Day of the Dove. Are You Noticing the Signs?

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I sometimes meet people in my practice who feel alone or a lost in their lives. And as an angel intuitive, I always want to share that there is so much help surrounding them. I always begin by asking, “Are you noticing the signs?” And if they say “no”, I then ask, “Are you open to noticing the signs?” The truth is, the universe is always speaking to you and you are never alone, it’s just a matter of knowing what to look for. And are you are never irrevocably lost, it’s just a matter of discovering the sign posts to guide you back on course.


Angels are everywhere, whether you know it or not. Whether you see them as winged beings or orbs of pulsating light or are just open to the concept. But the beauty and the challenge is they respect your free will. The earth plane is a school you chose to come to experience the exquisite intensity of our five senses, to feel the gravity of what it is to be connected to a living planet, a hub of earth, air, fire, and water, and to learn what it is to progress in the complex and inspiring web of life that is humanity. But sometimes we get stuck and become limited by our earthly senses. We forget as we embrace our physical existence all that is possible. But angel signs are one of the ways angels, light beings, and high guides from other dimensions attempt to remind you of your divine spark and the expansivity of what it means to be you: a divine being having a human experience.


So, back to angel signs. If you have met me before or heard me discuss angels, you will have heard me mention them. But, the truth is, how they show up never fails to surprise, delight, and humble me. So I find I always come back to them—signs– as the divine proof in the pudding. The bread crumbs that more than feed you can fuel your soul and elevate your purpose.


Angels talk to us through signs found in our environment for the most part. They figure us out and attempt to communicate with us in the most effective and efficient way possible. We have some commonly defined angel signs and they use these frequently, such as, repeating number sequences, birds, butterflies, feathers, dimes, and repeating lyrics on an iPod player. Ever pragmatic, they interact with in our environment to create a common lexicon that is unique to each person. They can be incredibly creative. So they are always trying to find a way to get through to you personally and when you respond with recognition, they make note and will use the same sign again.


Angel signs are those of encouragement, so they are almost always positive. They can range from big, such as, re-enforcing our confidence to take the steps that bring our dreams to fruition, or too small, such as, bringing a smile to our faces to help us make it through a difficult situation. Their goal is to be of service and to connect us to our highest path and potential outcome, without interfering with our free will choices and soul contracts. In short, they are an egoless cheerleading squad of the highest order. And, in an angel session, when someone is on the cusp of something good, I see them in the hundreds of thousands filling a football-sized arena to cheer the person on. So, these signs can be subtle but can also stop us in our tracks in gratitude when we are pondering a choice that will pull us off course.


A recent example of a very simple but powerful angel sign I received was when I was working with a designer to create a new logo for my new yoga and wellness studio Tranquility. I meditated and was given an image of a dove with an outstretched wing in front of a golden rainbow. This was quite simple and not what I was expecting but I went with it. After the design was created I liked it but began to doubt…why had I come up with dove? Doves meant peace and peace is wonderful, but maybe I needed something more spectacular? Maybe I should go back to the drawing board? I sat at my computer staring out the window as I pondered and in that exact moment I looked into the eyes of a dove sitting in the tree directly outside my window, inches from my face. We stared at each other. This was February in Ontario and dove sightings are not too common in winter and I began to laugh. This was a clear sign and confirmation to stop second guessing and go forward with the logo as planned. And this gave me profound relief and helped me move forward to other things that needed to get done. In this day of the dove, this angel sign got me to stop doubting and take positive steps.


So back to signs. They can be very simple but are always synchronistic, sometimes to the point that you begin to question, could that have just happened? And when you ask that question, the answer is almost always “Yes it happened. And yes, it was a sign.” And the more you ask for signs the more effort they put into communicating with you.


Although, they begin to connect with you in the physical world, as you develop your psychic senses, they communicate through these senses as well. For example, if you are clairsentient and feel other people’s emotions and energies, you may feel a warm hand on your back or the feathery sensation of an angel wing brushing by you or a burst of compassion that helps you move beyond a situation.


A recent client of mine mentioned that he thought angels were telling him what not to do and urging him to stop an unhealthy behavior. And while this can happen when a situation is urgent, this usually only comes about after angels have exhausted all attempts to re-enforce what you should do. They encourage what you are doing right first and foremost. Angel signs and communication always feel uplifting and wonderful. Even if they tell you what not to do, you don’t feel put down or belittled, as they have boundless compassion for the human experience.  If you ever feel unsettled or down after a sign or communication, check in and make sure it is an angel sign, as there are also well-intentioned guides with ego and it’s always better to work with angels wherever possible.


One way to ensure you are receiving signs of encouragement is to re-set your intention. Michael Archangel the archangel angel of courage and protection is the angel to help with this.


“Divine Mother Father Goddess and Michael Archangel I would like to receive loving positive messages of encouragement on my path first and foremost. I affirm that I am open to receiving signs about (state the situation of concern). I await your signs with gratitude. Thank-you and Amen.”


And be open to how your signs pour in from the angelic kingdom.


Love and Namaste,