Eek!…Venus Retrograde! Can Your Heart Take the Trial of Intensity?

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Autumn is here, a favorite season for so many of us. It is often a a time of peaceful reflection, including crisp hikes on leaf-strewn pathways where your senses explore the rich tableau of nature’s emboldened colors, from melting golds, to vivid oranges, burnished yellows, and sumptuous reds of the foliage bidding us farewell. It’s a time to get cozy and surround yourself in the abundance of seeds planted in the spring and as Canadian Thanksgiving approaches it’s a time to savor family, love, and the joy of celebration.

Enter Venus Retrograde. Say what?! You ask. Just when things are going so smoothly. My love relationship is moving forward. If I am a twin, I am experiencing balance and stability. I have been working on letting go and detaching from outcome. I am filling my own cup up with self-love and self-care. And now I am ready to settle in and enjoy the fruits of all of my self-work. I am going with the flow. I have just gotten through an unprecedented number of retrogrades and I need some smooth waters.

Venus is the planet of Love, of romantic love, of passion, of twin love. So Venus in Retrograde will affect matters of the heart–deeply–and take you on a journey of the soul. For some, it will be a dark night of the soul. Currently moving through Scorpio, the most intense of all water signs, themes of sex, power, intimacy, jealousy, money, debt and secrets will be currents flowing all around you.

So, the next six weeks is set to be a time of emotional digging and sinking into the soft center or molten core of your past.

This means unresolved issues, simmering just under the surface in your closest relationships will be drawn into the open air. Wounds that you have successfully managed to dance around and avoid through busyness or distraction will become glaringly obvious. Temptations that you or your beloved has kept at bay will present themselves for evaluation. At times, for microscopic evaluation.

Don’t Shift Into Fear

Please know, I am not one to get “sucked” into to doom and gloom or to read too much into our astrological influences. But this retrograde looks to be quite impactful. Please know, the benefit of sharing this info is that IF you are aware of what is going on behind the scenes, you are prepared and can gain higher perspective and make empowered decisions. Many people are unaware of how deeply retrogrades can over take them. So just being aware, can make all the difference.

The goal is never to shift into fear or to run for the hills. And if you have been moving forward on your highest path, embracing your spiritual practice, the effects could be quite subtle and insightful.

How To Handle This Time

Sometimes fear = change. And sometimes lack of change = fear. You could be feeling mix of both in a retrograde. So noting any fear you are are experiencing as it arises with compassion and taking steps to release is essential. If you are a twin, in particular, you may be picking up on your twin’s feelings or feelings of those people in your soul family. So, ask your angels and guides to vacuum both your fear and ‘other’ fear from you and your twin and transform it. Twin Archangels Michael and Faith are very powerful at transforming fear and it is as simple as asking for help:

“Dear Micheal Archangel and Faith, Please vacuum any fear I am holding about any negative impacts outside influences may have on me or my union or love relationship. Please also remove “other” fear I am taking on as my own. Please fully transform it into the light. Please fill my heart with faith that this period will also have tremendous positive benefits. Please shift me into the highest stream so that I can connect with the highest and most loving outcome of this transformative time. Please extend the same healing to my twin or soul mate(s). Thank-you”

When is Venus Retrograde 2018?

October 5th, 2018 to November 16. Moving from Scorpio to calmer Libra.

What is a Retrograde? Retrogrades occur when, from the viewpoint of Earth, a planet appears to be moving backward on its orbit around the Sun. And as with all of these astrological events – whether it’s the confusion inducing 3X yearly Mercury retrograde, an imploding Mars retrograde, or the dreamy Neptune – these retro-waves of cosmic energy can feel like a wrench in the spokes of a smoothly moving wheel. They slow everything down.

They force us to look to the past and reconsider things we thought we’d already dealt with and brought to completion. But that’s because we’re human and we like to be moving forward, making progress and – especially in these accelerated times, not looking backward. So for many, retrogrades feel like being caught in liquid cement.

