Create a Soulstice Peace Portal with Archangel Chamuel

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Are you feeling light filled? As we build to summer soulstice, we invite in warmth and light. Each seasonal soulstice marks a time of transition, a time to release what doesn’t serve and align with the infinite.  Just as winter soulstice leads us on a journey into darkness or into our shadow selves, creating great opportunity for excavation and healing, summer soulstice, in particular, in the northern hemisphere heralds the transition into light. As the longest day of the year, we find ourselves bathed in golden sun light and higher portals of light our sun connects us to. And whether you are aware of this consciously or not, you will be feeling the expansivity of all of this new light, for with increased light comes increased light codes that lift and stretch our light bodies and open the possibility of personal growth and spiritual expansivity. And that can feel sublime. So summer solstice is literally a time to expand into your soul self and reach higher into the heavens.

Summer soulstice is also a truly a powerful time of transition, in particular, for those whose time on earth is complete and are transitioning into the afterlife. Many portals open and synchronize their energies, such as the one found at Stone Henge in the UK. So it is often a time of mass exodus. And many people who are ready to leave the earth and transition from living to spirit, often cross over on or near this date. For as the veil between worlds grows thinner, people feel the magnetic and blissful pull of the divine heavenly sphere calling them off planet. Because this timing is always divinely aligned (people’s souls have pre-set this as their time to depart)  it is felt as uplifting as those who leave at this time are met with radiant light and love. Summer soulstice is also an auspicious time when many beings who have been trapped or who have been resistive to crossing over, but are already in spirit, take the journey of leaving earth and moving into their celestial form. When the full moon aligns with soulstice, this event is even more powerful.

My own dear mother passed away on summer solstice eight years ago and I recall the magic of her leaving the world of the physical for the world of the ethereal and the incredible portal of light that opened for her. While I grieved her loss, I could not help but draw comfort from the radiant beings and light that met her. And this memory of how surrounded she was in love stayed with me. If you have the experience with being with a loved one who transitions at the time of summer solstice, you will feel the blessing of this incredible energy. For to hold space for someone who is in their final stages of life on earth is to feel the loving blessing of all of the angels supporting your loved one and to know he or she is held in loving arms as they cross over.

One of the most wonderful ways to be of service to both human and humans in spirit form is to create a peace portal.  A peace portal is an opening of energy that allows one of the highest vibrations, that of peace to flow forth. This is an energy that transforms and uplifts all it touches. Archangel Chamuel, the angel of peace, is an angel who will undertake this for you. I like to set up one outside my house and business as it can shine like a beautiful beacon. Within this peace portal is a gateway that allows all spirits who have become stuck, confused, or held back on the earth to cross over to heaven. As stuck spirits can often hold a dense vibration and lower the energies of people and their environment, this is a simple and effective way to assist your community, humanity, and the spirit world. It raises the vibration and infuses all who connect to this energy with peace. I like to do this at the time of each solstice, in particular. It is also a wonderful thing to do after a tragedy has occurred to assist those beings who may have not been expecting to cross over suddenly, as it helps all involved find peace.

This portal radiates peace and so it heals all who encounter it. It always respects divine timing and so would never encourage those who are not ready to pass to do so. Angels always respect the freewill choice of any beings that are resistive. But my experience is that most spirits (when they remain for a long time we call them ghosts) who are stuck are usually doing so from a place of fear or unworthiness and so are very happy to leave once they feel the beautiful energies of peace and forgiveness awaiting them.

Creating a Peace Portal and Solstice Gateway with Chamuel

Find a quiet location where you will be undisturbed.

Light a white candle to represent peace and you may choose to have fresh roses to represent love.

Call on God/Source, your creator, and ask Michael Archangel to protect both you and your space throughout. You may ask him to place a grid of protection around you and your home, only allowing in love and light.

Call on Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love and peace, and Archangel Azrael, the angel of comfort and transition, to create a peace portal and a gateway for lost souls to cross over to heaven.

Gaze into the candle and as you do, visualize the light growing and expanding. You may see this, feel it, or sense it. This energy feels warm and comforting.

Ask the angels to move this portal to your desired location. I prefer to create this outside of my home so it is open to any being who needs it.

Ask that it bless the land, the earth, and all who encounter with the purest heavenly love and peace. Breath in the expansive peace of this beautiful light.

Ask that Archangel Azrael open a gateway, guarded by Michael and the Seraphim, angels of divine law and order, for any souls who have been waiting or in need of help crossing over to heaven.

Ask that all souls who cross through do so because it is divinely aligned and that they are escorted by angels to the appropriate location. Trust that they handle this for you.

Invite the energy of welcome and celebration to greet these souls who are now ready. You may get a sense of deceased family members and friends waiting on the other side.

You may sense beings now moving into the light. You may sense the flow of energy in the portal location, like a wonderful breeze. Offer your a prayer and blessings of grace to flow with them.

As these beings cross, you will feel your heart expand with love and many may send you their blessings of gratitude. Receive this love returned to you. You may feel it as a soft caress sighing into your heart and wrapping around you like an angel hug.

Sit in peace and gratitude, with the sense that your portal has connected to the highest portals across the earth and now uplifts peace to all humanity. Ask the angels to connect it to the highest frequency of peace. Set the intention that it continue to connect and uplift the energy of the earth and the heart of gaia.

You may ask that portal stay open for 24 hours or for a specified time before it closes.

As you practice this, it becomes easier to do over time and is always wonderful. It can also be fun to synchronize these portals with other friends or collegue’s portals and to create them as a joint effort.

It is a beautiful thing to create a peace portal at each time of soulstice or whenever you feel called to do so. Know that as you do, you become a conduit of the highest expression of peace and a beacon of heavenly light on earth.

Love and peace,