Bring in the Animal Healers

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Over the past almost two years, after having opened Tranquility Wellness and Yoga, I have encountered a wonderful group of animal healers as clients. And I have found this so interesting.

I was drawn to 623 Queensway, the location of Tranquility Wellness and Yoga, in part to the cutest doggy day care and grooming salon on the corner of my street called the Bark Yard run by Wendy and Michael. There are always a variety of dogs, parading up and down the street and a celebration of barking whenever I walk by that brings a joy to my soul and an inner tranquility.

I just love the presence of these animals. There is something healing about the presence of animals. They live so authentically and are also tremendously grounding. So I am not sure why I was surprised when I would get a series of powerful compassionate healing humans who were very connected to being of service to animals coming through my door…

As I write this, I understand how this now makes perfect sense.

I, myself, also have a wonderful little dog, Tasha, a year old Cotton De Tulear, with a kind disposition and sparkle that is uniquely hers. As a dog, she is very connected to the fairy realm. As a clairvoyant, I will often see fairy orbs zap and sparkle around her. She is incredibly intuitive and kind hearted. When she first joined the family, I would see Reiki clients in my house and she would approach each client and place her paws on their legs and gaze at them. I found this a bit perlexing and attempted to get her to stop this unwanted behaviour and wondered why I couldn’t get her to “sit.” Instead, she would completely ignore me. Then a friend of mine who is an animal communicator, told me she was a healing dog and this was her way of grounding clients. She said, “Notice that she keeps her paws on the client for as long as they need grounding. She does just enough and then she stops when the client’s root chakra is healed.” This was such helpful news. So I watched her with fresh eyes in this behaviour. I noticed that sure enough, healing was happening and she would stop as the client became grounded. Clients would look refreshed, ground, and calmer as a result. I found this fascinating.

Since opening the studio, I have meant to bring Tasha in more. And recently, I have realized that this group of clients who are not just any healers but animal healers looking to develop their skills were actually giving me my own sign. To bring Tasha in and let her contribute in her own unique way to connecting this group more deeply to their purpose.

I work with angels in my practice and both Archangel Feylial, the archangel of animals,  and Archangel Arial, the angel of nature and mother earth, say that it is really important at this time to honour the animals on our planet. Animals are so pure of soul, so honest, and truly understand how to give and receive unconditional love. They can’t deceive or distort and in this way are incredible models for humans. It is time that as humans, we treat animals with the compassions and respect they deserve. People are being activated to hold space for animals and to return the love that our domesticated pets and all animals provide. It is time that we acknowledge the healing presence of animals as beloved members of our families with a rightful place on the earth. It is also important to empower the animal healers, those people who offer healing to both animals and their people. For losing a pet, is losing a soul mate, and can be devastating. Instead of belittling this impact, it is time to honour the incredible bond of love that exists between humans and animals with gratitude. Animals have been of tremendous service to humans and it is time we honoured those of us who are here to be of service to animals.

They also remind me that people receive healing differently from dogs. Their barriers soften. They often unknowingly set aside their own limiting beliefs about being worthy of love and permit themselves to receive more deeply with less reservation from animals. This is when miracles flow. And animals are here on the earth to offer those gifts to humans.

In my practice, I often work with humans who have experienced a loss or a block which is preventing them from connecting to self love which is a gateway to unconditional love. I call these Divine Life Purpose Sessions.

Recently as I was working with a client who has a natural gift as an animal medium and I was suggesting she develop her skills. I realized that self love is important when embracing a new path or going bigger on your path and, while I never considered myself to be an animal healer, perhaps I had the perfect divine being to help clients with animal intuitive gifts become more confident. Animals are ascending and ahead of us spiritually and their gifts are coming forward more clearly. And animals also have life purpose. Some of them have the purpose to heal their family members or to help them through a life transition. Some come forward to be healers to humans and to help connect humans and their animals and vice versa.

I realized that part of my role is to encourage Tasha in her life purpose and to allow her to work her magic with the animal lovers who are coming for sessions. While I do bring her to the studio, this would be a way to let her connect more actively with clients personally.

So for the March and April I am offering Self Love Healing Sessions with Tasha. These are new sessions and I am not exactly sure how they will unfold. But I am guided to simply allow her to be present in sessions and she will have a sizeable role of healing blocks to self love and also helping awaken and clarify animal healing gifts in clients as their life purpose.

A Self-Love Session with Tasha may include:

Heart healing and grounding from Tasha

A combination of Reiki, Rainbow Energy, and Golden Light Ascension Energy from Archangels Feylial and Ariel as well as spirt animals facilitated by me

This may include messages about your life purpose with animals

You may experience empowerment and deeper awareness of your animal healing gifts

A connection to your animal spirit guides

Healing around a pet loss and assistance making a new connection with  a new forever animal

This session is perfect if:

You love dogs and being around a loving dog lifts your spirit

You want to work with animals or want some guidance around how to do this

You need any kind of heart healing and are open to receiving love from the animal kingdom

You want to hold space for treating animals with kindness and compassion

Book your Self Love Healing Session with Tasha available for the March and April for $111 + HST.

Animal love and hugs,