The Test:

The next 40 days and nights will test you. But as the sign of intensity and transformation, Scorpio also invites you to trust the process and to trust that this process is a rite of passage. To hold your breath, dive deep and unearth those rarest of treasures that are buried as far down as you can go. You’ll be guided back to your roots, to the origins of your deepest loves and your deepest fears. And you’ll be triggered into going there. But when you re-emerge it will be with gifts that will surprise and delight you. And it will allow in a new level of intimacy and love.

For Twin Flames and Soul Mates:

Many twins I work with strongly connect with the energies of Venus as a lifetime of origin or have a close connection to it in their astrological birth chart. So this can be a challenging time because you or your twin/soulmate will be impacted by the change in this hub of cosmic love. You may be irresistibly drawn to exploring a past connection. Know that if a past romantic partner comes forward at this time, it may be because they are a karmic soul mate and there is something to complete. Rather than re-engage, and get overwhelmed, it can be a gift from the universe for you to acknowledge the past and release any remaining cords or issues that you are now ready to release.

The challenge, in particular, is that this can happen for both you and your partner. And, so, as the Scorpio influence inflates jealousy and control, your work will be to release both low vibe emotions and trust in the process. The further challenge is you will feel this deeply and it may bring up past traumas you felt you have worked through and open doors you thought were firmly closed. This Venusian retrograde period, is going to offer us the opportunity to realize if we truly honor, respect and appreciate ourselves or if we are still allowing our egoic self to diminish ourselves.

The Benefits  

This is a huge opportunity to clear the deep blocks and old emotions or thoughts that may be preventing you from moving forward and higher on your soul path and twin mission. It may be the very bits and pieces that have been preventing you and your beloved from connecting in 3-D or shifting in the next phase of union. Think of this as a soul purge. So clearing at the sacral level (our relationship chakra) in particular and filling up this chakra is so important. Clearing “old templates” about sex, control, power, and love in the masculine especially will be powerfully transformative as all twins and many advanced souls are collective healers. So you will also be helping your soul connections clear subconsciously.  October is a 3 month and it radiates with the energy of love and if you connect with self love in particular and fill yourself up it will lift you up and carry you through the trial. Feel free to use the Sacral Chakra Clearing Below.

Feel free to use the Sacral Chakra Clearing Below:

Sacral Chakra Clearing and High Heart Kundalini Activation

Deep breath.

Call In Angelic Solutions

Call in the Angels and, in particular, Archangels Gabrielle and Chamuel who work on the sacral chakra. Ask them to reset your heart and sacral chakra connection.

Spend time doing daily self clearing, including Reiki, Rainbow Energy or Golden Energy. Mindfulness meditation clears you out and is worth its weight in gold, especially in a group practice. In particular, inner child work is very powerful at this time. So doing your favorite inner child mediation with your twin or soul mate is very helpful. Practicing soul love. Spending time in uplifting company and doing self-forgiveness work can make a huge difference.

Write It Out

Journalling out your thoughts and feelings in a releasement journal is profound. Writing from your higher self to your twin flame or soul mate’s higher self is a huge way to open your high heart connection and your higher telepathy and lift your vibration and union.

Higher Self to Higher Self Soul Love Journalling

  1. Find a quiet space. Light a candle. Use a beautiful journal only used for this purpose.
  2. Put on beautiful music and have a rose quartz close by.
  3. Call on Michael and Faith and your highest angel team to synchronize your angels with your twin soul or soul mates angels.
  4. Ask Michael to send your inner critic and judge up into the light for transformation and to light up your high throat chakra.
  5. Invite in your highest self and your twin’s (or soul mate’s) higher self.
  6. Invite your higher selves to commune soul to soul in soul love, inviting in highest golden light to flow through your crowns and heart to heart. Feel into this divine love.
  7. Begin to write a message of love from your higher self to your beloveds higher self.
  8. Switch and begin to write a message form your beloveds higher self to YOU. This can be so wonderful to allow yourself to receive this message.
  9. Just allow your hand to flow. The words should be uplifting and deeply loving if you are connecting higher self to higher self.
  10. Feel your hearts expand and open.
  11. You may ask questions and continue to write without judgment or censorship.

Yes, the next 40 days and nights will test you. But you are surrounded in love and support. You are ready. And when Venus goes direct, you will be different, you will be love itself.

In Love and Light,