSELF FROM TECHNOLOGY OR TURN IT OFF. If possible remove yourself from all technological stimuli. Shut off the phone, get away from computers. Spend 10 minutes in complete silence sitting and breathing. If you can inhale deeply and exhale releasing all of your breath from your lungs with each breath. Focus on the exhalation. Dont’ worry about counting your breaths.
  2. FOCUS ON YOUR FEET. If at your desk, Take Your Shoes off and place feet on the ground. Ball your feet up and release 10 times.
  3. USE SHUNGITE. Carry this with you if possible. It protects against the impact of Electromagnetic Frequencies and radiation. Have two pieces and hold them in the palms of your hands for 10 minutes.
  4. GET IN NATURE. Nature can help you ground quickly. If you can get outside, find a tree and rest your back against it and then hands upon it. Offer the tree gratitude after.
  5. LOWER AND REST YOUR FOREHEAD. Rest your forehead against a surface. Child’s pose is a great if you can manage this. Or head down and resting head on your a surface or on your hands. Often our heads and brains become overwhelmed so, lowering your head and resting it can be so good. It helps move the energy down and out.
  6. TAKE A SALT BATH. If at home, take a sea salt bath. Great for detoxing.
  7. ANIMAL CUDDLES. Spend Time cuddling your pet. This is quality time for both of you. Animals are naturally grounding and so healing.
  8. DISENGAGE FROM A TOXIC PERSON. If you find yourself becoming ungrounded around a person, and  you notice a person triggers your anxiety, it is a sign to politely but firmly disengage.
  9. HEART TAPPING. Gently tap or rub your high heart or the spot on your wrist beneath your pinky finger. This helps you move back into your body.
  10. MUSIC. Put on music that you love and simply listen and if you are feeling it dance like no one is watching!

When all is said and done. If you are in overload, it is a sign, to retreat and give yourself self care. This is the best kind of retreat, the kind where you take action to look after yourself.


Feel Better, Feel Grounded.

Love and Hugs!