Call in Throat Relief with Michael

By April 9, 2019No Comments

Wow. A lot has been happening with the throat chakra these past few weeks. Have you caught a throat bug? Or just felt depleted in the throat?

Is there a situation where you have been contemplating speaking up and sharing your truth? Call on Micheal Archangel for a courage infusion and to light up your throat chakra with love. What he says to me now is that it’s not so much about waiting for the right time to speak your truth but trusting that every moment is the right moment to speak your truth with love. Sometimes we get confused and measure our success by the response of the person we are sharing our truth with. But what he reminds me of is that it is less about the response from the other person in the moment and more about speaking the truth from a space of detachment. The spoken highest truth holds a vibration that is healing. So, the impact of that person receiving the truth will be healing to all involved. In many circumstances, the person receiving the truth will receive it and then process and return very much transformed.

How to Speak Your Highest Truth with Love

  1. Check Your Intention. If you are resistive, check in as to why you need to speak, is it from a place of ego or is it connected to a higher purpose? When in doubt, tune in and ask for guidance on this. Feel into the outcome, does sharing this truth add forgiveness, compassion, or a greater context to your relationship? Is this information necessary to establish a broader truth? Is it helpful to someone else to share this truth? This isn’t the same as pleasing the person in question or manipulating the outcome. Does the thought of speaking your truth bring you peace or open up new doors of possibility that might otherwise remain closed? Have you had repeated signs to speak your truth but deferred it? Is it simply too much to continue on without speaking up? If the answer is yes to any of these, then you can proceed.
  2. Get grounded and align truth with love. Call on Michael Archangel to ground your energy and clear and open your throat chakra aligning it to love. It helps to ask out loud “Dear God/Source and Michael Archangel please clear and open my throat. Align my throat with my heart and give me the courage to speak from highest truth from a place of love. Thank-you.” In many cases, we may need to share a difficult truth or information that will not please the recipient but is necessary. Never speak from anger or a need for retribution as this dumps energy all over the recipient and is detrimental to a peaceful conclusion. Ask Michael to take your inner child (or any inner wounded aspects of yourself that might be triggered by the truth speaking) and tuck them away and care for them for the duration of the encounter. That way you will stay present and balanced.
  3. Call on Archangel Gabriel to channel the highest words of wisdom for you as you proceed and pray for the highest outcome for all involved. This makes a big difference.
  4. Detach from the outcome. This means speaking your truth and allowing that person to respond in whatever way they need to. Sometimes someone may react defensively at first or simply need to process before coming to a balanced response. Do not measure the effectiveness of your communication in the immediate response of the receiver.
  5. Hold space for the highest outcome to evolve as a result of your communication. Sometimes there are obvious benefits that emerge from speaking your truth. That sore throat? Is often completely resolved. But sometimes there are hidden gifts to speaking your truth and other reasons you are unaware of in the moment as to why you are guided to speaking.
  6. Honour yourself. Know that as your honour your truth, you honour the truth which connects us more clearly with God/Source/Universe. Know that as you honour yourself you honour all others and encourage them to speak their truth from a place of love.

As we practice speaking truth from a place of love, it becomes easier and easier. We realize that truth speaking can occur in every moment and that every moment is an opportunity for transformation, for balance, and for harmony in communication.

Happy Truth Speaking!