Dance in the Light of 2019 with Archangel Christiel

By January 1, 2019No Comments

Greetings angelic friends! I hope you are enjoying this first auspicious day of 2019. We are welcoming in an incredible influx of light. I hope you give yourself a few minutes to go inwards and welcome in the highest stream of angelic light. Archangel Christiel, the golden angel, holds the highest Christ light and he is the angel to call on for messages of what the next year will hold for you.

In so many ways, Christiel is about aligning your heart with love and taking action. His golden light is like a luminous sparkler, it is a light you can dance in to celebrate the joy of the divine within and without. He calls on you to be in your truth and to know that the truth of You is radiant.

If you call on him before sleep, he will reach out to you in the dream state with a message for you.

“Archangel Christiel, please give me a message of inspiration about my highest path in 2019, with a clear next action step.”

And throughout the year, you can call on him to recalibrate that message and shift you into the highest stream.

Join us for a magical day of celebration, our first Wellness Day at Tranquility on February 2 with free classes, sessions, and more.

With Love and Luminosity,